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FiiO E10 Reviews

Positive Reviews


nice little Swiss Knife


Pros: Great Sound, Small, Practical (USB powered), 2 analogue outputs (one fixed), Digital Coaxial SPDIF Output.

Cons: Usb connection is a Mini USB.

I am using this little dealie for 3 months now. On my laptop I use it with a pair of Sony Headphones (MDR-MA300, nothing special) and this sounds way, way more open, dynamical and more powerful than through the laptop's own minijack. The USB connection should have been a USB B instead of a mini USB IMHO, this should make a cable upgrade a little easier. A nice extra - I found out later - is the Digital Coaxial RCA SPDIF Output. I use the E10 as a USB - SPDIF converter now too.   Very handy to record internet streams! I do this as follows: Play a stream on laptop 1 -> Convert from USB to SPDIF with Fiio E10 -> Convert from SPDIF to Analogue with a Cambridge 740C CD...
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Negative Reviews


What a disappointment!


Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Overly dark sound, bass boost affects lower mids

Got this for a friend off the FS forum, but decided to use it myself for a few days. This was supposed to be the uDAC killer? Really?   My unit (first edition) is presented well and looks to be built all right, though there have already been three revisions and reports of numerous problems with the jack on the forums. So it gets 3 stars there from me.   Clarity is the main issue for the Fiio E10. The upper bass is boosted a little, and the mids around 2500hz are recessed a little. This is enough to create a veil on most of my non-bright headphones. It does tame a Grado very well, however, and the E10 is a nice match for it. It sounds okay until you hear the competition...
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More Reviews


This is a great place to start. I love this little guy.


Pros: Compact, Inexpensive, useful Connections, has a personality

Cons: Not the most powerful, not the end-all solution.

If you don't have a DAC or Amp, this is a great place to start. I started off my over-ear audio journey with the Sennheiser G4me Zero (150 ohm) I immediately realized by immense lack of bass that they were not being driven correctly. Being the jobless scrub that I was, the only thing I could justify price-wise was this little Fiio E10 I found on Ebay. I do not regret it one bit, and I still use it every day.   Sound and such:   The product is straight forward with a slight twist. This is better than most* onboard audio in quality terms, and stronger in power terms too. The most noticeable result it that you will likely get a bit more extension, and some bass in less...
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Pretty good entrance into the Hi-Fi world


Pros: Sound quality - Small size - Amp/DAC - Durable - Practical - Can drive most low-end and mid-end headphones

Cons: Very bright front LED - Gain switch gets loose with little use - Some hiss when turning the volume knob

I'm a music lover and also quite new to the Hi-FI world, and haven't really tried higher end DACs/Amps, although I've been using the FiiO E10 long enough to have an idea of what it is capable of.   Starting with the first impressions:   This is a pretty small and light Amp/DAC, even lighter than you might think. The first time I held it, I was kind of surprised how light it was, thinking it wouldn't be able to make much difference on the sound produced by my headphones and laptop.     Build:   It is quite well built. I wouldn't say it is an impressive build quality, but it does feel solid and nice with its aluminum outer casing and rubbery feet.  ...
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Crisp and Clear


Pros: crisp and clear sound, warming bass boost, nice build, great price

Cons: none

I bought the FiiO E10 Olympus to pair with my Sennheiser HD 280 Pros for music production work (primarily classical music). The 280s have a sufficiently neutral response to make them useful for monitoring purposes and testing mixes on balanced 'phones. The rig they were connected to had a terrible Realtek chip inside it which was doing disastrous things to the audio channel. The FiiO E10 has rescued me from that at a very decent price. Individual instruments and tracks now leap out clearly, as does the fine detail in the recordings - the sound of a bow stroke, the little "ripple" as a trombonist hits their first note, and so on.   The FiiO sounds pretty neutral to me paired with...
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Pretty good


Pros: Good sound quality

Cons: High latency

Edit: Said it faded from left to right in my review a few months ago. Yeah.. That was actually my amp. The Fiio is alright The latency sucks a bit..

A good entry level portable DAC/amp


Pros: Very well made, well designed, small, light, portable, easy to use, goes loud.

Cons: Sound quality

I've been using one of these in the office for a while now with various headphones and IEMs. It's kinda difficult to assess something like this because it costs under $100 and comparing it to other equipment I own, some of which is several times the price, seems unfair. First of all the build. It seems very well made for the price. Nice solid metal chassis. A good smooth volume knob and the jacks all seem secure. It's also very light and very small, which I like. Perfect for carrying around with a netbook or something. But the sound. This is the big negative. Going from the E7 to E10 as a DAC/amp combo I immediately noticed the E10 was less muddy sounding, with less emphasis on the bass...
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Don't really like


Pros: see review

Cons: see review

I don't really like this. My impressions of it have been like a roller coaster. First it sounded good, then just ok, then terrible and back and forth. It will sound good on some headphones, but then on other ones it will sound like garbage. I don't want a DAC or AMP like that really.   If you don't agree with my impressions, then that is OK. These are just my opinions and how I heard it.   These are for straight out of the DAC:   My impression of it is that it makes the lower mids of my headphones (sound) much too forward. My DJ100 magically sounds as if it has even more fatiguing mids. The DJ100 should never sound this way. It's not that bad. Then the bass is...
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Very nice entry level DAC/Amp


Pros: Sound, Bass Boost, USB Power/Connect, Gain Switch

Cons: No Optical, No 1/4" Jack

For the price of this thing, you definitely can't go wrong.  It has a very nice Wolfson WM8741 chip in it and immediately you will find out what you have been missing in your music/gaming.  It brings everything to crisp pure life and detail.  I found it can even drive some hard to drive headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT series in the 250 Ohm area very well.  The bass boost on it is very nice.  The only thing I miss is a 1/4" jack and an optical connection.  But for the price, you can't go wrong with this thing.  You can hook up an external amp to it to get even better power.  It has a Low/High gain switch on it as well.  Many people say...
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Under $100 jewel!


Pros: Black background, nice separation, nice bass boost, nice vocals, sparkly treble

Cons: The treble is rather too sparkly at times.

Much much much better than my onboard sound-card. Clean, black background, nice bass, nice vocals, nice treble if tad bright, nice separation, nice soundstage, nice bass boost. Everything is very nice, and at price only $80!!!!   And the features too! You got bass boost (as I already said before), gain switch, line out, coaxial out, and usb powered, and VERY TINY.

german user review

http://apple-gadgets.de/fiio-e10/     Fiio E10 – Audioupgrade für den Mac Wer bereits einmal teuere Kopfhörer oder auch Lautsprecher gekauft hat, kennt das Problem bestimmt: Man packt den neuen Schatz voller Vorfreude aus, schließt ihn an und ist enttäuscht. Zu leise, rauscht und ist irgendwie platt. Nun bereut man den Kauf. Doch meist liegt das Problem gar nicht am Kopfhörer oder den Lautsprechern. Oft ist der Zuspieler einfach nicht gut genug für hochwertige Ausgabegeräte. Im Falle vom Mac bzw. PC als Zuspieler kann diese Situation mit einem neuen Audiointerface und einem Kopfhörerverstärker verbessert werden. Genau hier kommt...
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