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Overflowing With Features !

A Review On: iFi Audio micro iDSD

iFi Audio micro iDSD

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Pros: Superbly clean output , Lots of Power , Dynamic , Practical , Features ( 3D Holographic & XBass) , Battery Life , Construction , Design , Value .

Cons: Cable length provided

The iDSD Micro. 
Bought at S$699. 

This company, AMR iFi, is remarkable to start with. They have made so many amplifiers and dacs with different functions, size and price points, all to their signature minimalist aluminum block design. All of their products have performance which far exceeds their price point, making every purchase, worth it. iFi did not pay me to review their products, but i do own many of them, and i am very much impressed with every single one of them. I will now proceed with the review. 

Box Contents
When you first open the box, like every other of their product, it feels like your are unraveling something of very high quality, which turns out to be true. Inside the box you will first see the product itself, underneath, you will get 2 purple RCA cables, a 3.5 to 3.5 short cable, a Long blue usb cable, pair of rubber bands for DAPs, the rubber feets and the Luxurious velvet-alcantara black pouch for the iDSD. The long blue usb cable, which connects the iDSD to the PC, seems alittle long for my preference, and it isnt like the one found in the iFi iDSD Nano, the Nano one was a light blue translucent cable with silver-coloured braiding, which was shorter and had a different connector. Due to the number of switches on this little machine, there is also a usefull guide for each and every switch, explaining what it does briefly and telling you how to start off safety without damaging your iems with too much power.Rubber caps are even provided for those RCA and SPDIF inputs/outputs which i seldom use.   Everything required is present and it felt like it was all geared up to go.

First thing i immediately noticed when i got the iDSD Micro as compared to the Nano, is the convenience, surprisingly even when the Micro was double in length. The reason i said that is mainly because this has a male USB input, which was amazing, i could simply hook it to my android phone by OTG direct. Unlike the Nano, where i have to hook the given blue cable, and then add my own OTG cable, which made it really long and clumsy. Of course, the size may be a problem for those truly on-the- go users. Even though i pair it with the IE800, UmPro50, i usually only use them when i am settled down in an undisturbed area, like a library, cafe or at home to use it. They do come along with a 3.5mm input, which i did not know how it work and have not tried it, but it's output is a 6.3mm jack which you could just insert an adapter for 3.5mm inears. You can Also output by RCA or SPDIF. The iDSD Micro also acts as a portable charger for your mobile devices from it's usb port at the side. 

Features & Performance
Everyone would notice a few rubber switches around the iDSD, Let us first take a look at what everyone with an iDSD Micro would notice first.

The red switch. The red switch at the side of the iDSD directly facing you has 3 settings, This is the Power mode settings, it does eco, normal or turbo, as claimed, the eco is for iems, normal for moderate impedance headphones and turbo for high impedance headphones. Always start with the Eco mode, then move up if more power is required, speaking of power, the battery life is very very good. it comes with a 4800mah battery which could power portable use for a week or two, depending on duration of use. However, when at home, i could use my laptop's USB power to charge and use the iDSD at the same time, i find this method of power management superbly intelligent and reliable, as the duration i used it on battery is usually shorter than the duration i use it from my laptop, i have found myself to never have charged the battery a single time after the first initial 24 hour charge.

Moving on the the next switch beside it, Polarity + -, i have not tried the negative one and left it on the positive default, some people enjoy the other, but its all based on preference.

And the one beside the Polarity switch, the Filters, For PCM which i listen to, it has 3 stages, the Standard Filter, Minimum Phase & Bit Perfect, i leave that to Bit Perfect, because it stated that it was perfect hahaha ! They are different filters to play around with, you'll just have to try each one and see how each one fits you, its once again a preferential thing. 

