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Transparency, clarity, revealing

A Review On: FitEar TO GO! 334

FitEar TO GO! 334

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Pros: see above

Cons: Large shell, works back out periodically, ummmm.... very *ahem* cost prohibitive

**Fitear To Go 334**


It's very expensive, it doesn't fit the best due to its huge shell, yet I love it all the same. The sound is sublime.


Normally I prefer dynamic IEMs for their weighty low end and texture that most BA earphones can't touch, but the tonal quality, transparency, and high level of detail retrieval bring the Fitear to the top of my list. The openness and clarity are really something else for IEMs. They're *almost* as spacious and enjoyable as my modded T50RP orthos. 


Bass:  Very good depth and texture, having a punchier tautness than most dynamics I've heard, but doesn't quite have that ultimate slam and extension. However one small tick on an EQ or bass adjust nicely adds weight, and even when listening rather spiritedly I've never once heard a driver clipping which has happened with every other BA I've owned.


Midrange:  Stunning, detailed, layered, full and lifelike. I've never heard any earphone (BA or dynamic) with the natural richness these have. I feel this is the biggest strength of the Fitear. 


Treble:  The top end has awesome tactile feel, with cymbals having a true palpability and shimmer. However the utmost extension has been noted by others as not quite the best. Personally I don't find anything at all lacking as all my music collection sounds completely natural with no aspect shorted in the least. I do note that my MK2 GR07s give the impression of a touch more extension and shimmer, but I wonder if it's possibly at the expense of being slightly artificially boosted. Hard to say.


Soundstage:  Or 'headstage' shall we say... It's definitely sizable for an IEM (some owners have said they feel it's bit intimate rather than super-wide). So perhaps not the last word in ultimate width, but I've never heard spatial cues and instrument placement done so well in any IEM. That aspect is quite amazing, and it's far and away more 3D feeling than any other I've heard. 


Overall, these aspects combine to give an earphone which is a marvel of sonic richness and scale. I absolutely love late night listening sessions with these, and I think it'll take a huge leap in earphone tech to overtake them. 


Recently I picked up an ALO silver cable for them second-hand, and am glad I did. To my ears it seems to open up the space a bit more even, and offer a touch more clarity. Very nice addition to the sound....







could you rate it according to the price too and compare to other iems of similar type?
I did give it a 3.5 on value, since it's so pricey. It certainly takes no prizes in value.
Compared to other earphones I have, well, there's no comparison really. The sound is much more headphone-like than any other IEM I have. Spaciousness (by that I mean instrument location within a sense of 3D area), clarity, and tonality are in a whole league above anything else I have, including: MG6Pro customs (the resolution/clarity/space difference to these customs is just laughable), GR07 Mk2 (these give the second most enjoyable listening experience after the TG!334), IE8 (sounds congested, murky, still somewhat wide soundstage but it's very one-dimensional by comparison), etc.... I really don't have very much around still in terms of other IEMs for comparison.
Would you consider auditioning the AKG K3003 and compare it to the FitEar TO GO! 334? I've heard the K3003 and loved it, but would really like to hear the 334 before I pull the trigger. However, there seems to be no way to audition the 334 unless you live in Tokyo, or at least in Japan. Thanks!
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