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JVC/Victor FX700 Reviews


JVC's Dynamic Wood


Pros: Musicality, Bass, Treble, Details, Reverb, Timbre

Cons: Short cable, only sold in Japan

  I’m not going to waste your time talking about accessories, fit, packaging, what songs I listened to or any other boring stuff because frankly none of that stuff matters when it comes to the JVC HA-FX700’s.  The only thing that matters is the unbelievably good sound coming from these, so without further adieu-   The sound: MASSIVE.  That’s the first thought that comes to mind when I put the JVC’s in my ears.  Everything is massive; the bass, the treble, the sound stage, the notes and the musicality.  For me these redefine what kind of sound can be attained from an IEM.  Everything just sounds bigger.  It really is a concert in your ears! ...
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Victor JVC HA-FX700 - The Wooden Miracle


Pros: Class-Leading Timbre + Soundstage & Headstage, Incredibly sophisticated Micro-Detailing and Effortless Dynamic

Cons: Cable Length is awkward for outdoor active-use, Below-Average Isolation.

Before i fetch my FX700, There was many unknown speculation from within myself, A friend said its close to Westone 3's sound which i really scorned but still respected otherwise.   And i always have a hard-time getting along with a V-Curve Sound Signature and its likes. Which in turn caused me sleepless nights.   But now i am having them in my ears, all those wild-guesses are for naught. Yes these have more prominent Treble and Bass than its Mids, But when properly EQ'ed, Treble is easier to handle than the Spiky and Harsh Highs of the Denon C260 & C710.   [TREBLE] is easily one of the 'meat' of the FX700's sound-signature, The FX700 boasts plentiful...
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Indeed a top contender for best universal IEM


Pros: Details, bass, the whole package

Cons: Isolation, short cord

I've owned these incredible IEM's twice.  The bass and extreme details these beautiful things pick up in music is mind blowing.  I've made comments about these sounding close to my RS2.  The materials and quality is top notch.  It's younger brother, the FX500 was part of my "Got Wood" posse, but was sold because I found the mids lacking.  The FX700 remedies all the deficiencies of the FX500 and takes the bass the FX500 is known for and cleans it up and makes it sound more impacting.  The mids flowed like butter and the micro details, well, has pretty much been summed up at the beginning of my review, and the sound stage is much wider over the FX500.   I would've still owned them if...
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Meh.. Over hyped & Overrated iems from a company not specialized in iems


Pros: Decent sound, comfortable, exotic wooden design

Cons: Sound decent(but not Great) Terrible isolation for iem, must handle with great care (or they'll break!)

These earphones have the worst isolation amongst all my top tier iems. (SM3, TF10, IE8)As a result, JVCs sound thin unless you try to hold them in position.Also, these iems sound softer compared to the others on the same volume and they do not provide any discernible improve/edge in sound quality over SM3, TF10, IE8. (Unless you really want to nitpick-  take the midrange/low/high/soundstage of this earphone and say it is better than that like this- earphone A > B = C... to me, it doesn't say much about the overall sound it produce.) End of the day, it boils down to whether the overall sound stands out to your ears.Important rules I learnt from this purchase:1) Always audition...
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semi Denon's sound on a iem


Pros: Very clear and smooth sound; deepest, fullest and most solid bass ever heard in the iem world, soundstage, luxury looking..

Cons: Plastic fake treble, none-detail sound,super overwhelm bass issue, color sound..

Well, i am a bass-addict and though the bass on this JVC's flagship iem is really outstanding, i really can not love it unless i am considering this bass separately. Yeah, it will be the most iem's subwoofer-likeness bass if it is standing alone. But in this case of the FX700s, the bass affects too much at the mids once you listen to a (semi)heavy bass song. For example: jpop, kpop, hiphop, dance and even R&B =.=  Besides, the general sound of the FX700 is too thick, too color (not dark though) and seriously lack of the detail in the mids, esp in the treble and having a plastic treble like that is existing on almost models of the Denon's sound signature.

wooden KING of all DYNAMIC Iems


Pros: this is the best phone ive owned ever.

Cons: wire length

well, here is my review: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/548820/jvc-ha-fx700-review-wooden-king-of-dynamic-iems     Masters of Enchantment!!! -james444 of headfi. the FX700. Edited by pinoyman - 4/14/11 at 10:58pm   ReplyQuote Multi post #2 of 39 4/10/11 at 4:36pm pinoyman   online 369 Posts. Joined 5/2010        ...
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