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Fantastic IEMs, worth every penny. Not for bass-heads.

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HiFiMAN RE-400

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Pros: Presence and detail are fantastic. The hint of warmth really makes for a smooth sound. No sibilance that I can find. I received a zip clamshell case!

Cons: Lack of sub-bass hurts certain genres.

Basically, these IEMs blow away the cheaper stuff I've owned (CX300-II, MH1C). They really make a slew of genres and tracks sing with great presence and detail without a "harsh" sound or sibilance.


Coming from bass-heavy IEMs, they definitely lack sub-bass. But for most genres it's not an issue. And for the most part, the E11 amp (EQ bass boost option) can kick that up to where it's needed when it's needed.


Also of note, apparently Head-Direct is sending a carrying case now (I received a zip, clamshell hard case).


damn..mine doesnt have the case..anyways these babies really sound fantastic..5 out of 5 stars
Pretty dissapointed with mine, virtually no bass, easily overdriven.
So thought I'd update this review to note that I purchased the 400i model last year (inline mic/remote), and the sound quality was significantly worse. Mainly on the low end -- they sounded very thin and weren't as enjoyable as my original pair. I ended up soldering a new jack on my old pair and gave the 400i to my mom. I can't say how many hours she's put on them, but they don't sound any better, so it's not a break-in issue. 
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