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Terrible quality - stay away

A Review On: HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones

HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Great sound

Cons: crap quality

I have rate these a half star for audio quality because they do not play sound anymore. There is a growing number of people who have experienced the terrible quality of these headphones. All of us have experienced the same: after a relatively short period one channel stops working. This is well documented in treads here on head-fi and on amazon.com that sells these headphones. As of this moment, the RE0's are rated #8 in the reviews. These phenomenal ratings reflect the fact that the RE0's sound fantastic when they work, however, this is not the full story. Buyers should BEWARE of the crap quality of these headphones.


I hate it when people give reviews like this. If they sound good, then rate the sound well. If they're comfortable, rate the comfort highly. If they fall apart in a month, give them the minimum for design (since that's the closest thing to build quality). You could even rate the value down for that as well since you have to buy new headphones so soon. But don't give them a half-star rating overall just because they broke on you, even if it is a common issue.
I totally agree with LimeANite here. Don't give out ******** ratings just because of crappy build quality. Half a star for SQ? That's just plain stupid.
When only one of two channels work it deserve a bad sound quality rating.
No, it deserves a bad build quality rating. You said it yourself: they sound fantastic when they work.
God damnit I wish I had seen this before I had bought mine. They just went to **** again, luckily it's still within warranty so I'm getting my 3rd replacement pair.
I think they posted somewhere these have about a 5% fail rate? Maybe that's incorrect but it was 5-10%, pretty sure 5 though.
They do need to get a low score as they break for most folks sooner or later.
My re0 are 2 years old...
It's not even a review... it's a complaint...
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