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Great value to performance.

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HiSoundAudio Popo

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Pros: Design, bass, timbre (wood housing), price, fit, multiple ear tips

Cons: Bass can be a bit excessive and treble is lacking detail and refinement.

Hello ladies and gents; I'll be doing a brief review on the Popos (recently renamed POP to my knowledge). First off I'd like to thank Jack from Hisound for giving me an opportunity to do a review on his product. So far its been a blast doing business with Hisound and I look forward to trying out new and improved offerings in the future. smily_headphones1.gif


Moving onto the prize (POP).





What can I say about the Popo? For $60.00 you do get a great value for your money. The amount of bass is pretty surprising and I could see the bass heads enjoying these IEMs. While on certain tracks it can be a bit excessive, it's in no way a deal breaker for me. The more you pump up the volume the more the bass quantity increases. At a reasonable volume its a non-issue.  The POP's bass is focused on sub bass with a reasonable amount of mid bass. The bass reaches pretty low and combined with the wood housing; you get a nice warm sound. I find these IEMs quite non-fatiguing and easy to listen to.





The mid-range is actually pretty good. Its clear and upfront. Not necessarily the showcase of this IEM but not its weakness either. The vocal presentation in my case is close to the center but slightly off to the left.





The treble IMO is a weak-point here. It lacks detail and is a bit dull. I won't say its horrible but it would be the weak point of the three frequencies. But on a plus note the treble is non-fatiguing and tolerable. No sibilance issues on my end. The sparkle is there buts it's subtle and smoothed over. It doesn't slap you in the face.



Sound Stage:


The sound stage isn't particularly large but not small either. I'd say its medium sized if you get my meaning. :P 


You get an intimate presentation without feeling invaded. The overall presentation is on the fun side so these are in no way boring IEMs.




The fit on these is excellent IMO. I don't feel the need to constantly reposition the IEMs once they are inserted and they are very comfortable to wear for long music sessions. One not so great thing though is the micro-phonics. Its quite noticeable on these and there is no cable adjuster to fasten the cable under your chin to reduce (or even eliminate) micro-phonics.


Isolation is another plus. Its not custom IEM isolation but still very good. When music is playing even at a reasonable level, I can't hear outside noises; unless is ridiculously loud noises that is. :P



Build Quality:


With an MSRP of $60.00 I am very happy with the build quality on the POPs. The Driver housing is made of Rose Wood. The driver opening appears to have some sort of wax guard on it which is great for those of you who produce a lot of ear gold ;).


The cable is quite interesting. Its red color will definitely draw some attention from others. I feel it matches the housing and gives the IEM some character. Most importantly the cable feels sturdy. Not IE8 Kevlar sturdy; but I feel confident that this IEM should last well past the years warranty if you are somewhat responsible with your belongings.




The packaging is rather basic (what do you expect for such a reasonable price?). Within the packaging you get the POP, tips and a warranty card. The tip selection is quite decent as there are several different size tips to choose from. The tips remind me of Sony Hybrids. There is no carrying case other than the case packaging itself.






Sorry folks will edit and add more pictures later. Camera battery died and will need to recharge it :P





While using the POPs in this review I used my DACport LX paired with my UHA4 amp to drive the POPs listening to FLAC files.





At $60.00 a "pop" the POP is a great value with some serious sub bass. With a nice lush and warm sound from that Rose Wood housing; one can easily be drawn into the POP's sound. The build quality is above average and IMO quite durable. I can easily see bass heads loving these IEMs as well as your average-Joe listener. I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my review and I hope it is in  someway helpful to you. I'm quite new to doing reviews and hope to get better at it in the future.




Popo have to be the weirdest name for an IEM ever. Great looking tho.
Nice review! Do you know how these compare to the Monster Turbines, which is roughly in the same price point?
Sorry MiniWumbo. I've never heard the Turbines before. I've heard the Turbines have some super bass as well though. I recommend if you can get the Mile Davis on sale to give those a shot. From reading reviews, many seem to enjoy them and they don't have the weakness of the Turbines (better mid range and bass is more controlled).
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