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Future Sonics Ear Monitors with 13mm MG6pro Dynamic Drivers Reviews

Positive Reviews


FutureSonics MG6 Pro IEM


Pros: Real Sound, Comfort fit, Instant Results

Cons: None

Hi everyone, here's my first (brief) review of the MG6 Pro In-ears by Future Sonics..   First, i'd like to note that Mr. Marty Garcia (CEO FutureSonics) is a complete gentleman, he took time to answer ALL my questions on phone and emails too! That's rare and heart warming.. - a far cry from Sensaphonics where i encountered a completely rude rep, and Ultimate ears that won't answer or reply any calls!   It took less than two weeks to get my custom IEM, everyone i called and spoke with at FutureSonics were polite and helpful; i was surprised at how quick i got my order.   Ok, now to the technical stuff and results; My Custom In-Ears were a perfect fit, i also...
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Negative Reviews


Sadly dissappinting and tragically flawed


Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: 3k-4k boost is harsh, echoey and fatiguing; bloated bass

Future Sonics MG6Pro       Foreword:   If you’ve read any of my previous reviews or impressions, you know I’ve been a fan of dynamic drivers for a long time.  In general, I find them to be more textured in the low end and overall portray a more natural or realistic sound for most instruments.  As of recently I’ve rediscovered a love for the separation, layering and intimacy many great balanced armature designs bring to the table.  Some have believed that hybrid designs could possibly bring out the best of both worlds.  I guess you could say that I’m a believer too, as I am quite fond of the UM Merlin and its musical and engaging presentation; but for anyone that’s a fan of dynamic...
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More Reviews


An Excellent Dynamic Driver Custom In-Ear Monitor with a Natural, Balanced, Smooth Sound.


Pros: Incredibly natural sounding with perfect timbre. Excellent extention, soundstage and overall balance, Real Bass Energy + adjustable quantity, Durable

Cons: Natural, balanced sound may not be for those who prefer a colored or boosted sound, isolation can be good, but with vents open it loses a few decibles

    Synopsis: The Future Sonics MG6Pro Ear Monitor is an excellent sounding custom earphone tuned for a supremely natural sound. The overall sound is very smooth, extended in bass and treble, and very well balanced by the clear midrange. The excellent reproduction of vocal and instrumental timbre, combined with superior soundstage and sense of stereo imagining are also standouts. Using a single dynamic driver which can cover the entire frequency spectrum without the need for crossovers gives the MG6PRO Ear Monitor a coherency which adds to the naturalness of its presentation. The bass deserves special mention for its control and its effortless extension down to the...
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Just received my Future Sonics MG6pro custom earphones


Pros: Bass ( you can hear and feel), sound stage, clearity, fit

Cons: inserting and removing

I just received my FS custom earphones. I have their universals earphones (Atrios) so I was expecting similar but more of all the good stuff (Bass). Well I did get what I expected. More wider hard hitting bass that I can hear and physically feel. I can feel my ears being pounded with clear sub bass. when i remove them it feels as if my ears have to recover from a fist of bass smaking them over and over. The meds and highs are clearer and wider then their universals. These earphones have a warm feel and I can easily make them brighter with my EQ but I like the warm feel to them. I do have some expensive BA earphones which I do like but to get the bass I have to raise the volume higher...
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the mg6pro is awesome


Pros: smooth, natural, cohesive, incredible bass

Cons: possibly could be more detailed [see below]

I've had the mg6pro for 7 days now and I've been in sonic bliss . Kunlun's review, which led me to my decision to get them, is excellent (Very detailed and thoughtful). re: the possible con (for me): i might possibly like a bit more balanced-armature type detail but not the artificial-sounding detail i hear with my Westone 4. Of note, their client services is very responsive, kind, and helpful! Peter  
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