iBasso DX90 Portable Digital Audio Player Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Overall Best DAP I Have Encountered


Pros: Sound, Line Out, Coaxial Out, Improved Amp, Design & Build Quality

Cons: Battery Life

I’m sure that if you are on Head-Fi once in a while and you are interested in portable audio, you will at least have heard of iBasso. The DX90 is iBasso’s third DAP, the first two being the DX100 and the DX50. The DX50 turned out to be a huge success right off the bat and the first few batches were sold out very quickly. I wrote a review for it a while ago and I thought that despite the shaky UI at the start, the DX50 was an exceptional product after iBasso came out with some firmware updates. Another interesting feature that the DX50 had was firmware rolling. Each firmware seems to sound different and users can pick the firmware they like best.   BucketInABucket's picture of...
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An awesome DAP


Pros: Very detailed, great instrument separation, very exiting sound, excellent size, interchangeable battery, constant FW improvement and support

Cons: Battery life.

Hi guys, this is my first post and my first review.   I own a useless Fiio X3, its battery died and I have removed it because it was inflated for unknown reasons (I used to charge it with a Samsumg 5.0V 2.0A original charger). Although I was not impressed with the sound, I liked the solid construction and the features it has.   Then, I got the Fiio X5, again the solid construction, features etc. had impressed me but in this case the sound impressed me too, at least I felt that I was using a real Hi-fi DAP, I was happy with the X5 (but I decided to sell it).     Finally I got the DX90 too, I was interested in the iBasso DX90 because I had been reading a lot...
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Negative Reviews


Hi-Fi DAP without Hi-Fi sound.


Pros: Good size and design comparing to other "audiophile" players.

Cons: Poor sound quality, poor firmware.

Hi everyone.   Not so long time ago I bought IBasso DX90, now I feel necessary to review it for other people not to repeat my mistakes.   A Little Background. I’m 23, during my teenage portable electronic devices were actively evolving. I remember my first IPod Nano with a lot of memory (it was 1Gb). For me it was really cool to listen to music outdoors with that much comfort. Then first cell phones with 3.5mm jack were appearing, evolving, offering more memory, more comfort. I was changing IPod to another IPod, another IPod to phone with audio jack, then to better one. But also i was changing IEMs from cheeper ones to more and more expensive. At some point I came to buying...
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Cannot get the device to read SD Card


Pros: None

Cons: No tech support, website seems non functional, cannot read SD card, cannot seem to play an individual track

I just received this device, along with a FiIO X5 to replace my now discontinued iPod classic.   At first I liked this device - smaller, lighter than the FiIO, although only 1 slot.   Shipped without any user guide, however.   I formatted my 128 G SD card and inserted it, connected it to my mac.   I used doubleTwist software (which I had successfully used with the FiIO, and let it sync overnight.   I came back and and the device seems to think I had no music. I plugged the USB cable back in, and the files where definitely on the card.   Tried factory reset, tried formatting as exFAT.   I went to their website - www. ibasso.com - and it is a...
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More Reviews


great sound and value in a great form factor


Pros: value, sound, ease of use, handy size and weight, availability of removeable batteries

Cons: overly sensitive touch screen [may vary with firmware]

i've had my dx90 for some time, having bought it when the price was still about $420.  i thought it was a great value then. it's an even greater value now.   i'm using the 2.0.5 firmware because i'm happy with the sound and am not willing to roll the dice on any changes.   i find the interface exceedingly easy to navigate, but must note that i use a folder structure instead of tags, and so can't comment on tags and playlists.  similarly, i should note that i am listening mostly to classical and a bit to jazz and, rarely, to pop.   i've got a 128gb microsd full of classical music in flac format riding in the player most of the time.  i also carry...
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Humble Sound Perfection at an humble price, this Music Player is a dream come true that follow me everywhere I go.


Pros: Beautifully Clean, detailed, warm and elegant sound, excellent details in ALL frequencies range, Line out, Changeable battery, good construction...

Cons: Poor battery life (extra battery needed), Unstable firmware that can cause serious problem to the player, vain equalizer

It make more than 1 year that I listen daily to my beloved Ibasso Dx90 and I feel it's now time to make a proper review of this wonderful DAP.   To begin, I have in my possession this audio players in the past - ihifi 812V2, Colorfly C3, Hifiman H601 and Fiio X3- and the Ibasso is the only one I kept. It say alot I think, because the only one DAP that I regret selling is the Xuelin ihifi 812V2 and it's because of his wonderful warm Wolfson sound that is extremely different to the Ibasso Dx90 wich is more coldish-warmish and analytical sounding.   CONSTRUCTION :       The Dx90 is well built, all black brushed metal alloy with 3 big button and...
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Great sounding FLAC player


