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Fischer Audio DBA-02 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Fischer Audio DBA 02 Review

  Introduction A warning before we even get to the review. This is kinda lengthy. I'm not sure how it got so long since it is just one product but yeah it is a bit long. Fischer Audio has slowly gained popularity over the last year or so and there was quite a buzz on them but nothing interested me enough to go out and purchase them. That changed when LFF posted a review on the DBA 02 and after some waiting I got them :) Also one thing I don't like is audio jargon but that's inevitable here. I know some of you may be new and don't understand some of the terms so this link should make it easier for you and imo is the best audiophile dictionary I have...
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Negative Reviews


FA and GD need to step the QC and CS UP


Pros: Very good sound and not just for $150. Solid 'deep enough' bass, balanced highs and palletable mids. Slightly different flavour to SM3, but not worse

Cons: Flimsy strain relievers and straight plug, bad QC for FA, long order times and shipping. Potential fit issues. May be a bit too bright for some.

Outstanding earphones (read the pros + nice accessories, although the over-the-ear plastic attachments are fiddly), but: extremely flimsy feel/build around the cables, BAD quality control (several people have problems with one ear being louder than the other...Including me), LONG stock order/shipping times from GD and other places (my pair took a month to arrive in stock and 3 weeks to ship, now 2 weeks back for replacement or refund). FA should scrap some of the dodgy accessories and source a proper 3.5mm plug and some QC people/ a proper QC process. A lot of people in the DBA thread also have fit issues. Some can't get an easy seal. For others, the angled nozzle pushes into the wall...
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DBA-02 / Brainwavz B2 review


Pros: good sound quality for its value

Cons: not so balanced frequency response

My TF10 got broken these days, so I order this IEM, wondering how it sounds.   personally I like how TF10 performs with a silver plated copper wire plugged, and I will reference this new IEM with my previous beloved TF10.`   first of all, TF10 is a more balanced product from the beginning, with a natural sounding and better low frequency control, the DBA-02 somehow put more emphasis on the mid-high range and its weird in my opinion since Fischer Audio is not Audio Technica (  XD ) .    I've been troubled for DBA-02's response behavior for nearly a week, my solution is either buy a high impedance cable or using EQ control if you want to make your...
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One of the best IEMs in the 150 price range hands down....

A portable DT880


Pros: Ridiculous price value, fantastic treble, mids, and acceptable bass for an armature

Cons: Wire and construction are average

For $150 one has the prerogative to purchase a literally portable DT880.   They sound eerily similar and just the DT880 only being a hair better.   The DBA's have fantastic treble with the mids barely straying away from neutral. Bass extends well but of course is tight as a typical armature drive.   Not for bassheads and highly recommended.

Fischer DBA-02


Pros: Very transparent - hear the music, not the IEM. Excellent combination of clarity, detail and balanced SQ

Cons: Could use a tiny bit more bass on some tracks.

I am extremely pleased with the Fischer DBA-02's. Their superior SQ right out of the box made them my "go to" IEM for everything.   They seem to have no coloration at all. The music feels completely natural, clear, and full; musical, fun and detailed at the same time. I can hear every component that is creating the music, or just enjoy the total experience.   I have no problems with harsh treble or sibilance, and the bass seems to be just what the recording mix intended. Yeah, I wouldn't mind a few dB more sometimes, but many tracks seem delightfully "bass rich" while still balanced.   They are very comfortable for me and fit with deep insertion. The housings stick almost...
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