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Denon AH-D1100 Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Great sound quality at low price

Cons: bass is somewhat boosted

Hi, This is my first review so i hope u like it.   Soundstage: it is very good, clean instrument separation with some space to spare, just nice to turn on Dolby Headphone mode. I have heard a better soundstage in an open-ear design but this one doesn't include other sources of noises like kitchen or a phone or a dog barking etc.   The sound quality: at beginning i was wondering why the bass is so punchy and overpowered-like, this is fixable by tweaking the EQ so i set 60hz -8dB, 120hz -9dB and 250hz -6dB - oh man how they output 30hz now, just pure heavy bass clean vibrating powahhh (Azedia - Thunder & Lightning, makes extraordinary bass so its not like empty BOom,...
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A welcome change to my beloved ATH 700 pro MK2's


Pros: A more detailed sound than I'm used to, but still with lots of tuneful bass

Cons: Flimsy feeling build quality, especially the silver colored plastic bits

This is my first ever review, so please excuse my amateurish fumbling attempts at describing sound. I will do my best, but don't expect the work of a seasoned professional!   The Denon's are my 4th set of "good" headphones, but the only set I have used consistently since I started getting into head fi are my beloved Audio Technica ATH 700 Pro MK2's.   I went looking for a new set primarily because the Audio Technica cans are still too uncomfortable due to clamping even after a lot of use, and even after replacing the stock pads with M50 ones. I primarily use them at work, and that means many straight hours of listening (I'm a programmer), so comfort is a big concern...
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The best home and flight HPs for the price!


Pros: +++Exellent soundstage! ++great highs +Heavy and fully bass ++Pretty detailed +++Extremely comfortable and light! ++Great isolation +flexible build

Cons: -Recessed midrange (Can be Equalized) -Bass can be muddy --Ugly, cracking arms --Two sided, non-changeable, weak cables

I've own these headphones for about year and a half now. I've been listening with them about 80 hours in the car/bus, 15 hours in airplanes and 150 hours at home on my computer. This is just a short review of my experiences with the D1100s.

Negative Reviews


Two problems: head size often wrong, too bass-heavy


Pros: Very comfortable once head size is manually fixed + decent soundscape once bass is calmed down with the right EQ

Cons: Head size is seriously off on (some?) models + way too bass-heavy without EQ

Got this headphone from a friend after he got himself a more "comfortable" one (only 3 months after this Denon).   Trying it for 10 minutes was enough to understand the problem: the headband is way too curved, pushing the earpads extremely hard on the head. My skull isn't really above average and it was starting to give me some headache. So I brought it on my workshop table.   Note: The headache and hinges breaking-off issues only showing among certain users, I suspect Denon had production issues on certain factories or during a specific period, during which incorrect anthropometric data was used to calibrate the headband, or incorrect calibration was done, and it...
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An embarrassment to the Denon name


Pros: Lovely sound quality, comfort

Cons: Terrible build quality

I decided to finally treat myself to a pair of quality headphones for a self-birthday present.  After hours of online research, the AH D1100 seemed to offer the best bang-for-the-buck under $200. Out of the box they were great, with good range, pleasing bass, and multi-hour comfort (though the ears get a little hot and sweaty because the seal is so good -- obviously great for keeping the good noise in and external distractions out). But within a month of owning, hairline cracks began to appear in the silver plastic head band.  Another small, plastic chunk just fell on my head, near the swiveling attachment point where the earphones join the headband.   Denon tech...
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Please do not buy these.


Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort

Cons: Durability, Attention to detail

Please do not buy these headphones. Don't get me wrong, I bought them a couple weeks ago and love them to bits in terms of sound quality and comfort, but they've been a nightmare. It started, after owning them for a single day that the headphone jack broke. Although this was partially my fault, and there is probably nothing uncharacteristic about the jack, but i've noticed a couple of flaws in case this happened, which it obviously did. Firstly, the piece just down the cord from the jack which is obviously just to help plug it in etc, is extremely large, therefore making it easy for pressure to be applied to it, breaking the jack. Also, if the jack is broken, it may not seem like a...
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More Reviews


Good headphone for casual listening.


Pros: Light, comfortable, clear and full sound.

Cons: Relatively delicate build, over-emphasized bass response.