Pros: Nice, smooth sound

Cons: O/S is a little quirky

I purchased the DX90 a week ago. I had found that I was no longer dragging out CDs to listen to music, but at the same time my MP4s on my iPhone were sounding harsh and un-listenable. As a result I was not listening to much music anymore and really missed it. I occasionally listen on headphones but mostly plug into my stereo (Acurus DIA100 and Paradigm Atom Montior v5). The sound from my iPhone was so harsh and clearly missing much of the detail of the music due to compression. My plan is to rip all my CDs to FLAC files and use the DX90 for portable listening as well as in-home listening through my sound system. I read about the DX90 and then purchased it on eBay from someone who had used...
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Very good price-value comparison


Pros: Sound, build quality, replaceable battery, portability

Cons: Bad UI, lack of USB DAC driver for Mac and 64bit windows yet

Lets talk a little on my background. This is my first review, any comment would help me to improve. I joined orchestra and school band in my high school age, playing brass instrument (B flat trumpet), play piano to Grade 5, not to say a pro player but I then learn to appreciate music, all kind of music. More of a mobile user, so I won't be reviewing the amp section as I use IEM on my daily basis. The only headphone I had was Denon AHD2000 and Audio Technicha AD700 which is pretty easy to push, any player should have them played without issue.   I had currently three IEM left in inventory but only paired Westone 4 and Xiaomi Piston with DX90. Ficher Audio DBA2 MK1 is with my...
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A fantastic player


Pros: Sound quality.

Cons: Battery life, but not a major issue

I'll skip all the usual nonsense and go straight to what matters - how does this thing sound?   I have just put the DX90 through a comparison test with all the appropriate gear I have. I settled on a track from a Sheffield Labs test disc to do the comparison, because it is a good recording and it has all the elements I listen for. Clear multiple vocals, lots of percussion and a difficult bass line. Sometimes the various elements are thrown together, and it takes decent kit to keep everything separate yet still musical.   The kit I have used is:   Westone 4R IEMs, I think they were about $400 (I guess this is most appropriate, given that this is a portable player and...
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Excellent DAP


Pros: overall sound quality, dynamic, spacious sound, tonal balance, value

Cons: probably only battery life

This is my first DAP. I bought it in August with  pre-installed 2.1 firmware and I have to say I am positively surprised how great this player sounds. I honestly can not compare it with other DAPs like Fiio X5 or HM -801,  because I haven´t simply had a chance to listen other DAPs. Nevertheless, I can wholeheartedly recommend this DAP to anyone who seeks neutral, spacious sounding DAP, with excellent tonal balance and dynamics. From my point of view, it makes perfect sense to buy a player which does not colour sound and is as much neutral as possible,  because it gives you an extra flexibility to choose headphones with sound signature according to your preferences. For...
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Best DAP i ever Heard


Pros: neutral sound, soundstage, details, Price

Cons: screen resolution, battery life

Inside the box: Accessories:   First of all, beautiful dap! :) nice design, one of the most good looking daps around.        Silicon Case looks good:   UI is not the best part but its fair enough, and easy to use. only some touchscreen issues which has been solved after a FW update(2.3.0)    Battery life is average. 6 to 8 hours max. but easily replaceable! about SQ: YES! SOUNDSTAGE! they were right. soundstage of this dap is amazing! separation and imaging is just unbelievable. this is the best part of this dap overall IMO. Bass is Punchy and accurate. Powerful and detailed. Mid is Flat and shinny. Treble: crispy and...
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Good but ...


Pros: Sound, size/ratios, build quality, accessories

Cons: UI/software, battery, vol control

I bought the Dx90 to replace a HifiMan HM601 player. Main reason was that I needed more storage (HM601 only takes 32gb cards). And I though this is a good opportunity to get a better player overall. Well, it is sort of what I got. (see update in paragraph below) Quote of my previous appreciation of sound quality: Sound wise, I honestly struggle to ear any significant difference with the HM-601. Tried switching between both using 16bit FLAC files and both UE triple fi 10 and Sennheiser Momentum over hear and honestly the sound quality and sound signatures are very close. i.e. rich, warm and very dynamic. After some burn in (30 hours) the DX90 seems a little brighter and more open, but...
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Superb sound and ease of use make the DX90 an excellent choice for your high-res DAP


Pros: Luscious sound, UI that's easy to use, sensible price

Cons: Tiny internal storage, UI features primitive graphics, troublesome headphone jack

I've been listening to my iBasso DX90 for several weeks and I'm extremely impressed by its sound, its ease of use and its firmware updates that are more than just cosmetic improvements. While I was deciding whether or not to purchase the iBasso DX90, I spent quite some time comparing it to the FiiO X5 and the wallet-busting Astrell & Kern AK240. In another life, when I return as a billionaire playboy, I will purchase the AK240 or its upgrade so the choice was effectively between the DX90 and the X5. My comparison eventually centered on the iBasso DX90's use of dual Sabre ES9018K2M DACs. I was also swayed by the DX90's apparently superior handling of micro SD cards in comparison to the...
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