At the underside right corner, you'll find the IEMatch Switch. This is for you to select 3 stages of Sensitivity, Naming, Off, High Sensitivity and Ultra Sensitivity, of course, you should leave this off if you are using normal or turbo mode, This is just meant for the InEars, in which you should have already set the power mode to eco. if the off setting is producing a little hiss, you might consider moving up the switch to the next one or the other, it cleans out the little hisses you get if your IEMs are alittle sensitive, however i've realized that when you go up sensitivity line, you realize that the 3D Holographic & XBass effect were also reduced slightly, i know it was intended to be made that way, so there's another preferential option for you to choose. 

And there's the last rubber switch, on the left of the underside, you will see another switch, linked to the RCA output, which there is an option of having Preamplifier or Direct. I've not found myself using it. 

Now... for the metal switches, 

The famous iFi 3D Holographic, it widens the sound-stage of your music beautifully, it is one of the main reason why i upgraded my iCAN Nano & iDSD Nano into this iDSD Micro, it becomes an all in one and whole lot more. The effects are made in the analogue channel, in which iFi mentioned that it holds true to the original source and it is not a digital software kind of effect. It really brings your music to life, makes it more tangible and believable, even for headphones. As the user guide included with the iDSD, it mentioned also that if the 6.3mm jack has been plugged in, the 3D holographic would be their headphones 3D holographic setting, if they do not detect the 6.3mm jack plug in, they would output it as a speaker setting 3D holographic, which is slightly different ; from my experience with the iTUBE Micro. 

And their other one, the XBass, increases the depth and body of your bass and sub bass, this really brings bass shy headphones or IEM to life, giving them alittle more volume and warmth. 

All these features are already good enough to be sold on their own ! However there's more !
iDSD Micro is mainly made as a Digital Analogue Converter + Amp, it reduces the noise of your noisy source input, like from your laptop or PC, all digital-electric noise will be eliminated as this brings your on board DAC, outside. Connected by a USB cable which leads to the already on board iPurifier (another of iFi's invention) to clean up all noise which have made it that far. The Dac chip is a dual Octa BurrBrown DSD Chip, which it can play not most, but every single file you throw at it. The result of all these, Exceptionally clean output, needless to say, its really beautiful and at this price point, it certainly beats many 1-2k desktop DACs and amps already. 

As you can see the number of switches i have mentioned from above, you can truly customize the sound of your output to your preference, i have never seen a DAC or an AMP deliver so much features into something so small and reasonably priced. Not even the Woo 7 Fireflies come close to price-performance ratios. This iDSD Micro is amazing, it's the "Meaty Monster", it is a show piece. which brings me to my next discussion.

Build Quality
A show piece indeed, take a look at that beautifully finished aluminium brick, as minimalist as design can get, sticking true to the rest of their iFi series of products, this one blends in perfect. It is as durable as it seems, knobs and switches feels like they are of quality. The overall product has a very nice quality weight to it, which made it feel really premium, unlike other amps which uses plastic to "reduce weight" which simply made it feels and look cheap. I love the metal, and i don't mind the added weight, it feels expensive, and it should feel that way. 

Until now, iFi has never made a product that disappoint, they are a truly remarkable company which makes remarkable products, The iDSD Micro design features was brainstormed with the community in mind, seeking suggestions from the fellow users here in head-fi, which i think is a really beautiful thing to see, the company putting the users first and listening to what the user wants, and includes them in their design, all companies should learn from this. The iDSD certainly is a monster packed full of features, made with quality and made to impress.

The iDSD Micro has an easily distinguishable house sound signature which carries a little warmth and smoothness to the music with the switches turned off , 
so that's something you should expect and will come to enjoy over time . The 3D holographic switch not only widen the soundstage ,
and improves imaging , but also extends a little of the treble and increases it's presence . 

I would strongly recommend this to my friends.
For the price, you get the iCAN, 2 iDSD Nano, iPurifier, Portable Charger & New Features.

There is really nothing not to love about it. 

I hope that iFi continues to make excellent quality products as such, and i look forward to your next product in the iFi line ! 


