Ok, not as good as the hype suggests

A Review On: COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

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Good NOT great player. Audio is ok but since has been surpassed by a number of better players (Cowon Z2, Sony Z and F series walkmans, Samsung 4.2 Galaxy etc.). Interface can be a dog and the touchscreen interface looks extremely dated now. Battery life is very good but again not class leading. Build quality is ok but it does feel a bit cheap.

This once was head and shoulders above the rest but as with all things gadgety, it has had its day.


...Where is there a player with more than the J3's 60 hours of battery life? I want it...
Oh, yeah. I want another full TOUCHSCREEN player with over 60 hours of battery life. See ya when the Fiio X27 comes out...
Point being you're way too critical. Besides for the fact that the Samsung Galaxy does NOT have better audio than the J3, and every other option you mentioned is over twice the price of a J3 you can get in the "for sale" part of head-fi forums (for about $140 or so),
Not to mention it's much smaller than the X5 (which has 1/6 the J3's battery) and literally half the weight, it's still a better package than anything else I've seen for this price.
Yes, better than the crappy Samsung, the bulky X5, the Z2 is much worse overall than the J3 (just google it), and the Sony Z series is 3x the price.
Your audio expectations are as wacked as your hair. Both seemed to have gotten electrocuted.