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Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic


Pros: Tight bass that extends really far, comfort, aesthetics, SOUNDSTAGE, sparkly treble (I love this aspect), pleasing to listen to for long periods.

Cons: Stock cable is pretty bad and cable replacement options are limited to one other, V-shaped sound signature, poor isolation

This headphone sounds great and looks great as well. I have had this headphone for a couple months and no change in sound has occurred so this does not require burn-in.

The sound is V-shaped indeed but if you require a flatter response this headphones responds to and EQ very well. The treble is oh so detailed and is amazing for metal and rock. The bass is slightly emphasized and it decays really well to give that satisfying rumble. The only complaints are really the background sound to vocals and sometimes guitar instruments and the cable. They are clear and detailed but they are not forward due to sound signature.

This can is a marvel for electronic music however with the slightly emphasized yet tight bass. I don't what Creative Labs were thinking when they decided to use a 2.5 connector into the headphones. This seriously limits cable replacement options down to the replacement cable for the HD518, 558 and 598. The thing I absolutely love this headphone is for the ability to drop you into a space. The imaging for a closed can is so spacious. After a couple months of use the pivot points on the headband have scraped away the silver coating from repeated grinding. The build is not like a tank but they can take a beating as I have dropped it on numerous occasions.

Much like the older Creative Aurvana Live! I found these to be a great headphone for all genres with a laid back kind of dark and warm sound. 


Pros: Bass, vocals

Cons: Construction

Had been selecting from Senheiser HD280Pro, Momentum Over Ear, Bose AE2, AudioTechnica ATH M50, Sony MDR 10RBT and this creatives.
This pair had given the best floor tom recognition (so you can even hear the resonant plast) without washing out the bass guitar.
Vocals, guitars are clear. Cymbals also do not wash mid-high range. 
Perfectly for listening to nu-metal,trash, post-grunge bands.

But construction seems to be a bit fragile so better use them carefully


Pros: Lush bass, good mids, sparkly treble

Cons: Average isolation

Sound Quality

Straight out of the box, it sounded great, pretty much like the original CAL!. I’ve done over 100 hours of burn-in. DAC is FiiO E10. As I mentioned in one of the posts, it reminded me a lot of Sennheiser HD 25-1-II. This can be a headphone for people who really appreciate bass (bassheads included).


Is this a neutral can? No, but it is definitely a fun can with a V-shaped signature. Most people on Head-fi claim to prefer neutrality, but the truth is a V-shaped response is perceived to be more balanced due to the equal-loudness contour.


The bass is deeper than even the HM5; has better extension than the original CAL!. I could feel the tactile low notes more at 20-30hz with the CAL!2.  The bass is excellent, tight and punchy. It’s got both quantity and quality, which is highly valued in the audiophile world. HM5’s bass is cleaner and tighter, whilst CAL!2 decays better.


I can’t really find much fault in midrange. The vocals don’t get drowned out by the bass or treble. There’s no detectable boom or muddiness in mid-bass. The warm signature makes listening to genres such as classical a bliss. I was rather surprised.  With bass-heavy music, it sounds just like you’re in a club (or places with good PA systems).


The treble is sparkly like the original, a tad more so than the HM5. Voices are airy as should be, while the high notes are by no means harsh or fatiguing; your mileage may vary. The bass, on the other hand, can get tiring after long listening sessions at high volume, for those unbalanced bass-heavy songs (which describe most contemporary music nowadays unfortunately).


The sound of CAL!2 is a lot fuller than the HM5. CAL!2 is more intimate; whereas the HM5 is more distant sounding and overall thinner. Though it doesn’t sound as open as the HM5, some people criticised the HM5 for its artificial hollowness. I guess I might be too spoiled by HM5.


CAL!2 is also great for gaming or movies. For competitive gaming, you would probably want an open bass-light headphone instead. For casual gaming or for pure immersion experience, this has the fun factor to bring it all out. The same goes for movies. Dialogue isn’t a problem. Cinematic effects are fantastic.



The sound is lush and sparkly. I think if you loved the first CAL!, you’ll love the new version. CAL!2 took what CAL!’s good at and improved upon it. Although I recommend buying the original CAL! if your budget is very tight (<$100), this upgrade is worth the extra money (with diminishing returns like everything else in the audiophile world). It has plenty amount of quality bass for the mainstream listeners while maintaining a clean and clear sound throughout the audio spectrum.


There are also premium models available that have active noise cancelling and wireless features – Creative Aurvana Live! Gold and Creative Aurvana Live! Platinum. Gold has the same driver as CAL!2 but Platinum has a 50mm driver, which potentially could mean better sound, similar to D2000/D5000/D7000? In my opinion, if they put the 50mm in the CAL!2 and let the Gold and Platinum have extra non-audiophile features like wireless and ANC, that would be perfect for us.


