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CAL!s in brief

A Review On: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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Pros: comfort, sq, bass

Cons: bass, build quality, isolation

These are wonderful hidden gems of headphone world. Using the same guts as the renowned D1001k they produce a bass driven warm sound without any bass bleed to midrange. Midrange is also well-done, male vocals especially. Treble is nice and has the occasional spark when needed. Presentation is adequate for closed headphones. Overall, the sound signature is quite fun for most genres, the only problem I had with them is the extra messy and fast metal pieces. The reason is that bass is not well controlled. I sense that -though I am no expert-, these are not technically most proficient headphones even in their price range.


Comfort is probably unbeatable. Build is decent but a bit flimsy. And lastly look elsewhere for isolation.


I can't believe that  someone can get them for 70 bucks new and much less second hand. Such a great value!


I absolutely agree, I like them a LOT more than M50 (cannot get used to the vocal).
Try stuffing some cottong ball, or other damping material of your choice inside the cup, It'll help controlling the bass a bit.
You could also opt to do the markl mod of D1001 (applicable to this) and recabling the cans, yes yes it's a sensitive issue here but some says that it has definite result with CAL since the cable seems to be the weakest link (which I agree, they feel really cheap).
I Can't Decide Between This & Audio Technica ath-ad700 & Sennheiser HD518
Which One Do You Recommend
If it is not too late: I also ad700s. Depends on what you are going to listen and where. Closed back vs open, portable vs not, warm vs cold(ish). AD700 has more detail, they are more resolving, but they are a bit boring.CAL! is quite a fun hp with deep bass. A happy compromise between those two would be hm5's (99 bucks on sale now): they have the detail of ad700 (maybe even more), they are neutral (unlike ad700s with colored mids), closed back and they can go deep like CAL!s (but they won't rumble like them). I am no expert, though.
Although the sound is really good, the quality of the actual head band is SO bad that it broke within a few months. At the price these headphones are sold one should expect a significantly better quality! I would go for Bose for noise cancelling capabilities, or Beads if you are interested in sound quality. Do not buy the Creative headphones. Not worth it.
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