Not every headphone is reference-class, and I don't expect reference-class performance from a product like the AH-D1100 which is priced and designed for casual listening. There are a different set of concerns, and I'll try to judge the D1100 accordingly.   Denon has cleared the baseline here:   the jack is designed with a recessed flange so it plugs into in all but the most overbuilt smartphone case. the headphones are light and comfortable to wear they look good the closed back design offers good isolation the headphones are easy to drive and sound good without needing a dedicated headphone amplifier the overall sound is clear and and full-sounding, without excessive...
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Lovely tone, delightful full bass but just lack the mids to make them a 'must try'


Pros: Entertaining sound, comfort and musical

Cons: Subdued mids, bass can get a bit 'boomy'

For the first week I LOVED these headphones but, sad to say, with time I found more and more holes in their performance. For the money these are very good value but not a 'must try' unless you are looking for a U shaped response curve. Detail in the highs is pretty good, nice airy feel instruments/vocals sound spread out. Bass is warm, gets low and is very good fun for the pseudo bassheads. The mids are where these really fall apart. At first I was so entertained by the highs and lows that I neglected the mids, then I put on my Audio Technica M50s and realised the Achilles heal of the Denon's. The M50s have a pretty flat response curve and nothing is really suppressed or exaggerated....
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Fun headphone


Pros: Much bass and comfort

Cons: bass is abit muddy also they lack midrange

Not much to say, a reason why I returned them right before 45day. The bass in theese are the best part, it is punchy and it is alot more than a neutral headphone. But at the same time the bass do bleed into the mids making it hard to hear on bassy songs.   Also they kinda feel cheap like they can brake easy, I would have kept them if i mainly listened to to electronic music. But for the most I listen to jazz and some indie pop and the lacking mids make them fall back for me.   But at the same time the cheap Sony xb500 has better mids and even more bass, this makes me feel that the new denon is really noth worth the money they ask for it. My Sony mdr-1r for example cost...
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Great First Over-Ear Cans


Pros: comfortable, seemingly accurate reproduction, work good un-amped, solid but not overwhelming bass

Cons: headband to cup swivel connector seems a bit flimsy

These are my first non-ipod earbud or cheapass $20 skullcandy-esque on-ears. I got them used on the forums here for $80 which seemed like a steal as they are $200 new on amazon. Needless to say they blow anything i have listened to out of the water. I listen to bass heavy electronic music and they do a great job with it. It is not muddy at all and the high frequency synths are reproduced faithfully and layer nicely with the tight powerful bass. It's not really a con but after an hour+ of listening when i take them off my hearing is a bit muffled, not in a too loud of music ringing way but in a used to isolation closed design kind of way. They don't really block out a ton of noise for...
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Good Cheap Can

These were my first over ear headphone. At the time I went to a retail store and tested the D2000, D5000 and the D1100. Due to price considerations I went away with the D1100.   Build Quality   The headphone in terms of worksmanship is commensurate with the price. The back of the cups are some kind of alloy while the rest of it is mostly plastic construction. This helps keep the headphone light. The ear-pads are reasonably soft and there were no manufacturing faults.   Where I have to fault the design is the use of plastic in the arms that secure the cups. Over the course of about 4 months of moderate usage the arms started to crack and eventually one of them...
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A good start


Pros: Bass quality, quantity. Comfort, sound for the price

Cons: Fixed cable, balance

Pretty much all has been said already. Excellent value, very good bass, mids and highs are a little laid back. Really comfortable. Perfect first pair of headphones for anyone looking to get a better musical experience from an iPod.

Fairly Nice


Pros: light, fair price, low bass

Cons: Durability

The price is quite nice to purchase this pair from the Amazon UK. The sound is not bad, which gives you enough feeling of the space. But without a good amp, I guess the space is a little 'void'. For example, the symphony, you would feel that you are sitting a little too far away from the orchestra. The plastic feeling is not that good, especially it creaks sometimes. But it does not really matter if you focus on the music.   



Pros: Comfort and best value.

Comfort and best value.But middle sound is liad back.

Finally the perfect headphone for just about everything!


Pros: Lightweight, heavy natural bass, very wide sound stage, perfect for gaming and surround sound music listening

Cons: None if you like deep, but natural bass and accurate highs

First off, let me say I own two pair of Sennheiser headphones already I am in love with. These Denon's were needed for the 50mm drivers and frequency range they offer for gaming, but WITHOUT sacrificing bass like the others above did. They need NO amp and are punchy, clear, and dynamic! I'm using them with a dolby digital 5.1 decoder and yes, they work beautifully! Perfect for what I needed when it comes to my gaming. My search has ended. I even ordered these without hearing them first because the reviews were what I was wanting them to be and everyone was absolutely right! I'm now a Sennheiser fan for music headphones and Denon for home theater and gaming headphone needs.



Pros: Price point, accessories, good starter set of headphones

Cons: Bass heavy, without eq it can muddy detail

See pros and cons. Basically if you don't eq these i can't recommend them, i use the acoustic setting on my zen vision m and i bring the eq on foobar down with a non exponential curve from 55-311Hz.
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