Pros: Soundstage, bass, build quality, detachable cable

Cons: highs, price ATM

I've had different headphones, ranging from M50, Momentums, and various lesser known brands.


This headphone though is very good! I have to say this: This may be the most comfortable headphone I've ever used. Sure, headphones that cost thousands of dollars may be more comfortable, but I'm not in that League!


I'd really like more treble, it may be a bit too laid back for me. Not ear-piercing treble, but just a tad more present.


The bass is really good! Not a basshead phone, but plenty of bass, extension and quality.


I've paired this with Nuforce dac and Fiio, and it sounds better this way. But it's not night and day difference. The DAC improves things though, like soundstage and bass.


I know a lot of people are waiting for this to come down in price, me too. So this will not be a 5 star rating, but 4.5 star, cause I still think it's a bit too expensive.


Pros: Bass, detail, wide soundstage

Cons: price, value

I really like this headphone. I've been trying various headphones in this pricerange, and decided on this one.


But maybe the Price is a bit too high, when comparing to the first Creative Aurvana Live?


The bass extension and quality is really good on this one, but I'm not sure if this is for bassheads. Fortunately the bass doesn't bleed into mids (very important for me!)


The treble is also nice, and the vocals too.


I've seen some Measurements on a russian website, and they look pretty good.


The build quality is nice, with metal headbands, and the cups swivel to which I like.


I don't like the cable because it's 2.5mm on the headphone end. I know you think this isn't an issue, but I like standard 3.5mm cables.


But like I said before, I think the Price is a bit too high ATM:/ That's will lover the value score a bit




Pros: Bass, asthetics, sturdy build quality, imaging, treble

Cons: None? Maybe flimsy cable

I've auditioned the first Aurvana a couple of times, and I've always liked it, but never purchased it.


Anyway, this new Aurvana is so good! I believe the drivers are the same as the first model, but these are definitely tweaked.


The sound signature is V-shaped, so it's more of a "fun" headphone. Neutralists won't like it, althought it's not over colored like some other Cans.


Vocals are airy and the soundstage is really good. I was seriously surprised to hear this kind of instrument separation from a Creatíve headphone.


Maybe the price will drop soon, but if you already own the first Aurvana, you must get theese!




Pros: SOUNDSTAGE, comfort, design, build quality, detachable cable

Cons: cable, price

The CAL! 2 is a big improvement over the first version.


Creative brands this as a "premium headphone" on the box, but is it?


First thing I noticed was the soundstage. It's MUCH better than the first CAL!. Much more air overall in the music. Good for movies as well.


I thought the bass was too boomy at first, but after some burn-in it became better. Maybe I just needed to adjust to the new sound signature? But honestly, now after som burn-in I can definitely say that the bass quality and extension is better. 


I don't like the cable. I mean it's fine for a headphone in this price range, but it feels a bit flimsy. I'll probably buy a new cable, since it's detachable. 


The price is almost twice that of the firsl CAL!. I could spend a bit more, and go for the AKG K550, but honestly, the comfort on this headphone is better than the AKG, and I don't think there's a big difference in sound quality. I'd say the soundstage is the same? This headphone is a serious contender to other closed-backs with big soundstage.


The build quality is also an improvement, it just touches your head gently, and you don't feel pressure at all. 


Overall, if you liked the much praised CAL! 1, go for this one! 


Pros: Powerful Deep Bass, Soundstage, Sparkly Treble, Appearance

Cons: Earcups are too thick*, Cable, Glossy finish*, Headband



Hi! I'm new to Headfi here and this is my second review. I have just recently started to get interested in audio gear and am now trying to find the most cost effective headphones/iem for people who do not have much money to spend or are not willing to pay so much for a headphone/iem. I mostly listen to alot of EDM, ranging from typical house bangers to hardcore drum and bass to ambient to trance. I listen to both mainstream and not so mainstream kind of EDM.  I'm both a music enthusiast and an aspiring (budget) audiophile if you wanted to know. I'm also a pretty hardcore fps gamer, and I play more than I listen to music actually haha. I do my listening tests on a Sound Blaster Z with Foobar2000 as my audio player. I use only FLAC and ASIO is used as my output.


