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HiFiMAN HE-4 Reviews


Best Can to Date and the beast that killed my DT 880


Pros: Sound, very balanced

Cons: Amp is required

To start with, I've owned my Hifiman HE 4 for a few months now, and I've just recently heavily modified mine! The positives is all these mods don't do anything for the sound, but rather improve the looks comfort and usability of the headphone.  That said though, many of you may remember the Frequency response graphs I posted a few months back,  That Top Green line is the basic frequency response, or objective measurement of how the HE 4 sounds!  Well seeing as the HE 4 is my new standard, I won't be doing any comparisons here, rather simply commenting on what I enjoy about it! Let's put some words to describe what the data shows!   Amplification Needed and Recommended Sadly, the HE 4 is...
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Great sound, great value


Pros: Great sound stage, very good resolution, perfect fit, nice design, good cables..

Cons: A decent amp is mandatory.

I ordered the Hifiman HE-4s to upgrade from my AKGs (701 and 240 Studio). I was a little concerned about the amp requirements but I'm very pleased with the performance of the AMB M^3. The cans fit perfectly, the sound stage is very large, the resolution feels better than with the 701 and the bass is simply amazing. Great fun, even at low volumes. At the beginning I was a little deterred by the agressive treble, but this got better after a couple of hours, maybe because I just got used to it. I listened to a lot of different stuff: Jazz, Classic, Electronic, HipHop, Reggae. Even though the phones are not on the analytic side, it's a joy to listen to classical music, especially piano.
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