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BRAINWAVZ HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


HM5 - Great Sound / Incredible Value


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, build, balance, naturalness, clarity, isolation, price, replaceable cable, accessories, soundstage (for a closed can)

Cons: Pads can get hot/sweaty, bass can be a little hollow/honky

  Introduction The Brainwavz HM5 is a closed dynamic circumaural head-phone which appears to be a clone of the Fischer Audio FA-003.  There is also another similar clone by Lindy.  OEM/ODM manufacturer appears to be Yoga Electronics. Response from owners at the moment suggest that the HM5 / FA-003 / Lindy sound similar/same.       Pre-amble (about me) I'm a 44 year old music lover.  I don't say audiophile - just love my music.  Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current entry/mid-fi set-up.  I vary my listening from portable (i-devices + amp) to my desk-top's set-up (PC >...
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A New Standard in Monitor-Style Value


Pros: Reference-esque SQ, Accessories, Comfort

Cons: Clamp, Size

Brainwavz has done it again! While there are several audio companies offering a nice budget-king-FOTW IEM here, a feature-packed portable amp there, I can't think of many that have put together the streak of high-quality products at affordable prices in the short time the way that the people at Brainwavz have done. Delta: Low Cost Champion. S5: Sub $100 Contender. S0: Budget All-Rounder. Even though it's not their newest, the closed back offering from Brainwavz is yet another strong entry.   Enter: The HM5.   The HM5 is a full-sized, closed-back headphone that performs quite well, regardless of price. It does everything well. It'd be dishonest to fling praises from the...
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Negative Reviews


Only good for six months


Pros: Sound Comfert Price

Cons: Build Quality

 I bought a pair of HM5s about 6 months ago. They give you absolutely great sound for under $150 but I ran into a big problem. Both sides where the slider connects to the headphones started to crack within a week of one another. A little later pieces of plastic started falling off altogether and now I can't take them off too fast without cutting my ear. Before you buy try searching about the HM5s build quality, lots of complaints. The best part is even though I'm still under warranty no one will return my emails.

Dark, muddy, and several oddities in the sound.


Pros: Comfy, comes with lots of accessories

Cons: Not all that neutral, numerous cons in the sound outweigh the positives, build quality is meh

I liked these when I first got them but over time as I listened to more and better headphones realized they are not very good. They're not all bad but I think the cons outweigh the pros. There are already enough hyped up positive comments from tons of people, so I'm just going to list what the problems were for me.   Not really all that neutral. Perhaps more balanced relative to some of the wilder headphones out there and mostly non-offensive, but that's about it. Overall balance is actually a little bit on the dark side. I'm no treble head and hate any spikes in the higher frequencies, but even for me these sounded a little bit veiled and lacking clarity. The treble on its own...
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More Reviews


Rather Neutral Headphone At An Attractive Price


Pros: Quite Neutral, Accessories, Value

Cons: Slightly Bass Light

Brainwavz HM5 Review     The Brainwavz HM5 is a headphone that I have been very intrigued about for quite a long time. I have heard the FA-003 and some other headphones that use the same driver many times and always felt like it had something that really made it stand out. There was always something special and particularly appealing to me when I listened to it and I was curious whether Brainwavz’s version would be any different and hopefully better with their HM5 pads that come in both velour and pleather.   Founded in 2008, Brainwavz has had quite a bit of experience in audio and they have come out with many new products recently, all of which have been rather...
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Being neutral isn't bad


Pros: Easy to EQ, comfortable for long sessions, price!

Cons: None yet.

I stumbled upon these headphones after numerous hours of research. To be quite honest, I'd never heard of this brand before so I was a bit hesitant before making the jump; especially after owning products from major brands such as Shure, Audio Technica and Beyerdynamic. You know what to expect from those brands, but from Brainwavz? Read on to find out more..     #Packaging: they come in a relatively small box (compared to the ATH-M50s), inside you'll find:   -A black and red hard shell carrying case that'll hold your headphones and accessories -A carrying strap for your hard shell case -The warranty card and instructions -A spare pair of pleather ear pads -The...
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Great value/performance


Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality, comfort, non-fatiguing, cables

Cons: Not really a con, but would be nice if additional velour pads were included instead of another pleather set.