Accessories and Specifications


Wearing Style: Over-the-Ear

Weight:  255g (9oz)

Color: Black Dark Chrome, Black Dark Red Chrome (I got this one)

Included Accessories: 1 travel pouch, 1 detachable flat audio cable with in-line microphone and a 1-button remote with volume adjustment, 2.5mm-to-3.5mm gold-plated 4-pole plug 


Drivers: 40mm (1.57 inches) Neodymium magnet with composite Bio-Cellulose diaphragm

Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 30KHz

Impedance: 32ohms

Sensitivity: 105dB/mW

Cable Style: Detachable Oxygen-Free Copper flat cable, 1.2m


Microphone Specifications:

Frequency Response: 100Hz ~ 10kHz

Sensitivity:  - 42dBV / Pa


The box is nicely padded with a velour on top of cardboard material that houses the headphone. Below the headphone is where you get your cable, some paperwork including the instruction manual and warranty card. Do note that I bought this headphone used but in perfect condition with about 50hrs burn-in. The carrying pouch is made out of a nice and soft felt material that is brown in colour. It won't protect the headphone against shocks and water but definitely scratches.


Build Quality and Design


I was very impressed when I first saw the Live! 2 with my own eyes. I spent a good portion of my time just examining the headphone before I even put it on. I can't really describe what Creative did to these headphones to make it look so good. The combination of chrome accents, starry grey, matte black with glossy black/red finish with a very unique triangular shaped outer earcup just fits together so well. The headband adjustments gave a good impression too, with solid tactile feedback as you slide the headband back and forth with a very audible click. The headband internally seems to be made out of a mix of plastic and stainless steel. Pictures and videos can't really tell you how good they actually look IRL. The earcups also do swivel 180° flat with the earpads facing away from you when you lay the headphone down on your neck in the correct L/R position. This makes the earcup lay on your chest which is slighty uncomfortable when you are wearing them on your neck. However despite all the compliments, this design does have a few flaws other than the first one that I just mentioned. Firstly, the sides of the circular earcups are glossy which means that they would be easily scratched when you lay the headphone on its side. Its also a fingerprint magnet and if you have oily/sweaty hands it would obviously be quite slippery. Secondly but unfortunately, the headphone also is too thick on its sides that it makes the wearer look kinda dorky from the front. The joints holding the earcups rattle somewhat when the headphone is being shaken too. Thirdly, it is impossible to adjust the clamping force of this headphone which kinda sucks. Due to its dual plastic and steel headband design, it definitely makes the headband which is fairly narrow to be alot more durable. However this also keeps it from reducing its clamping force at all. I put the headphone for a month on a wide headphone stand (meant for reducing clamping force) and it did almost nothing to the clamping force. The cable provided is the perfect length for portable use, flat with the 3.5mm connector being right-angled. The in-line control is where I wish Creative did differently. I like that it has a manual volume slider in the cable thus making the headphone suitable for the majority of smartphones. However the volume slider is not very consistent and I preferred to control the volume of the music using my phone instead of the volume slider. It would have been nice if they had 2 different cables, a short one for portable use and a longer one for desktop use. But hey for the price I paid can't complain much.




The Live! 2 is a fairly comfortable headphone other than it accumulating heat in the earcups which obviously all closed-back headphones suffer from. The pleather earpads is soft and plush with some rigidity so that it does not completely depress after wearing the headphone (mh463 cough cough). The padding on the surface of the driver is also surprisingly thick and soft so that even if your ears are too big and touch the drivers, It would probably not hurt at all. The headband is a bit too narrow in my opinion and coupled with the absence of sufficient padding, wearing the Live! 2 for about an 2 hours or so made my head hurt. Creative should have stuffed the headband with more padding for it to more evenly distribute the weight of the headphone round the head. Adjustments to the headband is nice and solid with no sign of it becoming loose over time. The clamping force I feel is slighty too much for me. It makes my jaw sore after wearing the Live! 2 for about an hour. On the flip side, headbanging with the headphone is totally fine. The headphone sits very snugly on your head even when you look directly on the floor or at the sky. This level of confidence cannot be said on weak clamping headphones. Since they are for portable use a high-clamping force is totally acceptable. Its not actually that bad as these headphones are worn over-ear after all.




