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JVC HA-S680 Over Ear Headphones Reviews


[$50 & Under Review]Japanese Spacey Bass Cannon


Pros: Soundstage, Comfort, Moddable

Cons: Read Review

JVC HA-S680 This isn't a detailed review.   If you are still an S500 user and prefer it's sound, get the S600, to see why, read below. I'm still kinda shocked nobody has voided people from these.   Burn In Times & Changes If you don't believe in Burn In, ignore this. But be aware you're missing out.   These cans can't be burned in by just listening sessions, Constant Burn In required. 10h Mark: Bass will loosen a bit, headphone sounds more spacey. 12h Mark: A little change, Mids were getting lost in the Lows, but the famous S500 Shiny Highs start to show their faces. 20h Mark: Bass begins to hit a bit harder, and if you use low bit rate files, bass comes...
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Great headphones for the asking price.


Pros: great value for your money, great sound and good comfort.

Cons: long burn in, at least 50 hours in my experience.

Before I had the 680, I used my s500, which I realy liked and considerd them great value for 50$. But now, the 680 have ruined the s500 for me. They sound way more alive, and much more real than my s500, and comfort is way better. At 70$, I consider them a better buy then my s500.   Out of the box they sounded very disappointing so I let them burn... after a little over than 50 hours I can only say wow!!! The diffrance was huge, Suddenly I had a realy nice pair of headphones in my hand.   My first impression about the build of this phones was that it feels a little flimsy, they are just so light... but I think that won't be a problem after I handled them for a while, and...
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Worth your time . . . but not flawless.


Pros: Monster soundstage; good lows (though, when un-EQd, can be overwhelming); good highs; good build-quality; thick, high-quality cable; angled plug

Cons: Recessed mids; quite closed-sounding; bass will be overwhelming for many non-bassheads; quite veiled-sounding when un-EQd

Initially I was completely turned off by the sound signature of this 'phone. The warm, bassy signature bothered me. I did expect them to be colored, but not to this extent. However, eventually, with a bit of listening, I became accustomed to the sound signature—to an extent. After a while I just knew I'd have to EQ them in order to get fully lost in music played through these. I personally tend to stay clear of very colored headphones and speakers since a far from neutral sound signature can remind me too much that I'm listening to 'phones / speakers which can make it very hard for me to get lost in the music. But, thanks to EQ, all is now well and my brain is no longer reminding me that...
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JVC has done you a favor, again.


Pros: Fantastic comfort, great sound, incredibly easy to drive, very very light.

Cons: Not the strongest feeling headphones (super light), Sound terrible out of the box, Very long burn in period (36+ hours).

The S400 and S500 are incredible quality bargain headphones, but these even at several times the cost are more refined and more worthy in every way. If these cost $120 i would still recommend them, they have made that much of a impact.   Out of the box they sound pretty bloody bad, everything was muffled and the bass sounded like it was coming through a wall. That's just the way these JVC's seem to ship, after 48 hours though these are a whole other beast, one worthy of your time and money, at least as a travel pair.

Next generation of CNT drivers with better comfort


Pros: Very clean and balanced sound, tight bass, non-sibilant yet present highs, vocals are engaging, airy yet intimate soundstage, resolving, comfortable

Cons: Limited availability, intended for Japanese market.

The review thread is here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/690493/the-jvc-ha-s680-s400s-and-s500s-big-brother-is-here   JVC HA-S680 is the next generation of HA-S400 and HA-S500, with the carbon nanotube technology. Just like them, it's not meant to be sold outside of Japan Nevertheless, here we are!     They utilize a 40mm driver, but it's not the same driver as in S500 - it is the next generation!   Output sound pressure level: 102dB/1mW Playback frequency: 8Hz ~ 26.000Hz Impedance: 32Ω   S500 is louder (106dB/1mW) and has 1 Khz less extension at the top. I own S400, so I will be using it for comparison.     Sound Quality - upon receiving...
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