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Gemini HSR1000 Studio Reference Headphone

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Pros: open, warm sound; quite balanced

Cons: weird issues with too much bass in the left ear in the first few minutes of use; may just be a nuance of my particular product

The Gemini HSR1000 Studio Reference Headphones are my first foray into high-quality sound. They are quite easy to drive; so far I have tried them using my laptop, a desktop computer with a dedicated Creative sound card, my bookshelf stereo, and a portable music player. All gave equally impressive results, though the portable music player was not able to push the volume as high (but high enough for even those who like their music loud). I initially had an odd problem where they was way too much bass in the left ear during about the first half hour of use, but everything seems to have balanced out now (that, or I've gotten used to it). Having been exposed to the headphone's exaggerated bass, I can say that although it is not as noticeable at a lower volume, the bass is quite impactful ("punchy;" I am just now listening to a track with some prominent hits of the bass drum and I can not only hear it, but feel it) and wide-sounding. The mids are clear but not as detailed as I would have liked, and the highs are about the same as the mids with perhaps a little bit more detail.


The overall sound is very open, warm, and full-bodied. The balance is quite good. I can't really say anything about whether or not they should be considered reference headphones as I lack the experience to, but each range of pitches seems to fit into is proper place in volume, power and presentation.


I highly, highly recommend these to anyone seeking a good pair of headphones under $100, especially if they are to be your first taste of audiophile-grade sound.


Pros: value, build quality, neutral, isolation

Cons: tight fit for my big head

I got these off a friend for 40$, they go new for about 60 - 70$. The driver appears to be of Audio Technica origin and the fact it's 53 mm, which makes my guess a lot more likely. Sound-wise it's a bit artificial but expansive sounding for a closed headphone, changing the pads helps make it sound less artificial. Comfort is alright, they're not as heavy as my T50rp II and are a little heavier than my ATH-M35s and they're kind of large but adjust just enough to fit my head, which is subjectively on the larger side. They're very easy to drive with my Schiit Magni, and I notice when I turn the knob past halfway there's a very large amount of noise so I'm assuming that either these headphones have a high noisefloor or they're overly sensitive. They're really loud at 1/3 of the Magni and they've got a flat if not basslight sound which isn't bad but leaves you wanting a bit, if you're me. The cable is coiled like an old fashion telephone and is a bit short and obnoxious, but who really cares at this price. The construction is seemingly solid and some parts are even made of metal. I'd recommend them for anyone looking for a closed headphone under 100$.

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Gemini HSR1000 Studio Reference Headphone

GEMINI STUDIO REFERENCE HEADPHONE (Inv Code: W04) Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar PRO-80) Type: Closed-Back Dynamic Driver Diameter: 53mm Magnet: Neodymium Frequency Response: 15Hz-25kHz Max. Input Power: 1500mW Sensitivity: 101±3dB Impedance: 60Ω Cable: 4mm×1.2m spring cable (full stretch length approx.4m) Adaptor Plug: stereo 3.5mm+6.3mm gold-plated plug Net Weight: 310g

BrandGemini Kaleidoscopes
FeatureGemini HSR-1000 Professional Studio Monitoring Headphones
LabelGemini Industries, Inc.
ManufacturerGemini Industries, Inc.
PublisherGemini Industries, Inc.
StudioGemini Industries, Inc.
TitleGemini HSR1000 Studio Reference Headphone
Item Height0 inches
Item Length0 inches
Item Weight1 pounds
Item Width0 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement747705208279
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Gemini’s HSR-1000 Professional Monitoring Headphones combine exceptionally accurate sound reproduction with total comfort, offering outstanding performance whether you’re mixing in a studio or listening casually in any environment.  Boasting top-tier components that produce pristine, full-range audio, the HSR-1000s represent a new level of sound quality from Gemini headphones.


Large 53mm neodymium drivers deliver high output with low distortion for powerful, articulate sound, even at elevated volumes.  High-quality PET diaphragms also ensure the bass sounds deep and rich, the mids sound lush and vibrant, and the highs sound clear and brilliant.


For extraordinary isolation, these headphones employ a closed-back design, which incorporates double noise rejection technology, so you hear true, immaculate sound, no matter where you’re listening.  This means ambient noise is blocked, so studio engineers and front-of-house technicians can hear a supremely accurate mix without coloration from unwanted sound.  Impeccable isolation also means microphones won’t pick up bleed-through from musicians’ phones during recording sessions.  And of course, DJs can preview and beat match perfectly, even in loud club settings.


Gemini’s HSR-1000 Headphones feature a leather headband and soft earcups to ensure total comfort, especially during periods of extended listening.  Adjustable 15° swing ear brackets also accommodate different head sizes, so you’re guaranteed a snug, secure fit.  Ideal for engineers, audiophiles, DJs and general music lovers, the HSR-1000s provide rich, brilliant audio and unrivaled comfort for a superior listening experience.




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