@iFi audio , A review for your amazing product ! Keep it up ! 
Nice Review will certainly consider it as an option for my PC Music so Thx for the in depth review
Being as how its main deal is DSD I am surprised you didn't mention what modes of DSD it would do or what it sounded like doing it. How does it compare to any other DSD dac's ?
" The effects are made in the analogue channel, in which iFi mentioned that it holds true to the original source and it is not a digital software kind of effect. "
​I have always been curious about iFi's claim about their 'holographic' technology. Have you heard any other DSP or software based sound widening and if so how do they compare? I hate gimmicks and buzz-words and whenever I read about iFi's 'holographic' technology I can't help to think back to similar claims made by manufacturers of PC sound cards and digital players over the years and how pathetic their claims (and effects) were.
Good review. Mine is on the way and I can't wait to see if this thing will make me get rid of my cumbersome home gear (but judging by your review and some others, it looks like it might).
@HPiper Hi , it's a pity i do not own any DSD files , but you can ask iFi directly on this , they would be more than pleased to teach you of their technologies ! 
@Bansaku For all i know , this is a very realistic widening , it just sounds right , it does not feel like a computer was in between the process of widening the soundstage at all ! you should give it a try to know what i mean ~ It's definitely not those crappy effects in software . It's of a much much higher caliber and quality . 
@mitchmalibu  Yes ! You'll be pleased at how much this thing actually does ! The fact that it handles IEMs and Headphones were already a superb value buy for me ! Whats more ? They included the iPurifier , iCan and iDSD ! They even added a portable charger for my phone ! 
Had the nano iDSD and wanted the more feature packed micro iDSD...awesome decision! My IEMs and Sennheiser HD650s never sounded better!
@rcoleman1 wonderful ! mine awesome too ! all thanks to the people at iFi ! 
Do check out my other reviews aswell ! and let me know what you think ~ ^^
Would pertinent to compare the iFi micro iDSD with Chord Hugo ??
@cladane will do so this coming friday . i have not personally tested the Hugo . 
Great review! Great product!
This is not a review, it's a press release for the company. I own and like the iDSD Micro as well, but I learned nothing from reading this except that "iFi has never made a product that disappoint," "they are a truly remarkable company which makes remarkable products," and "there is really nothing not to love about it."
@mink70 well , it is true , i listed alot of their features and how each switch work in my experience , because they have got so many buttons and settings to play around ! I believe as an iDSD Micro owner yourself , you would have played around with it alot , trying to change it's settings here and there , using different power settings , and try to know which settings will provide what kind of a sound . It's interesting , and i cannot quite put a fixed review on it as different headphones responded quite interestingly with it . But all seem to synergise very well with it . 

Maybe you could write a review on what you feel about it ~ 

i think iFi should pay me for advertising for them aswell !
Hahaha ! 
Potatoe94, I have no problem with you describing all the features. But from the first gushing paragraph it's clear that you're going to love the thing regardless of how it sounds. And then you don't actually write much about the sound at all. Don't get me wrong—I applaud you for writing a review and sharing your point of view with us, but this review is difficult to take seriously when you open it with "all of their products have performance which far exceeds their price point, making every purchase, worth it." Worth it for whom? A review presumes that you are on the side of the potential consumer and are approaching the product with some objectivity, not simply a as cheerleader for a company you happen to like. When you write a review you're asking for people's attention and time... so try to reward it with some of your own.
@mink70 yupp noted ! will take it into consideration for future reviews , thanks for the heads up !
Would hope see you give your opinions on the iDSD Micro too ! 
Thanks for the review. I've made up my mind on buying this unit quite some time ago. Mainly due to the DAC. It really covers all level of music formats. I buy some music from Ototoy that have 11.2mhz DSF files. I would like to listen to them natively. Your review basically just re-assured my decision. 
@Valephar That's nice to hear ! Do also give honest reviews of them after getting comfortable with them ! It not just covers all formats ,
its future proof even when you upgrade to hi impedance headphones , or move to low impedance IEMs !
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