FiiO X5 High-res Portable Music Player Reviews

Positive Reviews


Fiio X5 – Potential To Be Best In Class


Pros: Sound quality, build, usability, interface, output power, versatility, boot speed

Cons: UI features not yet complete (gapless, hierarchical menus artist/album/track), scroll wheel a little loose, SD slot caps difficult to remove. -FW 1.00

X5 - Strength and Beauty The Fiio X5   INTRODUCTION My audio chain has actually been pretty stable of late, my last addition being the Studio V3 Anniversary (DAP) and Dunu DN-1000s.  With the addition of the Studio V3, I had pretty much solved the one missing component – a decent DAP for my requirements.  I watched the progress with other “audiophile” high-res players being released (DX100, DX50, AK100 & 120, X3 and others), but beyond mild curiosity, I wasn’t overly tempted to go beyond what I currently have.  Then Fiio advertised that they were looking for reviewers for a World tour for the X5 – and with the hype building I put...
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Negative Reviews


Fiio X5


Pros: sounds great, when it isn't cooking itself

Cons: had 2 units overheat

Bought my Fiio X5 and it worked great for a few months, then one day, it got very hot ! so I sent it back for a warranty replacement, and it worked great until for just over a year, and now the replacement has done the same thing, will not power up, plugging in the charge cable, the charge light stays green, and the unit gets hot, so since it is out of warranty, I popped the back off, and checked out the battery, it isn't the battery that gets hot, but the circuits under the battery ! I won't be buying another Fiio player  I used it 5 days a week at work, so maybe I just used it too much. Also had the problem with both of them not connecting to my pc, plugging in the supplied cord...
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The X5 rocks!


Pros: Top grade sound, powerful quality internal amp, superb micro-detail, great value, ability to obtain full quality sound in a compact package

Cons: No removable battery for easy charging or continuous use, adequate only battery life, difficult to get back to now playing screen to regain fw/bk cont

    Disclaimer:   This is not my personal DAP, as part of the X5 Preview tour, I only had the chance to evaluate the unit for 10 days to form my opinion. As a preview model, there may be material differences compared to the commercial version - especially in the firmware. The following review is based on my personal needs and tastes using equipment that I personally own unless otherwise noted.   Pros: Top grade sound, powerful quality internal amp, superb micro-detail, great value, ability to obtain full quality sound in a compact package without the inconvenience of an external amp. Cons: No removable battery for easy charging or continuous use,...
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The Long-Awaited Usurper - A Review of the FiiO X5 Classic


Pros: Sings like a champion. Handles like a schizophrenic gimp. Stole the physique of Vin Diesel.

Cons: Scroll wheel, even on late models, is rather finicky. (not to be found in the body of the review... just 'cause)

I’ve had my eyes peeled for a staunch enough system to replace my GalaxyS4>UAPP>OTG>Dragonfly1.2 mobile setup. While this package sounds amazing, it’s cumbersome and time-consuming to connect and get running. I have all my adapters and cables, along with the Dragonfly itself, in a leather pencil roll. To set it all up I must unroll the bundle, take the Dragonfly out of its sheath, remove the cap, pull out the cable I need for going mobile, connect everything, load up USB Audio Player Pro, and select an album to play. Oh, and headphones, of course. Gotta have that. All this can be accomplished in less than a minute. But in the doing, that time takes on a brutish quality. It’s a lot...
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Fiio X5: Top-tier Sound for the Rest of Us


Pros: Sound Quality, Looks, Price/Value, Storage, Versatility

Cons: UI, Wheel

The X5 from Fiio. Where to begin...   Perhaps I'll start with dual-CPU processing power... or maybe the dual TF card slots... or perhaps USB DAC functionality... then again how about the exceptionally black background...   So many options. You know what? I'll make your life easier. Since every other review is pretty dang thorough, I'll just include the highlights and then my personal impressions.   The Hits  Support for every lossless format under the Sun USB DAC capability Two TF-card slots (up to 256 GB!) Exceptional firmware/UI development that continues to improve   The Misses The click wheel implementation Non-removable battery   My...
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The FiiO X5 is a good value DAP if your needs aren't great and can be readily used as a transport or source.


Pros: Inexpensive, great battery life, good with most IEMs. Can be used as a transport or with a separate amp for good results. Dual microSD card storage.

Cons: Poor performance with full-sized headphones and needs a separate amp to work best with those. No touch-screen UI.

