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Review: JVC DX1000

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Pros: A beautiful sounding and looking top of the line headphone from JVC

Cons: slightly unusual midrange sounds better to some people than others

This is a terrific headphone that gets very little "love" on this site. I know it's pricey, and somewhat hard to get in the US, and it definitely has a distinct "personality", but it is capable of making musical magic that few other headphones can approach.

The DX1000 is certainly a bass-head's dream. Has probably the best bass I have ever heard from a headphone. Its very open and transparent sounding, with airy, extended treble and a crystal-clear midrange. The midrange can be just a little odd, sometimes, and I like the DX1000 best with tube amps.  But with the Decware CSP-2 and the Ray Samuels Audio The Stealth, the DX1000 is an amazing sounding headphone.

Gratuitous glamor shot of mine:


The DX1000's treble, and overall signature, would be closer to the 650 than the 600, but it is a thing unto itself. Some people absolutely love them; some don't like them at all. But no one debates that they, too, have a powerful bass response. I can say definitively that it goes VERY deep - I measured it with an SPL meter and a Stereophile test CD. The DX1000 can forcefully reproduce 25 Hz - something very few other headphone I have owned can do.  But make no mistake - people who like their bass on the light side, like fans of the ATW5000, Sony SA5000, or the like, will find the bass of the DX1000 to be too much.


The mids on the DX1000 are just a little on the warm/lush side, and do have a kind of distinct sound that mostly seems to make music sound more realistic, but occasionally sounds a little bit off.  I find this to be very benign, but some people report it to be more problematic.  Forewarned is forearmed.


The treble is nicely detailed, but it is slightly soft.  Here again, works great for some systems, and some listeners, but not for others.

I should also mentioned that the DX1000's are supremely comfortable. I also think they have amazing soundstage depth, but that the width could be a little better.

The DX1000 is all about just relaxing and enjoying the music!  They offer world-class sound that is delivered in a relaxed way that still does not lack detail.  If you've been looking for a terrific headphone that doesn't force the music at you, the DX1000 may be just the ticket!

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^My ongoing experience with these headphones agrees with the above review. I would like to mention that 'little far off' is literal and not just the derogatory statement it may seem to be. They sound as-if coming from a distance you don't expect.
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