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A bang-for-the-buck gem

A Review On: HiSoundAudio PAA-1

HiSoundAudio PAA-1

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Pros: Excellent bass and mids, clear highs

Cons: Reveal bad quality mp3 recordings

Disclaimer: Rather than being an audiophile like most of the members here, I consider myself to be just an enthusiast consumer. I have very limited experience with headphones and anyone looking at my current review should be aware of that.


The PAA-1's are my first decent earphones. Despite being entry-level if judged by price and appearance alone, the sound they produce is good and versatile compared to the bass-heavy iBeats by Dre. Good bass and plausible mids with a bit crippled highs form a not at all bad sound signature, though I imagine other high-end buds would, of course, surpass those.


A somewhat important fact is that the buds are on the bigger side, therefore if you have small ears they might fall off or just cause discomfort or even pain in the earlobes.


Have you by any chance heard any other audiophile quality headphones?
Perhaps you did not read what I wrote with enough attention. These are the first audiophile quality earphones that I own (as stated above). At the time of writing I could compare them with a pair given to me for testing by a friend - the iBeats by Dre. In my opinion, the iBeats are tuned for hip-hop or otherwise bass-dominated music, while the PAA-1s revealed highs that the iBeats just muffled. I know I have scarce experience with headphones. Perhaps I should state that in the review.
As I see it you have finally got a decent pair of headphones and for that I congratulate you. However I would refrain from throwing around loud words as "audiophile". Firstly because audiophilia is a trait that can be only attributed to humans; namely- the striving for high fidelity sound reproduction. Secondly I honestly have trouble believing that earbuds, given their technological limitations, are capable of high fidelity sound reproduction.
Gain some listening experience so you can put your claims into perspective. That way they will have more weight among the educated.
And sorry for your wallet.
I appreciate constructive criticism and I took heed to your words. I've changed the heading of the review and some of the content. It is unlikely, though, that I will expand my audio equipment experience as I am a poor student who was searching for just that - "a bang-for-the-buck gem".
Hmm...i didnt think much of earbuds too until i heard the LIVE earbuds from Hisoundaudio, the imaging and speed are surprisingly good. But its best heard in a quiet place..not streetwalking...unless u decidedly want the cacophony mixed into your music :P
I am raring to hear the LIVING earbuds if i can get one on the cheap.
Heard the PAA-1, its not bad, better than the stock buds that comes with everything else. the LIVE trounce it in half a sec...
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