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JVC HA-FXT90 Reviews




Pros: Lots of details. Prominent treble but not overshadowing bass and vocals. Moderate amount but tight bass. Really light weight for a dual driver IEM.

Cons: None really. Just make me looking further up for much better IEM.

"Balanced in aggressive way" that was the impression by our mighty ljokerl on his FXT90 review. This is fairly old IEM by JVC and has been replaced by the FXT100 and FXT200/208. Not going to write a long review about the sound quality here since F XT90 is one of the most popular among head-fier and most people agreed on just how good this IEM is. I have been contemplating on buying FXT90 for about a year or so. The lowest price on ebay is 44USD by China seller artistic.life. They are selling many branded IEM without original package for a ridiculously low price. I have bought Audio-technica ckx7 from them for just 30USD. Fantastic sound, definitely an original product. The next...
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Unique and Fun IEM


Pros: Fun, musical sound with thick timbre; Great, tight Lows; Sweet & forward Mids; Sparkling Highs; Deep, 3D soundstage

Cons: Mediocre Isolation.

Tight competitor of GR07, this IEM isn't a replacement for GR07, but rather, a complimentary IEM.   How does it sound? Fun, thick, and musical. Not your best analytical sounding IEM, while it does bring out details nevertheless.   To me, it's a great buy, because I don't need anymore accurate sounding phones, but rather something fun and colored to my personal preference. Mainly use it on portables and listening to vocals, rocks, and oldies.

The honeymoon is still going: Japanese twin wonder


Pros: Balanced sound, a mild smile-shaped FR (by ear); very musical yet detailed

Cons: Fit can be a problem at first; shallow insertion; so-so isolation; can bea bit piercing in the highs for treble sensitive people

  Before I get into it, I'm going to list what I did listen to the most when I evaluate the JVC.   Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OSTs, an anime OST that features a myriad of genres, and songs that I have listened to so many times. This helps a lot because I can recognize any changes, most of the time. Muse, mostly from the album "Black Holes and Revolutions" and "The Resistance". A few other bands and artists on and off like Coldplay, Keane, Florence + the Machine, Adele, Bloc Party, and a few other anime OSTs like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's OST and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica's OST. As I have seen time and again, most of anime OST cover so broad a genre that I need to...
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Made for Rock and Metal


Pros: Very Musical Sounding & enjoyable, Excellent timbre, Guitars sound brilliant, Solid build, comfortable, Good cable & jack design, Value for money.

Cons: Driver flex, shallow fit makes you wonder whether you really got a good seal or not, mediocre isolation (tip dependent), Sparse availability.

Damn..another one..   The Ultimate Ears 500 left me feeling lukewarm, to be honest. Though I had been initially impressed, as the days passed by, my liking for it faded rapidly with each passing day- something I never experienced with any other iem I owned.This was one IEM which I regretted buying, to be honest. No offense to any owners, but the UE500 didn't cut it for me. Fortunately, I spotted a JVC FXT90 going for sale along with an E7 and I pulled the trigger on them. I always wanted to own an FXT90 after hearing from Shotgunshane that these were the bomb for distortion guitars. Turns out he was absolutely right.   Packaging, Build Quality, Accessories  ...
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Great Addition to the Portable Setup


Pros: Fun signature, value, design, style

Cons: Microphonics, fit

The 90s have taken a while to grow on me. I found a deal for the L2s (champagne accents and cable) on AMZ Warehouse and pulled the trigger after becoming interested in JVC's dual-driver design.   Out of the package I was less than impressed. Granted I was coming from the GR07s, I still wasn't exactly thrilled with the sounds these produced both unamped and through my cMoy. They were the most microphonic thing I've ever used and other than a solid bass presence and surprisingly detailed highs (but not particularly extensive), they weren't anything to write home about.    So I let em burn. (in)   Whether burn-in is a psychological or physical phenomenon is...
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JVC HA-FXT90L2 - Musical, engaging, sleek, excellent cost:performance


Pros: Balanced (but not quite analytical) sound; Musical, dynamic presentation; dreamy mids; punchy, live bass; wonderful staging depth and separation

Cons: Burn-in makes out of box presentation a bit offputting - highs felt underrepresented for a while, effecting the soundstage as well; stock tips are ;(

I've had my FXT90 L2s for about 3 weeks now...love them! Got them from Accessory Jack and the shipping took a bit of time, but not anything too absurd. My Atrios were broken for so long that I got really used to my Senn HD595s, so the soundstage freaked me out for a bit as brain burn-in commenced, but the cohesive presentation and musicality of these IEMs is really just...heartwarming. I'm listening on an iPhone, no amp or nothin.   The appearance of the L2 champagne-colored version is really, really nice. The brushed metal-looking backing on the IEMs themselves is understated, refined, sophisticated...not at all "blingy" but not dingy by any means. Looks very NICE....
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Great Earphones


Pros: Sound, price

Cons: Comfort, isolation

These earphones were a pleasant surprise, I wasn't sure what to expect but these sound absolutely amazing. The bass at first was a little light but it seems over time that it has improved and I also use my small, cheap fii0 E5 amp and that seems to improve it somewhat.   These have a very good, balanced sound and are brighter than any of my previous sets, but I actually like that.... at first it was odd getting used to it but over time I am enjoying the brightness and clarity much more than I thought I would.   These are a fun earphone but also sound fantastic and separation is good and these have done just about every genre of music I've listened to, justice. ...
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Simply Fantastic!


Pros: engaging, fun sound, punchy bass, strong forward vocals, sparkly treble

Cons: female vocals can be a bit hot

The JVC FXT90s are clearly the result of extensive research and packed into a compact package. They utilize 2 dynamic driver with carbon nanotube diaphragms.  After doing some research on the properties of carbon nanotubes, I found that they are used a wide variety of applications because they have one of the stiffest and strongest materials available due to their strong covalent bonds, 20 times stronger than steel. Well what does this mean when comes to FXT90 or personal audio in general? According to JVC, “the use of carbon nanotubes provides a balance of strength and flexibility that cannot be matched with diaphragms using traditional metals and plastic, resulting in crisp, pure,...
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