iBasso DX90 Portable Digital Audio Player Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Overall Best DAP I Have Encountered


Pros: Sound, Line Out, Improved Amp, Looks, Design

Cons: Scrolling, Button Delay, Battery Life

I’m sure that if you are on Head-Fi once in a while and you are interested in portable audio, you will at least have heard of iBasso. The DX90 is iBasso’s third DAP, the first two being the DX100 and the DX50. The DX50 turned out to be a huge success right off the bat and the first few batches were sold out very quickly. I wrote a review for it a while ago and I thought that despite the shaky UI at the start, the DX50 was an exceptional product after iBasso came out with some firmware updates. Another interesting feature that the DX50 had was firmware rolling. Each firmware seems to sound different and users can pick the firmware they like best.   BucketInABucket's picture of...
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Negative Reviews


Hi-Fi DAP without Hi-Fi sound.


Pros: Good size and design comparing to other "audiophile" players.

Cons: Poor sound quality, poor firmware.

Hi everyone.   Not so long time ago I bought IBasso DX90, now I feel necessary to review it for other people not to repeat my mistakes.   A Little Background. I’m 23, during my teenage portable electronic devices were actively evolving. I remember my first IPod Nano with a lot of memory (it was 1Gb). For me it was really cool to listen to music outdoors with that much comfort. Then first cell phones with 3.5mm jack were appearing, evolving, offering more memory, more comfort. I was changing IPod to another IPod, another IPod to phone with audio jack, then to better one. But also i was changing IEMs from cheeper ones to more and more expensive. At some point I came to buying...
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Very good price-value comparison


Pros: Sound, build quality, replaceable battery, portability

Cons: Bad UI, lack of USB DAC driver for Mac and 64bit windows yet

Lets talk a little on my background. This is my first review, any comment would help me to improve. I joined orchestra and school band in my high school age, playing brass instrument (B flat trumpet), play piano to Grade 5, not to say a pro player but I then learn to appreciate music, all kind of music. More of a mobile user, so I won't be reviewing the amp section as I use IEM on my daily basis. The only headphone I had was Denon AHD2000 and Audio Technicha AD700 which is pretty easy to push, any player should have them played without issue.   I had currently three IEM left in inventory but only paired Westone 4 and Xiaomi Piston with DX90. Ficher Audio DBA2 MK1 is with my...
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A fantastic player


Pros: Sound quality.

Cons: Battery life, but not a major issue

I'll skip all the usual nonsense and go straight to what matters - how does this thing sound?   I have just put the DX90 through a comparison test with all the appropriate gear I have. I settled on a track from a Sheffield Labs test disc to do the comparison, because it is a good recording and it has all the elements I listen for. Clear multiple vocals, lots of percussion and a difficult bass line. Sometimes the various elements are thrown together, and it takes decent kit to keep everything separate yet still musical.   The kit I have used is:   Westone 4R IEMs, I think they were about $400 (I guess this is most appropriate, given that this is a portable player and...
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Superb sound and ease of use make the DX90 an excellent choice for your high-res DAP


Pros: Luscious sound, UI that's easy to use, sensible price

Cons: Tiny internal storage, UI features primitive graphics, troublesome headphone jack

I've been listening to my iBasso DX90 for several weeks and I'm extremely impressed by its sound, its ease of use and its firmware updates that are more than just cosmetic improvements. While I was deciding whether or not to purchase the iBasso DX90, I spent quite some time comparing it to the FiiO X5 and the wallet-busting Astrell & Kern AK240. In another life, when I return as a billionaire playboy, I will purchase the AK240 or its upgrade so the choice was effectively between the DX90 and the X5. My comparison eventually centered on the iBasso DX90's use of dual Sabre ES9018K2M DACs. I was also swayed by the DX90's apparently superior handling of micro SD cards in comparison to the...
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Excellent DAP, comparable to much more expensive devices.


Pros: Sound quality, build quality, size, fantastic price-performance factor

Cons: Nothing that devoted music lover can't live with

I'm going to skip parts about build quality and UI of DX90, as lots of words have already been written about those aspects of that DAP. After switching form HM-901 it seems more than OK for me. And even though DX90 isn't perfect usability wise, I've found it quite enjoyable to use when I'm on the go. What I can do is to tell you guys how my adventure with that device looked like.   At first, DX90 came into my hands and at that time I had "only" HM-901 nearby. But when my boss ordered me to write review of ten audiophile DAP-s, I had opportunity to compare them all with DX90. In that publication there were MA9, X3, X5, DX50, DX90 obviously, HM-901, HM-802, HM-700, AK120 and AK240....
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