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JDS Labs ODAC Reviews


Sound, USB and nothing else


Pros: Small, USB powered, solid 2V output, noise-free, sounds clean.

Cons: No RCA (on my version), no Toslink/Coax.

Disclaimer: This review isn't based on NwAvguy words and/or the stereotypes arround the ODAC. You won't see me using the words "transparent" and or "clinical". I actually gave the thing an honest listen, compared it with what I had arround me and this is the review I came up with.   Now, you might ask me, why did you buy the ODAC? Well, I wanted something small that I could strap under my computer desk and forget there. That's it. But how does it sound? Silent. This thing is completely silent. When I sit next to it in a quiet room, It doesn't talk or scream to me, which is nice. Ok now kidding aside, where as my E10 was picking up EMI that I could hear easily on louder...
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Great Quality packed in a compact sized casing.


Pros: Neutral. Silent(no EMI). Tight bass.

Cons: None.

I have so far had owned only FIIO products E10,E11,E17 etc. have tested out audioengine D1, matrix iDAC and some other DACs before purchasing this DAC. This is hands down best performer of all the products i have owned or tested so far. When you plug it in you'll definitely notice significant improvement in quality. Even by comparison of the other DACs and the way they improve overall SQ. None of them have given me this noticeable improvement over my  laptop's default Soundcard's output. It's not that E17 or Audioengine D1 didn't improve SQ, they in fact did (and not small by any means) but the jump is not quite as high as this little DAC. For the asking price i don't think one...
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Simply the best


Pros: Completely transparent

Cons: None

The ODAC was engineered with a mind for science. Using science the designer created a completely transparent source that has absolutely no effect on the music. Thus, you hear only your headphones/speakers/ect, not your source.   If you don't want to color your music, It simply can't get better than this. As long as you only need a RCA out or 3.5mm out, and want a transparent source, it cant get much better than this.   EDIT: Head-Fi's website will NOT update the "Detail" sliders and are fixed. Website is possibly broken

Warm and musical


Pros: not excessively revealing, smooth treble

Cons: it's not huge and doesn't weigh 100lbs. it's too small. Can't possibly sound good being so small.

NOTES: SKIP THIS FIRST PART I had a heck of a time getting this to sound right. It made me aware of nearly THREE problems with my setup. Not even kidding. My desktop computer's rear USB port does not work with this. A powered USB hub is required. Next for some strange reason I have to use high gain on my Q701 with this dac and my Headroom Micro Amp. With 8% volume. If not, the Q701 is too fatiguing. This never occurred with my HRT MSII. On that, Medium was fine.   I'll keep this short (EDIT: whoops guess not). First impressions of this over my HRT MSII is that it sounds much more balanced. Yet strangely any of my garbage tracks suddenly don't sound so bad. It seems to take...
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