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Brainwavz M5 Reviews

Positive Reviews


great "bang for buck" buds with awesome detail!


Pros: DETAIL i'm hearing things i've never heard before, price, comfort.

Cons: a little bass heavy, has the typical "V" shaped response curve of buds aimed at the masses.

I bought these as a grab bag deal on massdrop. The first time i listened to them I was a little disappointed at the"V" shaped response curve so they sat on the shelf for a few months. The other day I decided to give the another chance. I went through my normal lineup of music and began to notice things I had never heard before. The sounds of  piano pedals, deep breathes between notes, echos I had never noticed. they also have a fairly wide sound stage.  You cant get this kind of detail for $22.50 anywhere else (as far as I know). With a little EQ adjustment these headphones really wake up. Once flattened out a little the amazing detail of spread to the vocals making these a joy...
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Negative Reviews


Don't buy, say goodbye!


Pros: Powerful deep bass and detailed treble are not kidding (but small acoustic ruins it all)

Cons: Size of sounds are small. Acoustic of mids are limited. Despite being detailed, quality level of the treble isn't shining.

after M4 & Xiaomi Piston 2 (they were similar items), i see this one also following them. but with some bass & treble improvements added. that's okay, but unfortunately said improvements comes with an expensive price. mayday! we just lost vocals... in this small acoustic, with all the bass & treble attacks, where we were going to put our beautiful mids ? oh god, just forget about this...   it carries some 250hz amplification thus drums are very prominent. lowering them can reduce your headache. about the 30-60hz deep bass, yes it's improved but still sounds small due to low acoustics. just switch to an earphone with a wide acoustic and bigger sound size (and with a...
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More Reviews


HeadphoneScout's Brainwavz M5 review


Pros: build quality, neutral yet enjoyable sound

Cons: low isolation due to vent

    Originally posted at HeadphoneScout: Introduction: Brainwavz is a budget headphone company that offers some of the best bang/buck products on the market. Their M2 and M3 in-ears are a couple of my favorite IEMs under $100 but contrary to intuition the M5 was not meant to their successor (neither was the M4). Instead, Brainwavz has set out to improve on the $30 M1, an IEM whose strengths are comfort and instrument separation. Build Quality: Without hesitation I can say that the M5 has the best build quality of Brainwavz’ current IEM lineup. Most impressive are the beefy plastic strain reliefs on the Y-split and 3.5mm plug. They look and feel like...
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