These headphones are a pretty good value for the money.     Simple clean design, don't look over the top, or tacky.   The build quality is pretty nice with good materials.  Plastic parts on the headphone cups have the "soft touch" feel. The pleather ear pads are really comfortable, and I'm glad they come with an extra set.  I would've liked an additional velour set for the hot summer season though where heat could become a comfort issue.  The headband is nicely padded for better comfort and uses metal for the extension area which should be more durable than plastic.   Comes with some nice accessories.  2 cables.. 1 short, 1 long.  ...
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Neutral Champ


Pros: Build quality, comfort, sound quality, removable dual entry cable, price

Cons: None

      Pros: Build quality, comfort, sound quality, removable dual entry cable, price Cons: None   Packaging   I am unable to comment on the packaging of the HM5 as I have received a loaner model. I can comment on the accessories I've received though and Brainwavz has done a fantastic job here. Included with the HM5 I received were an extra pair of faux leather pads which are good quality here, soft yet firm. Also included was two cables, both being dual entry with a 3.5mm plug and an included 1/4 adaptor. The cables are thick and feel of the utmost quality, I'm thoroughly impressed with them, and the inclusion of a set for each plug...
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Worth the price, reasonably neutral


Pros: Good airy soundstage, smooth and quite detailed, comfortable

Cons: slight lack of bass, loose adjuster on headband

I have the Studiospares M1000, identical to the HM5 and won them on ebay for £26 which was an absolute bargain.  The Studiospares retail brand new for £64 plus delivery.   They have a secure clamp pressure but are comfortable due to the thick, soft pads.  I like the secure feeling that they won't slide off the head, I think the overall clamping and comfort is near perfect for my small to medium sized head.  One of the adjuster sliders is a bit loose but does not matter due to the clamping force.   Sound is quite neutral except for very slightly forward mids around 1khz to 4khz, but without any spikes and very smooth transition which makes for a very pleasant...
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Brainwavz HM5 Monitoring Headphone


Pros: Does everything well for its price

Cons: treble is ted too bright

There has been plenty of monitoring headphone floating around in the market some of which are more on the affordable range such as, the Shure SRH-840 which I likes a lot, the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which doesn’t really suit my taste as well but it is still good for what it is. Then we have the Brainwavz HM5 which surprisingly, a very good pair of headphone for under $200! Of course, not to mention the Sony MDR-7506. With so much to choose from, I am going to focus on the Brainwavz HM5 in this review and a huge thanks to Audrey for sending them in! Before we get started, here’s a quick run through on the HM5’s specifications: DriversDynamic, 42mm Rated Impedance64 Ω Frequency...
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YoYo JoKeR

Brainwavz HM5 : Excellent Value


Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality, Comfort, Features, Affordable.

Cons: Headband, Clamping.

I am penning down my opinion about the Brainwavz HM5 Over ear Studio Monitor headphones. I will try to keep this review as simple as possible and I hope it would be easy to read, and help fellow enthusiasts to understand more about the HM5.     Me : I am an 21 year old Engineering student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself an music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. Eventually, I found the pleasure of listening to music mainly by the HD600 headphones, and realized the true components of...
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Very good neutral sounding full size closed back headphone


Pros: comfort, tonality, soundstage, neutrality, isolation

Cons: the included case is useless to me, but that is really it.

I need to start by thanking Brainwavz for the HM5 to review. They had sent me their S5 IEM a couple months back to review, and afterwards had asked me if I was interested in reviewing any other headphones of theirs, and I asked for the HM5. I had always wanted to try one, but had never gotten around to it. I am now wishing that I had gotten one when they first came out. I like it a whole lot.    Packaging - accessories:   The packaging is sufficient and includes two different length cables, an extra set of pads, and a semi-rigid carrying case. My only complaint here is the case. In order to use the case, you have to unhook the cables from the headphone and set the...
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Best bargain of all time ?


Pros: Hyper Comfortable , Smooth throughout the board , Very distant for being a closed , great for smooth listening , PRICE !!

Cons: Withdrawn Sub-Bass , Detail not up there for critical listening , clamping , clarity , flimsy headband adjustment

 2nd Review lets do this  Instead of talking about the stuff that I have talked about in the video below , will focus here on sound  The day I got them I remember the first session with it was listening to "Live in Paris" by Diana Krall , I was stunned my the smoothness it had , just a very smooth and enjoyable tone , the bass in tracks like 'Lets Fall in Love" and "The look of Love" just sounded exceptional and very well extended , the bass reminded me of my 650s just a bit withdrawn in the Sub-Bass  To be really honest , its one of the best if you are primarily a Jazz listener , I can't justify using it as my go-to HiFi headphone for...
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BRAINWAVZ HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones Best bang of the bucks in five years!!


Pros: The travel pack is beautiful, decent, and useful. The headset itself is comfortable with acoustical space and naturalness signature

Cons: none so far

  BRAINWAVZ HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones Best bang of the bucks in five years!! Got mine today.  Takes two days directly from Hongkong.  Yes, the waiting is hard for me.  A little back story.  I was planning getting myself a pair HD 598 from Sennheiser as my Christmas gift.  However, the cost of HD 598 just doesn’t cut it.  After extensive online study, I found out this nonexpansive headphone (compare to HD 598) has the potential to outperform many $300 grade headphones(I told myself that).  Since this headphone is a replication of the famous FA-003.  Moreover, my friend Waiting told me that HM5 is having a pre-order sale right now. ...
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