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BEST VALUE for the moneys

A Review On: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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Pros: Nicely detailed, laid back, broad and even frequency bandwidth

Cons: Deep bass is slightly unprecise, some classic orchestra can be a bit squishy

Finally I can send my Superlux 668B where they belong - into the trashcan. Due to a discount at the german Creative store website, I was able to order the Aurvana Live for 49€ (equals ~62$).

Lots of plastic, but seems durable and well crafted, also nice to look at. Dueto the little weight and the well adjustable headband, they're superbly comfortable, even for guys with bull shaped skulls (like me^^).

Sound : The good
The Aurvana Live! has no real weakness. The sound is very nicely detailed and staged, it can reach quite low and has no breakaways -up or down- anywhere the frequency range. Voices are soft and detailed as well, very slightly taken back though, "S" and "F" sounds stay where they belong, no mentionworthy sizzling or hissing, even with harshly mastered stuff like George Michael's "Precious Box".

Sound: The bad
The deep bass section is slightly washy, but in a close limit. Listening to several classical test songs, I recognised that with some situations, the sound stage became rather "promiscous", I wasn't able to tell apart the different instruments anymore, it all sounded squishy - but that happened very selectively, so I can't tell if it was the particular recorded material or the headphones - but it should be mentioned anyway.

Value for money - Outstanding.
Yes, lots of plastic is involved, but that's not really a surprise in the below-50€ market here in Europe, is it? The sound makes up for it. Detailed, laid back, no real weaknesses. Very well done, but the same of course goes for it's older brother, the Denon 1001.

My Advice - If you're unhappy with budget "tips" like the Superluxes, go for the Aurvana! They are WAY MORE FUN!


Really interested in the CAL! after reading your review, just picked up a Superlux HD661 for a friend who loves bass and the 661 is pretty neutral so guess the CAL would be a good deal, especially at that price!
I've got both the CAL! and the Superlux 661 and I am inclined to agree with "tailand". If you'd like a more fun headphone without sacrificng too much the CAL! is a great budget option. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly. SOme amplification does clean up the bass control a little bit but that's just me.
People rave about how great the Koss Pro DJ100 is... claiming its a BUDGET king but... I demo'd a Koss Dj100 new out of box... it sounded pretty bad. BUT NOW I see this has the insides of a D1001 :D I think I need to invest and start recommending this xD. Non the less nice read, I do hear ALOT of good about these
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