Thanks to FiiO for the loaner unit.   If there is a brand other than Apple that is more well-known at Head-Fi than FiiO I’d be very surprised.  A number of their products have become pretty much standard entry-level recommendations and their flagship amp, the E12 is a mere $129! However portable amps have been rapidly going out of fashion with the increasing number of DAPs, or Digital Audio Players on the market, itself a consequence of the increasing number of Android-based phones available, including inexpensive models in China, which in turn have provided much needed components to manufacturers of portable audio gear.   While not Android-based DAPs in themselves,...
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Okay, but Disappointing Overall


Pros: Great instrument separation, simple GUI, dual microSD cards, fast music library update, library and file directory browsing

Cons: Fatiguing for me, hallway-like soundstage, coloured sound, cluncky UI, large size, protective relay, crashes, really slow battery charging

This review is based on a touring X5 unit and I do not personally own the X5. I need to give FiiO a big, big thank you for letting me be a part of this tour.Since Head-Fi's detail section does not represent the scores of the reviewer, but rather the community average, here are my scores based on the 10 days that I actively used the unit (2014/02/10 - 2014/02/19):Value: 4/5Audio Quality: 3/5Design: 3/5Battery Life: 3.5/5User Interface: 2.5/5Overall Rating: 3.2/5Now let's get into the details of these details.ValueAt $350 USD, this device offers a lot for the price. What's a lot?Here's what's in the package:Hard storage boxX5 unit with screen protector pre-installedSoft silicone...
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If you ask them it will come.


Pros: Great sound, build, features. high resolution, strong imaging, black background, dual card slots

Cons: Click wheel durability? Lock screen options need improvement. Still a little off neutral (for my preferences)

Firstly, I'd like to say special thanks to James from FiiO and Joe for offering us a wonderful tour on their new FiiO X5 unit. It's not everyday we get to sample a new product before release, this has been a wonderful opportunity not only to give members a grasp on the player though also examine whether the unit might be for myself as a keeper or future purchase. I will try to write as even review as possible. The FiiO X5 unit I have with me is a loaner unit for 10 days to assess my likes and dislikes. I received the X5 unit on the 25th of February 2014. Firmware version: FW1.10 My past history with FiiO being I haven't been particular ...
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Fiio X5 Digital Audio Player - A new star is born


Pros: Outstanding build (body/case), easily navigable interface, loads of extra goodies and last but not least fantastic sound reproduction

Cons: UI - Weak library scanning and narrow tagging hierarchy, flimsy rubber TF covers and thin easily scratchable rubber painted wheel

X5 Review by musicheaven   Before I start, I would like to make a few points clear so no one will be misled about if I own one or got one as a review sample: 1. The X5 was loaned to me for 10 days by FiiO which was to be returned once the evaluation is done or 10 days have elapsed whichever came first. 2. I'm in no way affiliated with FiiO in any shape or form. 3. I can’t thank Joe and James enough for what they have done, if a vendor knows what personal touch means those two guys truly know. If there is a model other vendors should copy, I suggest they look at FiiO’s.   There is something else that I want to express: my gratitude to Jude and the site admins...
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Great 4 modding


Pros: Modifiable User interface

Cons: EQ, library navigation,

    Theme in video       This is an updated video review and it is highly suggested you try and enjoy the multiple custom options this device offers.       I cannot and did not use the default theme as i have never seen it. That's how easy it is to customize this device or use another persons theme.   If you have not updated to FW 2.5 it is strongly advised.            

Review: Fiio's X5 Pays A Visit To Saigon


Pros: Made for great recordings, built like a tank, easy to use

Cons: May be a bit heavy for some users, scroll wheel not as durable as rest of player

The Fiio X5 Pays A Visit To Saigon   I first want to thank James at Fiio and everyone else involved in setting this tour up (especially Joe Bloggs) – it was way cool of you guys to let us have a crack at the X5 before its release and much more satisfying to be a participant as opposed to a spectator, which was always the case in the past for this guy….     Where I’m Coming From   So I’ve been into this hobby for a couple of years now and started out buying a used Cowon J3 in the for sale threads after having an ipod 5.5 and and 4th generation ipod touch. I like the J3 quite a bit because of its battery life, decent though unspectacular sound quality, and...
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Fiio X5; Other DAP makers are in for a rude awakening.


Pros: Sublime micro-detailing, smooth sound without being rolled off or overly smooth, wonderful mid-range. Natural, organic sound, good build quality.

Cons: Scroll button can be jittery causing you to select the wrong options or songs, the covers for the micro SD slots are cumbersome and look frail.

Intro:   To start off, I'd like to thank Joe for giving me an opportunity to demo this unit. I'd also like to thank James for being so active in the community and really taking our fellow headfier's feedback into consideration. This is a first to my knowledge, and really goes to show how much they care :).   I received the X5 on the 17th and of course was skeptical regarding the design and sound quality. To be honest I wasn't really expecting much. Not that I was going into the demo biased. Just wasn't expecting it to be so good :). I first used the unit with the Flat 4 Suis and that was "the pairing" for me. These two are just made to go together IMO. Extremely musical,...
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