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FiiO E11 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Makes poor sources/headphones sound spectacular!


Pros: Powerful clean audio with good portability and build quality

Cons: Takes quite a while to charge (3+hrs) and can’t be used while charging. If you have a decent portable player, you may not notice an improvement.

Overview/Design (9/10) This is primarily designed to amplify sound out of mobile devices that do not get loud enough for you, either because they are low quality, your headphones are not sensitive enough, or you’re going deft :). As a bonus, it has a built in bass boost with 3 settings (off, 1, 2). It also has a good quality easily replaceable Lithium Ion battery (BL-5B), and comes with the mini USB charging cable and 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable. Also in the box are two silicone bands of different sizes to attach the unit to the back of your mobile device. The unit has 2 LED lights, a blue one that comes on when powered, and a red one for charging. The power switch is built...
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Negative Reviews


Great amplification, but power management lets it down


Pros: Sound

Cons: Battery/power management, unable to use whilst charging

This ticks so many boxes, with high quality amplification able to drive difficult loads,(it smooths out the low end in my Audio-Technica ATH-M30s enough to make them listenable), great size and weight, excellent volume control, and hardware switches for bass boost (it doesn't need it, but it is there) and output gain. But there are a few design features that make it a deal breaker for me: I have one, like to listen through it, but rarely do because:   The unit cannot run whilst charging through the 5V USB port. So if you aren't charged and ready then you 'aint using this baby. I know it is likely to improve battery life, but major problem for me. The unit drains considerable...
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More Reviews


Fiio e11 can it hang with the big boys?


Pros: Powerful and slimm

Cons: Volume knob

  There has been a lot of talk lately about affordable portable amps. Coming from using high end portable amps in the past I was quite skeptical. I thought that there is no way a sub 200.00 amp could compete with RSA and Headamp. I had the same mentality towards portable amps as I did towards customs. I guess I thought that if you could not afford the big boys then you really did not need an amp. I have seen so much change in the portable music industry in the last six years I have been a member here. Amps and customs were for the elite audiophile and that justified their price.If you wanted to Join the club you had to pay.   Let me give you a little of my background...
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Great Budget Portable


Pros: Light, Powerful, great battery life, smooth volume knob

Cons: bass boost level two muddies up the sound, cheap feel

So this is my first portable amp that I have purchased. Prior to this I have used my receiver headphone out, outs from too many mixing consoles to name and my portable champ my iphone. Needless to say that the iphone is the worst out of all that I have used, sounds like booty to honest. First Impression (looks): The amp is tiny. It fits with room to spare in the palm of my hand. The amp has a matte finish from which fingerprints will be attracted to in disgusting ways. The two click buttons that are on there (EQ aka bass and Hi/Lo settings) feel a little cheap. I was actually afraid that I was going to scratch the plastic finish as I have to use my nails to switch anything because...
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What a difference!


Pros: Lovely smooth sound for hardly any money. (£40)

Cons: Volume knob isn't properly fixed to the potentiometer spindle; it has a little bit of "give".

    Well, "impressive" doesn't even come close...     I have a Sony NWZ-X1050 which sounds awesome through my car stereo, my home stereo and, of course, the noise-cancelling earbuds that came with it. The problem is that I don't like earbuds.     The only pair of working 'phones in the house at the moment is a pair of Sennheiser PX200 cans. These are renowned for having very little deep bass and, because they're so small, the isolation is practically non-existent.     Not any more! I amped them through the E11 and now, not only are they loud enough to drown out any extraneous external noise, but they actually have whump and...
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Great entry level product.


Pros: Plug and play, switchable gain, switchable bass boost.

Cons: no adjustable bass boost (just 3 settings) Distorts with bass boost set high at high volumes. A little pricy for quality next to a CMoy.

The FiiO E11 is my first professional headphone amplifier and I have to say it was rather unexceptional.   First Impression/ measurements:   The first out of the box impression was incredible. Nice matte black plastic leading to a metal like edge with a notch for the volume nob (very intuitive) I accidentally dropped it taking it out of the box but nothing broke and after further inspection it is really very sturdy.   I opened it up and looked inside to see if I could see any hardware. I was greeted by a battery and some concealing plastic unfortunately but I'm certain I could find what they used on their site. I replaced the backing and turned it on.  ...
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Mark K

Great sound good value


Pros: Subtle and detailed sounds, great price

Cons: build quality

This is my very first portalble amp, ever after my purchase of the great TDK ST-800. Results are surprisingly good and capable of driving my older Sennheiser HD overheads and the newer ST800 Too bad the left channel died quickly. The first solution was to change to a newer DIY silvery cable. However, the second came too soon and could not be saved with two more cables.

Do you lust for BASS?



Cons: Need additional equalizer options and a robust finish like the E17

Hello Bass Heads,   I use my V-Moda Crossfade LP and V-Moda Remix remote with my iPhone. They sounded decent.    Got the FiiO E11 shipped today. Works like charm. Crisp n clean sound.   GODDDDD!!! Even the crappiest tracks(the ones I usually skip) in my playlist sound AWESOME!!   The FiiO E11 makes your BASS headphones sound EXCEPTIONAL.   

FiiO E11


Pros: durable, small

Cons: white noise, feedback

Audio Quality-some white noise. Feedback when strapped to iPhone. Quality-Very durable and small. Design-You cannot use it while charging. It also is easy to bump the volume know when in your pocket. It came with a dented battery cover. It wouldn't quite close. FiiO sent me a new battery cover, no questions asked. They also gave me a free FiiO t-shirt. Very satisfied.
Lifted Andreas

Probably the best budget audio amp out there!


Pros: Adds a great body and HiFi feel to the sound. Light and portable. Great soundstage and stereo separation. Bass adjuster.

Cons: Poor battery life. Plastic construction feels cheap. Dock cables are a tad expensive.

Great amp for the money, in my view best FiiO has done. This is my first amp and really I'm quite shocked at how much the sound quality can improve by just carrying one extra little box. Battery life and construction could have been improved, but of course that in turn would have added more weight. I'm sure I will try the E17 in the future, but for now E11 is amazing and fits my needs perfectly. I'm actually considering buying another one for backup, they are on offer at an amazing price at the moment on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006KORF26/ref=gno_cart_title_1

Fiio E11 Review

Sound: They expanded the soundstage a noticeable amount as well as instrument separation between the 2 channels. However, at first listen on the standard music app, i found the vocals to be a little muddy or low end heavy. Not enough treble to bring out the details of the instruments or the singer's voice. So I tried using it in conjunction with the EQu app and to my surprise i found it worked alot better. I increased the treble to bring out the details better but with that brought less bass than i really wanted. So I put the amp on bass boost 2 and high gain and now they have a pretty solid impact in the bass without losing the detail of the treble. Now the only thing that would make...
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Great budget option for non-sensitive earphones


Pros: Great price, good sound, gain and "EQ" switches

Cons: Sum hiss/hum audible on highly sensitive IEMs

Full review: http://passionforsound.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/fiio-e11-portable-headphone-amplifier/   Great, budget portable amplifier. Compact, light and powerful with a good, slightly warm sound. Creates a hum through my Shure SE535 LEs, but great with all my other portables.   I fully recommend the E11 to anyone looking for a quality entry-point amplifier!
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