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Etymotic MC5 Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: flat, analytical

Cons: comfort? YMMV

Sound comparison to the hf5: Slight increase in bass (may be due to the dynamic driver moving air). Drum kicks and low bass feel more realistic on the mc5, however the bass is of higher quality on the hf5. It's a good compliment if you love Ety's sound with a bit more kick in the bass. And it responds to equalization much much better than the hf5, I could turn this into booming bass monsters with a degree of clarity being remained. Lovely. Lastly the treble isn't as bright and rolls off earlier than the hf5, this could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want. The mc5 while being a lower model above has some advantages due to its dynamic driver, but in terms of...
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Negative Reviews


Lifeless sound


Pros: Fantastic build quality, lots of accessories, good isolation

Cons: Sounds like cold pasta, difficult to fit, very long housing, stock foam tips fell apart

Audio Quality: 1/10   These sound much worse than my cheap Sennheiser cx300s. They manage to suck all life and energy out of any track I listen to. I actually enjoy an analytical and neutral sound signature. These however don't have the detail or sparkle to make up for it's lame frequency response. They just sound thin, small, and dull. There is no fun to be had in the low end. It's there, but it will not make you bob your head or shake your tail feather. With super cheap IEMs, you at least usually get some silly fun bass for amusement. Sadly, these IEMs will just make you enjoy your music less.   The mids are the focus of these IEMs, and unfortunately, they also suck....
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More Reviews


Durable Dynamic Value


Pros: Isolation, Clarity, Cable, Durability

Cons: Very Deep Insertion, J-Connector Jack

Etymotic Mc5 vs. Etymotic Hf5   Both are are very ‘true to the ear’ as Etymotic would say... both have amazing tri-flange eartips for superb noise isolation, best in the business actually... and both led me to feel that clarity was an essential part of my music, perhaps even more so than dynamic bass and shiny treble... but in the end, well, lets just save it for the end, shall we? Mc5 Fullness of vocals, more bass quantity, slightly recessed. Better construction of the housing Memory free cable is just that... Memory free More difficult to fit. Hf5 Great bass extension. Bright treble, a pleasant shimmer on cymbal crashes Articulation of stringed instruments Smaller housing is comfortable...
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Analytical sound for the price.


Pros: Neutral, Analytical, Isolation, Build quality

Cons: Comfort

I've purchased my MC5's from Ebay around a year ago (If I remember correctly.)   Since then I've kept them as a backup IEM whenever my main IEM would break on me.   The build quality on these are just fantastic, I've tried recabling one before but I broke one of the drivers on it because my soldering iron was too hot. But yeah, the build quality is really good, the cable is of average thickness however it is strong. The metal housings are quite strong aswell, the thickness of the housing is big (1mm if I remember correctly) The plastic on the housing is decent, however on my pair a very small piece of the plastic on the corner where it connects to the metal broke...
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Going to get the point and keep this simple


Pros: Great isolation

Cons: Over Priced

These are pretty good IEMs for the average consumer who wants relatively good sound reproduction.  This is the first etymotic product I have owned, and overall I feel that they have fantastic isolation and pretty accurate sound reproduction.  They are not bass heavy, so if you are looking for something such as that, do not purchase these!  The whole advertising for these is kind of gimmicky stating, "The MC5 features 3 band equalized audio performance for the world’s most accurate noise-isolating earphone."  Haha this is no where close to being true, but for other higher-end models of Ety IEMs this could be the case.  ...
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Analytical for Beginners?


Pros: Packaging, price, durability(?), detail, efficiency, carrying case...

Cons: Cable (feels stringy and tangles easily), fit/comfort (deep insert and difficult seal), very picky about tips, definately not for basshead

(Bear with me, this is my very first review...)   Included in package: Triple Flange tips, small Triple Flange tips, normal/medium Glider tips Black Foam tips Replacement Filters (+ Filter replacement tool) Zippered Carrying Case Snap-on Cable Clip Etymotic MC5 earphones     Comfort: 3/10 I found these iems fairly uncomfortable; my ears ached moderately after long listening sessions. All tips included never really provided much comfort. The "normal" Ety Triple Flanges plunged deep into my ears and stretched them out. The "small" Ety Triple Flanges were too small and I could not get a sufficient seal with them. The black/grey foam tips were just...
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