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Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier Reviews


Not bad for the size


Pros: Portable, works, and is actually usable

Cons: Feels cheap, EQ1 is unusable

I used this with my Beyerdynamic 860 and Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10.  It works and does a great job for most music giving it a more full range of sound.  I have tried it in my PC headphone out and mainly with my T989 Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as on an iPhone.  Depending on the quality and type of music you will want to use EQ2, EQ3 or no EQ.  EQ1 is a joke but the others have given much to the range of sound any device puts out not to mention it makes it significantly louder.  For $25 I cannot complain, doesn't do as well as when I listen through my AVR525 but it is portable, cheap, and rechargeable.  

Great Amplifier for on the go.


Pros: Portable, Detailed sound, can drive speakers!

Cons: Plastic, EQ1 is horrible.

Kind of an interesting story. I was stuck with a bootstrap configuration in order to record a quick jam session and after we finished we wanted to hear it back. However, all I had was a pair of headphones and this amp and the mac's speakers are just horrid. Luckily we got some older computer speakers from my friends office, although it was missing the power supply. Amazingly, after plugging them into this amplifier, I could get it loud enough so we could hear. Anyways, It's a neat little amp and comes close to out perform my modded RCA amplifier. It's saved me more often in situations were more volume or clarity is needed, and is well worth the $20. However, it can't drive 250Ohm 770...
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Nice pretty little amp


Pros: good sound, small size, long battery life, nice design, good EQ

Cons: maybe it would be better in metal

Nice successor of famous Fiio E5. Totally redesigned. Now it's all plastic, but weight reduced about 2 times. And it doesn't looking like iPod Shuffle now.  Also now it have more flexible EQ, able not only boost bass, but do more work.   Combinig with steal-like price and nice overall design - it still have outstanding sound, as E5 does. So it's really worth buying option.    

Average but value piece of amp


Pros: Great value for money

Cons: Lacks a lot of detail found in higher end amps(E11). EQ1 muddies sound.

Like ^ I bought the E6 amp on a whim to try out, it kinda came in a bundle with the Feels Pro 900 and Hippo Boom from Jaben. To tell the truth, the bundled in-ears did not synergise with the amp at all, details were lacking and the sound was pretty muddy to me even when i set it flat. It does better with headphones of course and is able to make my m50's sound better. It made the soundstage more natural and wider than that of my Iphone(duh anythings better than that :3).   However it is not as detailed as the E11 which I bought before the E6. Also, while the EQ2 options and EQ3 are pretty nice EQ functions of the amp, EQ1 itself was down right terrible, it was muddy and any...
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Great little amp!


Pros: Best value for the money I've ever seen in audio

Cons: Doesn't make me coffee

Well I bought the E6 on a whim and it just arrived today. I'm impressed. It's definitely better than the E7 with an iPhone LOD and Triple Fi's. The soundstage feels a lot more natural - it's definitely easier to picture the instrument placement in your head while also feeling a little more spacious. The bass is a lot more tight and defined (I use EQ2 to counteract the Triple Fi's drop in bass, and Level 2 on the E7). The E6 also wins in the treble department, where it's clearer and more detailed. I really can't find a single downside to it vs the E7, except for maybe that it loses a bit of warmth (if that's your thing) and that it doesn't have a DAC. It's really an amazing value for $20,...
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