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A Review On: Brainwavz Delta

Brainwavz Delta

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Pros: Price, SQ, Soundstage, Price, Clarity, Price, Build Quality

Cons: No case? color scheme?

Finally! A solid performer from Brainwavz in both SQ and price! The Delta's lead time has been a bother for those of us who pre-ordered, however, rest assured the wait is worth it. There are plenty of budget bracket IEMs out there (believe me, I've heard a lot of them) and these are among the best. 


Out of the box, the red and white color scheme certainly is eye-catching, along with the aluminum housing. They have solid strain reliefs, sturdy cable, and metal housing. No durability issues on the horizon here. The included tips will do the trick, however, replacements may be tricky as they have a very large nozzle. I was a little disappointed in the fact that they didn't come with a case, but for $20 what can you expect?


Upon first listen, I was less than impressed, however, they've grown on me. A lot. First impression consisted of a decent midrange surrounded by thin bass and lackluster treble extension. To be fair, I gave them a little time with my DX50 and I'm certainly glad I did.


The treble has extended much more, making me feel much better about the potential detail retrieval. They certainly aren't trebly enough to ever be considered sibilant, but they offer enough extension that I don't consciously want more. 


The mids remind me of a diet RE400 (actually, come to think of it, the whole package reminds me of a diet RE400...). They're filled out nicely without being too aggressive or recessed. [cue Forrest Gump]. That's all I have to say about that.


The bass has improved with mental burn-in. I wouldn't say it offers a lot of slam but its presence is there when called for. I can enjoy Mingus equally as well as Macklemore. Granted there isn't a ton of sub bass, but the extension is plenty for a $20 IEM. 


It also bears mentioning that the soundstage on these guys is impressive. The first time I realized that they deserved more attention was upon listening to a live Brubeck recording. As the upright solo started, I was looking over my shoulder to locate the sound of something I thought was behind me! That's not exaggeration. Perhaps the large nozzle helps with this, but the Delta's positioning and sense of space is good. Period.


The only aspect in which I'd like to see a change is the color scheme. Yes the red and white is cool and little different. But honest if the red OR white was changed to black, I think they'd be a lot easier on the eyes.


Overall this is an excellent budget IEM from Brainwavz that has earned a spot in my lineup over a handful of others that cost twice as much.


could you compare it with ha-fx40 ?
I agree! Mine arrived yesterday afternoon and I listened to them through the rest of the day and evening with great pleasure. Non-fatiguing and very enveloping with their well-balanced, full range sound and excellent soundstage. For the price, I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary, but boy am I happily surprised! This must be the best low budget earphone I've heard, as well as a strong contestant among mid-fi IEM's! minimal price / maximal benefit!
To me, they're a more neutral version of the FX40. The FX40 has a V-shaped sound sig, where the Delta is still a V, but perhaps shallower in shape. I have both and when I'm listening to hip hop I prefer the FX40, jazz definitely goes to the Delta. They're both excellent budget IEMs that do most things very well. 
Very nice review, I am actually gonna sell on my Yamaha EPH-100 and keep the Deltas. They sound that good to me!
Still need to write a review about them tho.
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