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Fun lively headphones, that can sometimes be extremely harsh and sibilant

A Review On: Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

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Pros: Forward lively mids, gives that on stage presentation, Narrow sound stage

Cons: Can sound overly harsh, lacking in bass

I decided to write this review because I have done some research and it turns out there isn't that many reviews on this particular headphone.The majority of the music I listen to is alternative, rock, classic rock, Sinatra mostly mid centric music. Now this was my very first grado headphone that I have ever purchased. Note, if you are looking for a headphone that does great with every genre these grado's are certainly not it. These headphones are meant for a very specific taste/ears they excel with certain genres and lack in others, it is safe to assume that these headphones aren't for everyone.


Pros: I have to say there are some things that the grado's do very well and those are the mids. They sound forward and aggressive sometimes a bit too aggressive and you really feel like the singer is in front of you. Vocals sound clear and so do instruments though there isn't much instrument separation. The sound stage is really narrow which causes everything to sound really close together now depending on who you are you might like or hate this.


Cons: There are a few things that the 325i's don't do as well such as the bass and micro details, and they can suffer from an overly harsh treble. Now I don't mind treble I actually feel like headphones today need more treble the hd-650 comes to mind. But I can say that the grado's took this to an extreme, this isn't a big deal on some recordings but when you hear something that has alot of treble and you are listening at semi to loud volumes the treble can be borderline painful. Grado's I feel encourage listening at loud volumes, because that is when the vocals are perfect, however when you hear the highs you have to immediately turn the volume down, I realized this when I was listening to a few tracks where the treble kicks in a little late into the song. The bass to me is really lacking, it isn't as pronounced as I would like to be. One of the 325i's weaknesses is the micro details, I tested this out by listening to various recordings that feature small little details that in some of the cheaper headphones you don't pick out as easily. I couldn't hear these on the grado's it might be because everything feels so aggressive and overwhelming at times.


Verdict: So are the 325i's for you? Well that depends if you are sensitive to treble I would say don't even consider these. However if you are someone who listens to a lot of rock and roll and you love treble and aren't very sensitive to it then I would recommend these specifically to you. These headphones are geared to the enthusiast who doesn't want anything toned down, basically someone who is looking to get the same sound signature you would get at a rock concert. You won't hear all the little details because it will be extremely loud but you will hear the vocals and mids extremely clear and treble will be just as lively and loud.


I own the 325is and hear the total opposite of what you commented on. I find the 325is to be fine with all genres of music at normal listening levels. I also don't find the bass lacking in any way what so ever, I feel it is exceptionally fast and tight, and also I don't find the highs to be harsh or hurt my ears either. And as far as the midrange goes, I can hear every micro detail perfectly. Also I don't find the soundstage to be as narrow as you are explaining, I find it to be more than sufficient (actually nice). There is a lot of talk about non-consistancey in the higher end Grados where as some people agree with what you are saying and others disagree. I'm not in any way saying that this is not what you are hearing, but I definitely know what I'm hearing from my 325is's, and it is none of what you mentioned above.
How long have you had your 325is's?
What is your power source?
All in all, my 325is's sound exceptional!!! And I'm not saying this because I own them, because if this was the case with my 325is, I wouldn't own them.
Maybe you received a 325is that is not right?
Thanks for the review, Spiderman. At the bottom it says you bought them earlier this month. My experience has been that they take a rather long time to mature, and then they are quite capable in most formats. Please consider updating your review later if you find the same or
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