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powerful thing at a attractive price and value

A Review On: Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: powerful enough for most headphones, clear enough for casual listeners

Cons: creates some static but should be noticable on sensitive IEM's, case could be better


the sound quality was without fault that i could find. to my ear it improved the soundstage by a bit, improved the clarity by a bit and improved the power by alot. in conjunction with the L9 and an ipod nano 6g i absolutely love how it sounds. i am a basshead so naturally i searched for a way to upload a custom eq to my ipod so don't really use the amp eq but my favorite eq on the amp would be the blue as it adds bass without distorting it. the red eq i found to be muddy and i did not like it very much at all. that said if you use it with an ipod i think that the eq isn't worth much noting. it is however great for bassheads because the increased power is just what my ears had been wanting to feel, in addition to hearing!



i think that although it seems to have a good build quality that there are a few design things that could be improved. to start i wish it had a casing similar to that of the e5 but with the sound of the e6, in a nutshell put the guts of the e6 in the body of an e5 and clean up the side buttons a bit and you're good to go. one thing i do like, however is that this thing is weightless! the casing is clean but i dislike the chrome paint on the corner. if you want it to look like metal, make out of metal, that is all. 


Value/reccomendability (I think i invented a word there)

i believe that this is a great value, it increases the power of headphones and the clarity by what i hear as a decent amount. as for the reccomendability i have already reccomended it to one person, who has bought it and i will be showing it to a freind who recently bought beats pro. to clarify, he did not pay full price for them, he paid $150 for them used from a freind, which even i see as worth the money, although i do not agree with the media attention these overpriced headphones recieve.


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