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Grado SR325is Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Soul Food for Hungry Ears


Pros: Musicality, Emotion, Heart and Soul

Cons: Great with SOME types of music and mediocre with others , HEAVY and hardly portable, wire management is a dilemma

  Hi everyone, Just wanted to give my two cents re: the Grado 325is!     [b]AN INTRODUCTION[/b]   I was on a head-fi poison hiatus for a while because I thought I'd already spent too much on this hobby by acquiring a high end IEM (JH16 Pro) and a good PMP (Cowon J3 - which I unfortunately lost). In the case of IEMs, I think I already achieved audio nirvana, but then this itch of  wanting to try what full-sized cans could offer was always bothering me.    I knew I didn't want "brand name" cans like Senns, AKGs or ATHs (though their cans are very good). I wanted to try something more alternative and "organic" and I found it in the...
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Fun but Fatiguing


Pros: Perfect for rock and metal.

Cons: Too bright for long listening sessions

Introduction:   I listen to a lot of music.  Whether I’m working or relaxing I usually have some sort of music in the background.  It relaxes me before bed or keeps me pumped up while working.  It is essentially my mind altering drug of choice.  Different headphones with different presentations an affect my mood in different ways and I though a ‘phone with pumped up treble like the SR325is would be good to keep my energy up when I was stuck with boring tasks at work.  I was correct, but other drawbacks kept me from holding on to my pair.   Style and Build:   I love the look of the SR325is.  They’re slightly retro looking but the...
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Negative Reviews


Brilliant sound, but some real design issues.


Pros: Bright, lively, good separation of ranges.

Cons: Uncomfortable pads and headband, design flaw on cup holder, heavy.

When I first got these the sound was rather tinny, but over the initial 50 hours they really, really opened up and grew to have a very natural sound. I have them paired with an HRT MS2+ and a Schiit Asgard, which is apparently a good match for Grados. That sound became more warm and round when I switched out the normal pads for quarter-cut softies. I did lose some soundstage with that, but the tradeoff for a more natural and full sound is totally worth it and it also took some sibilance out of the highs so they are very sweet.   Overall, after doing this, I truly love the sound. Every now and then I want a bit more punch, a bit more depth, and a bit more clarity to the bass,...
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Bright, Fatiguing, Careful mixing with these!!


Pros: very detailed clear sound

Cons: harsh and bright. if you mix with these, you'll think your music sounds grating.

The harsh brightness also removes some of the depth and dimensional space you'd expect from Grado headphones.  I'm sending 'em back and buying the reference 2 for 499.  If those are similar fatiguing and unwearable for more than an hour, then it's back to my BeyerDynamic 880's for me.

More Reviews


Darned good headphones


Pros: Better than anything else for the money, well built

Cons: I now realize how many low quality recordings there are!

Long story short, they're fantastic.  I bought my headphones from a display/test setup at a Magnolia hi-fi, I didn't want to wait and I got a great discount on them.  I'm sure the salesman still turned a profit of course. (I work retail, I have an idea of the markup levels.)  They're comfortable to me, and I don't intend to own many other headphones.   Only other minor issue is the reduced bass, but the clarity was the greatest on this model, short of spending another $600+ on some headphones.  The other models that had less clarity had a lot more bass, but were fatiguing and disproportionate.  And all the others were too tight for my head.  These...
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New Grado 8 conductor cables


Pros: Better Resolution

Cons: Heavy

After 4 years of regular use, my cables were looking a little rugged, the plastic cover over the cables that split to each ear were cracking at the Y splitter . I called Grado and they quoted me $45 (includes return shipping)for a new cable plus an additional $15 to upgrade to the newest 8 conductor UHPLC copper connecting cord. The new cable is stout and heavy, with 8 conductors its my guess grado is using varied size cables to better handle the full spectrum with as little loss as possible, similar to Audioquests Spread Spectrum Technology. http://www.audioquest.com/pdfs/aq_cable_theory.pdf The new cable is more revealing, digging deeper into the finer details,...
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Great, musical headphones


Pros: Great sound, very clear bass, mids, and highs

Cons: Slightly fatiguing, uncomfortable if not properly adjusted

A great set of 'phones for general music listening. Not terribly portable without a case, and can cause fatigue when listening to treble-heavy music due to very crisp reproduction.   You could use the cable on these babies to tow a car. Kind of impossible to deal with for on-the-go use, very oriented to seated listening.   I love my 325s!

My favorite headphone for a long time


Pros: Full of enery

Cons: Looks like a 30 dollar headphone

For the first few months every time I use my ears hurt because of the ear pads are really uncomfortable. But I still listen to them because they sound really good. I always listened to rock, edm, and pop music. These types of music perform very well with the Sr325is.

Good Headphone, No BS


Pros: The most open I have listened to, Energetic Fast Attacking, Mids, Detail,

Cons: Comfort, Treble response, sub-bass is lacking on some recordings

The sound on these is absolutely stunning directly through the headphone jack. It may or may not benifit from an amp, all I know is that I have spent about 30-40 hours listening to Pink Floyd like a complete fool. Over, And over again, So I can tell you these headphones sound really, really, good. Initially, the treble was a bit harsh but since I like listening to music at low to moderate levels the sibilance really is not to a (Headache-like) level. I don't care what anyone here on HEAD-FI says, These are some worthy cans.     Now is this going to play skrillex without being harsh?   Absolutely not, The treble is too strong for electronic music. I will say however,...
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Pros: With high quality music files can sound like live performance, Energetic, Fast Attacking, Warm mid-section

Cons: Very bright headphone, Does not dig very deep, Smaller soundstage than most @ Price range, COMFORT BLO

I own     -HD 600 -ATH M50 -Sennhieser HD 558 (Modded) -Skullcandy Aviators     Of all, IMHO I find them the MOST detailed.I feel like i'm in a live performance in the front row seat especailly with .dsf or flac files. They are bright but after about a month of listening you do get used to it (I don't believe in burn in).   I would give this a 5 if it didnt torture me everytime i wear it xD... and if the bass would dig a little deeper.    Overall these are beautiful sounding and i personally enjoy bright headphones more than dark ones. (But that's just "ME",)

Grado SR325is


Pros: Everything (see below)

Cons: None that I can think of

Ok, this is my first review. However, I feel that my opinion matters as much as anyone elses. I'll start from the beginning. I have been creeping in here for quite a while and soaking up as much info as I can. I am not an audiophile, really just a person that enjoys music a lot and its a part of me. I decided a while back that I wanted to roll with Grado because the genre of music I prefer, old metal head with some punk and classic rock thrown in.   Road block one, I am currently deployed USAF. Not a lot of companies will ship to an APO and where I am at, to include 4OurEar's. I e-mailed them and started a on-going dialog with Richard Grado. Great guy! Even though they do not ship...
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Old school look but a cutting edge sound.


Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Ergononics

These were my first pair of good headphones, having previously only had Shure E2C in-ear phones that were anything better than the usual iPod earbuds that (I guess) most of us start with.   It was a nice surprise to listen to music with them at first - going through that process of re-discovering music again - now I can't listen to music on anything less, certainly can't bring myself to listen on the iPod ear-buds again.   I drive these from an Aune MKii which in turn is fed via digital coax from a RealTek 888 running iTunes with lossless AAC or 320kbps MP3 files. I also have occasionally used them with an iPhone 4 and a 4S, both seem to drive them well, though the...
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