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Do not buy JH Audio IEMs

A Review On: JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Pros: Decent sound

Cons: JH Audio cannot make IEMs that fit

I orederd a pair of JH 16Pro IEMs in May. It is now June 15th. Since ordering the first pair, I have returned at my cost of $21.15 each time, the IEMs three times. Each time, Caleb Ellis, who manages the department that makes the IEMs, said he could not explain what had happened.


The left IEM of the first pair fitted perfectly with the impressions I paid an audiologist $100 to make and send to JH Audio in Florida.  The right one was painful. I called to complain and was told by Caleb, to return them to JH Audio at my expense, which I did.


Ten day later, they arrived again. This time, not only did the right one fall out of my ear but so did the left one. I called again and again returned them at my expense.


Ten or so days later the IEMs arrived. Neither would stay in my ears. I called again and was again told to return them at my expense, which I did. About two weeks later, the IEMs arrived. So did a box containing IEMs for someone named Irvin. Mind did not fit; (neither did Irvin's).


This time Caleb sent a prepaid label for the return of my IEMs and those intended for Irvin. Mine were returned about ten days later. Neither would stay in my ears. Caled suggested that I visit the audidologise again and pay her another $100 to have another pair of impressions made, Apparently JH Audio had damaged the first set of impressions, the pair with the perfect left-ear monitor, and wanted another opportunity to make a pair that would fit me. I refused and demanded a full refund.


Caleb said he would have Jerry, the owner's wife, call me. When she had not by the following afternoon, I again paid to have the IEMs shipped to Florida.


Unless you want to chance an experience like mine, order IEMs from another conpany.


Is the owner's wife called Jerry?
Interesting story. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
Good ol" Murphy.
No, Jerry is the "J" in JH Audio. That was my mistake. It should have read, "Caleb said he would have Jerry's wife, call me." I have her forgotten name on a voicemail that she left (to which I will not respond). As you might guess, I am pissed, so much so that" and the Woo tube amp combination. Is reported to be the world's best headphone sound but it's a lot of money and probably more than I can rationalize.
I have ordered the best Grado, Sennheiser and Denon headphones, found them uncomfortable and returned them.
You didn't happen to notice that Irvin's iem's were a completely different design to yours? Or that they were terminated for a JH3 A amp? Hope you remembered to clean your ears.
Haha Irvin joins the party and is pissed as well! Just kidding.
Did you really find the HD-800 and D8000 that uncomfortable? Don't go for the Audeze's then or any other planar headphone as they tend to be quite weighty. I would suggest the SRH-1840 or HD-555/598/600/650 for comfort alone.
I have tried many headphones and few are as comfortable as my old HD-555. Too bad they don't sound like a LCD-3.

Irvin59 - Are you that Irvin? I didn't pay much attention to the IEM's but did notice the different termination.
Yes, my ears were clean. They had to be. I clean them every few months whether they need it or not.
Sweeden - Irvin has a right to be pissed.
I found the 800's and the Sennheiser HD 600's, which I ordered instead of the HD650's, to be uncomfortable.
Are the D8000's Ultraforce 8000's? If so, I am unwilling to sacrifice sound qulaity for noise cancelation. I could find no "D8000" headphones.
The Shure SRH-1840's are interesting - good reviews and supposedly very comfortable. I may order a pair. Thank you for the suggestion.
Where can I get pink, burn-in noise, something that can played through my computer with a DAC/Amp or my Onkyo TX NR-808 receiver or Blu-ray? I will need something that will break-in the headphones with repeated over-night sessions. Is there a CD with pink noise that plays continuously without the need to reload?
If it would be easier to communicate by email, mine is rollin@stockfitting.com.
i would advise against continuus burn-in with pink noise (or other 'noise' for that matter) overnights. there are instances where people have irreparably damaged their headphones doing so. i would suggest repeated 20 min burn & 10 min rest sessions for 24-hr at no louder than your normal listening volume (just imho).
for pink noise track, go here (track 58): http://binkster.net/extras.shtml#cd
You are forgiven. I would probably have done the same. I find the Ultrasone Edition 8 very comfortable and great isolation for a non iem. And the biggest plus is you only have to clean you ears once a year. Also you never have to wash your hair as the grease nourishes the leather earpads.
geetarman49 - My ignorance regarding all things head/ear-phones is frustrating me. You provide the negative side of burn-in with pink noise. (Thank you for the source.) The suggestion to use pine noise was from sources/reviews read online (Amazon, I think it was).Irvin59 - I suspect that most IEM's are comfortable given good building tgechniques. Comfort was the sole motivation for my ordering IEM's in the first place. Comfort was demonstrated by the original left JH Audio IEM.Rollin
OK, so tell me, couldn't the audiologist made a mistake taking your impressions in the first place? One thing, from another perspective, if it WAS the audiologist's fault, that explains the reason for the nothing but decent sound from the IEMs... and since fit is essential for the sound, and the fact that the errors in the impressions are rather significant (proven from the fact that CIEMs don't usually fall out of the ear), it may be the reason for the drastic decrease in the sound quality... and one more thing, if you haven't gotten yet another CIEM, check out the Heir Audio 8.A, as far as I remember, it somehow takes after the JH16's sound signature...
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