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Brainwavz M4 In-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Bassy, With A Side Of Clarity


Pros: Punchy bass, full-bodies sound, comfortable, strong build quality

Cons: Somewhat harsh with in very specific instances, somewhat boring with instrumental music

  Build Quality, Packaging And What Have You The packaging is typical Brainwavs fair – a black box with a window that displays the IEM. As far as accessories go, there’s the three pairs of single flange eartips in small, medium and large and a pair of Comply S400 foam tips in black, which are my personal favorite. I’m not a fan of Comply as a company, but that’s more due to practices and not product. The foam tips are excellent and I’d bet a majority of the people who actually experiment with changing the tips will find them to be to their liking. There is also a shirt clip and a hard case which is the perfect size if you wrap your earbuds up correctly. As far as quality of...
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Bassy, But not V-shaped


Pros: Deep, impactful bass without sacrificing clarity

Cons: Driver flex, inferior cable on the mic version

Brief Backstory: I ordered the mic'd version on a whim during the brief time MP4nation had them for $28.50 on Amazon. I figured they weren't too common, and it was almost 75% off MSRP, so it was worth a shot.    On to the Review: Out of the box, the first thing I noticed was that the cable didn't seem to be as advertised. In the promo pictures, it looks like a sturdier plastic-sheathed twisted cable, but the one I got had rubbery black ones almost reminiscent of iBud cables. After some more research, however, I found out that the mic'd version comes with a different cable, that seems less sturdy, and also lacks a cable cinch. Beyond that, though, the build looks...
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Negative Reviews


Below today’s standard


Pros: Sound is not terrible, CTIA plug (on the microphone version)

Cons: Flimsy cable that tangles easily, overpriced compared to other earphones

I bought this in 2012-06, when my Brainwavz M2 broke. It was given a Sonic Diamond by ClieOS for the pre-order price and 4.2 / 5 for the sound quality, so I expected quite a bit.   Unfortunately, the cables are nowhere near as good as those used on the M2. The build quality of the speakers seems quite okay, though.   Compared to the M2, the bass is considerably weaker, but the higher frequencies are more detailed, albeit not much. It wasn’t the upgrade I had expected, more an eqivalent exchange where I sacrificed bass for clarity.   So why do I only give them 1.5 stars? Answer: Sony MH1. I received them today, and without any burn-in at all, they sound vastly superior...
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One of the worst you can buy


Pros: Vocals are free (compared to M5)

Cons: Size of sounds are small. Acoustic of instruments are limited. Treble quality is slightly below average. Bass isn't a monster.

you can refer my Xiaomi Piston 2 review as an introduction to this one, because this two are indentical in general. the only difference between they're, is the frequency balance i think. M4 comes with 125-250hz strong bass frequencies amplified on somewhat level. M4 is overall sounds better but as i said, they're pretty much identical with each other.   comparing the M4 to M5, with M4 you'll lose some bass & treble compared but, "Tuned for Vocals" title on yourbrainwavz.com is for real this time (surprisingly). so you'll have good seperated, clear vocals with M4. i also detected some 4khz frequency amplification on the device (but on a modest level, not like R1's 2khz...
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More Reviews


Brainwavz M4


Pros: detailed, great design, cool little case

Cons: bass

Excellent iems, decent soundstage, quite detailed, comfortable although if you want bass you should look elsewhere. Perfect for rock and metal
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