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A Review On: FiiO E9 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Dock for E7 USB DAC

FiiO E9 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and Dock for E7 USB DAC

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Pros: Powerful, clean output with slight warmth, small footprint, value for money, drives most headphones, nice connectability with E7

Cons: Limited Line In Options

I originally purchased the E7 - mainly as a portable dac/amp, but as time progressed, I wanted to use it mainly for my desktop (bypassing the onboard), and needed a more powerful amp as I progressed to upgrade my cans.


The obvious choice was to use the E9, and pair it with the E7.






Technical Specs

From Fiio's packaging / website

  • Output power : 1W (16ohm loaded), 80mW (600 ohm loaded)
  • Headphone impedance range : 16 ohm to 600 ohm
  • SNR (line in) : ≥100dB (A weight)
  • Distortion (line in) : <0.003% (100mW)
  • Frequency response : 10Hz ~100KHz
  • Fixed line out 2V rms
  • Adjustable out : 0-2V rms
  • Power supply: DC15V / 1.5A
  • Size : 149mm x 96mm x 56mm
  • Weight : 445g


Build Quality

The E9 is built really well, and a lot of attention appears to have been paid to get it looking really nice.  The E9 has a brushed aluminium chassis, a front face plate featuring dual inputs (3.5mm and 6.35mm) +   power on LED and a very smooth volume potentiometer.




The top of the chassis has a dock for the E7 - and will also be able to be used for future Fiio products such as the E17 dac/amp and also their new DAP.


The rear plate has a power in plug (for the included plug), USB input (16bit/44.1 for using with the E7 docked into the E9), a hi/lo gain switch, dual fixed volume line-out RCA plugs, a variable 3.5mm line out, and a 3.5mm line in.






The overall build quality IMO is very good.  No rough edges, everything fits perfectly, and the exterior design looks very classy.


Performance / My Thoughts


Although so far I haven't had any really hard to drive cans, the E7/E9 combination has been very good.  It imparts a very small amount of warmth - which goes nicely with my Alessandros and Beyers (DT880 250 ohm).  Overall though the E9 is very neutral, and appears to be extremely powerful.  It is able to drive the Beyers very easily with the pot only just getting to between 9-10 o'clock (or about 25% of the available travel)


Even at high volumes the E9 has been noiseless on my set-up.  No signs of hissing.  I have only been using the 6.35mm headphone plug & to be honest I just could not imagine using IEMs with this amp - it's not what it was designed for.


I have my powered speakers plugged int o the fixed line-out RCAs and it is a really nice set-up.  As soon as a headphone is plugged, the speakers are bypassed.  I have also tried my iPod via LOD to the rear 3.5mm input, and this set-up also works flawlessly.






As a value for money desktop headphone amp - especially as an entry level - the Fiio E9 is very, very hard to beat.  Sleek footprint, solid build, great sounding, and very reasonably priced.  Fiio has a winner on their hands.  This combined with the E17 (to be released) will be a very formidable entry level package.


Great review. Since you have both the E7/E9 combo, maybe you can answer a question for me. I've read the manuals on the Fiio site and it's unclear whether the E7 imparts any of it's features (ie DAC, EQ, boost, etc.) to the sound coming out of the E9. Does it just sit on top and look pretty while it is recharging, or does it actually do more? I'm holding out for the E17, but may get a different (M-stage) amp if the two Fiio products don't work in conjunction with one another. Thanks again!
Had both (since moved to an NFB-12) - but I can still answer your question :)
When docked - the E7 acts as a DAC. Audio signal runs digitally via USB to the E7 DAC, then is amped by the E9. No other features of the E7 are used while docked - just the DAC. It is a good entry levek set-up.