Now for the main part of every headphone review, how does the Live! 2 sound? Very impressive I would say for its price. The soundstage was the first thing I immediately noticed about this headphone. A very open and natural sounding stage for a closed-back headphone. Unfortunately this meant that the isolation was also below average for closed-back headphones. You would have to crank the volume up to enjoy your music properly in noisy environments. Thankfully noise leak in the headphone is very little so that you can blast your music without people hearing what you might be listening to. The sound signature is V-shaped, but delightfully so as it does not boost the treble. A large emphasis is on the bass. The treble is slighty boosted and the mids are slightly reduced.. This leads to a very powerful sound that is heavy enough that is sounds exciting but at the same time not over fatiguing with crazy treble. People who are used to bright headphones may find the Live! 2 overly bassy. The bass is very powerful with some decay so that it doesn't punch too hard, which is good for preventing fatigue. The bass goes extremely deep with accuracy, control and detail that would certainly satisfy audiophile bassheads. The bass does not leak into the mid ranges at all which is very good. Mids are clear, sweet and present themselves slightly behind the bass and treble. It does have a fair amount of detail too with some smoothing involved. The treble is sparkly and and fairly neutral with a little smoothing. It adds to the overall bassy sound signature to give it some air and spaciousness without sounding harsh. Treble extends very well with no hint of roll-off. This makes for a very natural and powerful sounding headphone that would please anyone who loves bass but with good clarity in the mids and highs too. They are excellent for movies and gaming. With its soundstage, positioning is a breeze and the bass boost certainly adds that extra layer of immersion. BF4 performed very well with constant explosions and gunfire everywhere and so did CSGO although the sound signature did make some guns sound abit husky. Overall a warm, exciting sounding headphone with a good sense of detail and depth to the sound.




I would totally recommend the Live! 2 to anyone who wants a good pair of headphones for gaming and portable use that looks great too. The few discomforts I had with the headphone can be left out out due to the price of these headphones. The price to performance is very good and it seems like the Live! 2 costs about $90usd on Amazon right now (http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Aurvana-Headset-Drivers-In-Line/dp/B00FC2R7ZW) . A few things about this headphone could be improved but overall if you want a powerful sounding headphone with full-bodied bass, sweet mids and sparkly highs all round with good aesthetics that is lightweight and portable, this headphone is a very good choice. I do wish the round earpads are oval shaped rather than being circular as it fits the majority of people better. Thank you for reading my long ass review and have a great day :)


Pros: Enough bass(for me), great clarity,

Cons: Uncomfortable when wear long, bass doesn't have the *boom* feel.

After buying these great pair of headphones, I tested on my iphone 5s and I was little dissapointed for the bass level that I was expecting. I compared this to the Audio Techinca's M40x. And the bass was really a difference. The m40x were a nice pair( clear mids but lacking bass level ) but the CAL2! had much to offer. 


First off, I googled around for a equalizer app for the iPhone and my Laptop(Lenovo z500). For my iPhone, Im using Equalizer by AudioForge labs and im putting the setting on "Bass Extreme". Then I had the bass level that i was looking for(at least its better than stock EQ). For my laptop im using Equalizer APO. By setting to different equalizers i can get the most out of my CAL2!. 


So I recommend getting a dedicated equalizer if your using the CAL2! and wish to get more bass level than it has to offer stock. :) 


Other app I used on iPhone was Accudio. It had the setting for the CAL2! which makes its a wondeful app for different headphones users (AKG, Bose, etc etc). But I kinda liked the bass from Equalizer so i went with it instead. 


Pros: Lows, comfortable, build quality. SOUNDSTAGE!

Cons: Isolation, 2.5mm cable input.

This is my first proper set of over ears, and I'm quite surprised! The bass is fast, punchy and has enough weight to satisfy the slight basshead in me. The treble is a bit laid back for me, and I found they needed a bit of EQ. Vocals are very smooth and the soundstage is great! They produce a very natural sound. I've also had great success using them for gaming. Paired with a HifiMeDIY Sabre DAC and a Marantz 1050 amp. Got them for around $100, which is a steal considering I'm in Australia.

Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic

Immerse yourself in true-to-life music and tighter bass tones in unmatched comfort with the Creative Aurvana Live!2. With cutting-edge Bio-Cellulose driver technology and meticulous acoustic tuning, it delivers a natural and faithful audio presentation. It also sports a detachable audio cable with an inline microphone and volume adjustment for you to communicate on smartphones. The Aurvana Live!2 truly fulfills your entertainment and communication needs. Compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets supporting 3.5mm 4-pole connector (CTIA standard). Functions may vary among devices. It is not recommended to use on a device with regular stereo or 3-pole socket.

FeaturePrecise 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers with Bio-Cellulose diaphragms offer a faithful and natural audio playback Premium soft protein faux leather ear padding with memory-foam is ultra comfortable for long listening sessions Detachable audio cable with inline microphone and remote offers volume adjustment and ability to answer calls For audiophiles, able to retrofit with another cable of the listener's choice Ships with Aurvana Live!2 Headset, one detachable flat audio cable with in-line microphone and 1-button remote with volume adjustment, 2.5mm to 3.5mm gold-plated 4-pole plug
TitleCreative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic (Black)
Warranty1-year limited hardware
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement51EF0660AA002
Item Height8.86 inches
Item Length8.66 inches
Item Weight1.1 pounds
Item Width2.56 inches
Package Height1 inches
Package Length1 inches
Package Weight1 pounds
Package Width1 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement054651183933
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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