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Good bang for your buck.

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HiSoundAudio BA100

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Pros: Size, Comfort, clarity, price and build.

Cons: A bit tip depth fussy but easily done right. Highs could be a little more extended.


So after a day of somewhat abusive run in (free and impatient:wink_face:) and tip rolling, I can say these easily play in a realm at or above their $100 price point. The stock tips are fine and Grado tips also work well but try a few doubles on them all the way to the base and you may get really great results. The stock tips are short and I prefer those up near the tip, the Grado/Orto tips can go lower on the body of the nozzle as they're longer and the UE doubles are quite long, should sit against the base and just sing on these. I have a half dozen double flange tips and these were the best overall. Second was a set with a slightly smaller opening and more taper on the top flange. May have been very slightly better balanced in the mids but not as interesting overall. (I'm now using these) Unlike some here that think frequency response is almost the only thing that matters, I find it's less important than other aspects of music reproductions as long as things line up well enough. The amount of extension, detail and balance with these is hard to fault now. 


I really didn't like the stock tips pushed down to the base as others have mentioned but thought them good installed at the tip grove as described earlier. Still prefer the Grado singles and UE doubles overall. Lots of you have a pair ultimate ears double flanges from the tf10, sf3/5 days. Run these puppies in and try them. You wont regret it.


As for break in, they don't move that much but do so in important ways. Out of the box, they sound less extended in either direction and less refined overall. After some loosening up, that goes away. They open up on top, have texture and play notes in the bass. They don't get as black as the best but with these tips low level detail is all there, balance is good and they exhibit HiEnd type qualities in placement etc. Perspective is a 10th row sort of thing but there is depth and width if not totally 3d. I'm a bit spoiled by my JH13s


As setup, these have some extra lower treble and are a perhaps slightly warm overall but they are neither aggressive or sibilant and vocals sound quite natural and not weighed down in the least. There is technically some roll at the very extremes but with these tips, I bet you don't notice it on top unless you work to hear it or on the bottom unless there is some sub bass material. Bass roll is relative and I'm of the school that it needs to rise below 100hz to sound flat. These sound like they rise a bit in the midbass and stay linear from there down which is what many folks prefer anyway. The lower treble may bot suit some but I find it mitigated quite well with good tip choice.


So to conclude, with a bit of care, these play pretty easily at their $100 retail price (about $70 street) and at the current $49 deal are a no brainer. If you get them and don't like the way they sound with their tips pushed down to the base of their nozzles, don't fret, I didn't either but you can get very good results with proper use of the stock tips at the tip grove at the end of the nozzle that supports them and even better results with some others tips. 


Easy fit, comfort and storage due to size is obvious. I like everything about them except that there is no cinch and the mini plug is neither straight nor right angled and just a bit odd though absolutely no problem in use. A cinch is easy enough to make. Either a bit of heat shrink on it's own or to hold a cylinder together will get it done. That said, these are probably designed to be worn down and since microphonics are low, the cinch isn't required but if you like to wear your cables over the ear, it's useful.


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