HiSoundAudio RoCoo P Reviews


Portable player with Great SQ


Pros: excellent sq, sound stage, power, portable, battery life, build quality

Cons: user interface, slow boot, finger prints, 4gb internal memory, equalizer

What i really love about this player is its wide sound stage and sq. Every time i listen to it with my headphones or iem's, it blows me away.  I spent hours of listening to it everyday.   It can drive many iems or headphones because of its built in amp. it has lots of power.   The battery can last 8-10 hours of continuous playback.   The build quality is solid and it doesn't feel cheap.   Sadly this player has its cons.   User Interface and equalizer- The user interface is basic and the equalizer to me has no purpose. The only preset that i find good is the nature setting.   Slow boot- it has a 4gb internal memory and since my songs are in...
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Small Player with BIG Performance!


Pros: Resolution, clarity, power, transparency, musicality.

Cons: Small screen, non-customizable display for titles, no MTP support

    I was looking for a new DAP a few months ago when my Cowon S9's power slider stopped working properly. I was considering the HiFiMan 601, HiFiMan 802, S:Flo2, and a few other DAPs. After fixing the power slider problem myself, I stopped looking for a DAP because I was content with my Cowon S9.   Recently, I was browsing the forums and came across a promotion by HiSoundAudio involving their new player: the RoCoo P. I did not know much about the RoCoo P nor HiSoundAudio, but I did remember hearing the word "RoCoo" thrown around the forum sparingly over the years, so I decided to read more. Eventually I took the plunge and bought the RoCoo P through their...
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Amazing Sound


Pros: wide soundstage, good highs and lows, incredible mids

Cons: finger prints and user interface

One of the best sounding dap with lots of power. 

The search for the perfect DAP and amp has ended


Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Size, UI, short battery life

I never expected that such device will be the perfect complement for my trusty HD 25. All the cons I picked up upon hearing my HP were all remedied by this wonderful DAP (thanks to its built-in amp). The sibilance went away, better bass extension and mids are among the improvements it gave. Oh, I almost forgot, the soundstage became wider. Definitely a must buy for all HD 25 owners. :)

Rocoo P - Highs Mids and Lows


Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality

Cons: Read through the impressions

When I was looking for a good quality portable driver, predominantly for use while traveling and at desk, I came across some very positive reviews and impressions for Rocoo P / BA / Studio. I was immediately drawn by Rocoo P as it was a smaller design compared to studio version and I wanted it to be compatible with all IEMs and not specifically designed for BAs.     Having read the different reviews and the impressions, I was little hesitant in going for Rocoo P, especially with the feedback of background hiss and lack of any useful equalizer.    I have been enjoying this wonderful little device extensively for over a week now, that I decided to...
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Rocoo P - Brief overview

Introduction I recently came across a video review of the RoCoo P on youtube and being interested in purchasing a dap to match my earphones, I decided get one. I've been trying it with some Sennheiser IE 8's and have also tried the Grado sr80i's which were suitable. Purchase and Packaging and Contents I emailed service@hisoundaudio.com and received a swift  response advising how i could purchase the player. This worked, but I hope the website will allow orders through it in the future. The player came packaged securely protected by foam and there were no issues with the condition. Contents: RoCoo P PAA-1 earbuds Wall charger (without adaptor) usb cable User manual...
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My impressions about the RoCoo P


Pros: Sound quality, Design

Cons: User interface, Battery life

First, I'd like to say that this player is easily the best sounding source I've ever owned.  I used to have an iPod Classic which was much more convenient but far from sounding as good as the RoCoo P.  If you're not into sound quality that much, I'd say that you'd better buy an Ipod with good headphones because the RoCoo P is so good sounding that it needs the best cans out there (which I don't have yet besides my top tier iems).    Audio Quality   Although very compact, it delivers impressive sound quality.  The sound is very clear, powerful bass and clear treble and midrange.  Unlike other players, you can not really talk about warmth here....
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Rocoo P- Where Sound Quality and low price meets!


Pros: Dominates everything! Sound Quality is superb! Beautiful Solid Design

Cons: Battery life(10 hours+-), Basic User interface

  Hi there folks!  This is my first time writing a review, so I hope you guys can bear with me :)  Firstly I would like to thank Jack Fu for the amazing Rocoo P DAP. I got it posted to my house 1 week after I order it. If it is not due to the holiday in his country I would have got it earlier. But it is nothing to complain about.   The Rocoo P is one of the most powerful DAP in the audiophile market. And when you purchase one of these, music is really the only focus; they have no games, no apps, and not even the basics app like clock or etc; this thing plays music and that is it!   Image of the shiny beautiful Hisoundaudio Rocoo P  ...
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HiSound Audio Rocoo P, great with the right IEM


Pros: Soundstage, great driving ability, plays any file type, solid design, "fun" sound with bass-emphasised IEMs

Cons: Basic UI, some firmware bugs, no hold slider, bit 'fussy' on best IEM pairing, longevity

NOTE; I am an audio appreciator, not an audiophile. The follow is my thoughts and not based on some of the crazy in-depth tests that some do. This is a layman’s review for a layman. =)   BACKSTORY AND DISCLAIMER; I spent some time browsing the forums of head-fi and looking over the DAP lists before ordering this product. I almost bought a Cowon Z2 (since I’m in Korea, I can get it locally) but in the end decided that $280+ was a bit much to spend when I have an iPod/iPad for all apps and all I wanted was a pure and powerful music player. The Rocoo P seemed to be what I was looking for, and it has received good reviews here and elsewhere. I contacted Hisound and got a quote....
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Amazing little DAP


Pros: Amazing sound quality, small and sleek, decent battery life

Cons: Front and back of the device gets easily scratched, UI

  Hi Head-Fiers! I am pretty new to this community but have been making unboxing and review videos here on my YouTube Channel: TechSpotJapan Youtube    I recently purchased a RoCoo-P and would like to use this space to post a review.   First, here are the basic scores that I give for each category:   Build Quality     : 8/10 Sound Quality   : 9/10 Design             : 8/10 UI                    : 5/10 -------------------------------- Overall             : 8/10 First Impressions Out of the box, the sound...
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