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Bowers & Wilkins P7 Reviews


Another world-class portable headphone!


Pros: Superb sound quality. Gorgeous design. Luxurious build. Excellent isolation. Excellent comfort. No need for amp.

Cons: A tad large for a portable.

Just as I thought it couldn't get much better than the KEF M500 as far as headphones to plug in your smartphone goes, Bowers & Wilkins update their range with the P7.      Design & build quality   When you first unbox the P7 and see it laying there folded in its tilted presentation, you instantly know you are dealing with quality of seldom seen measures. The all leather and metal built P7 smells like a brand new car when you take it out of the box and B&W have paid attention to every little detail. The design is basically a larger and slightly refined version of the P5. The quality of the leather, the precise stitching, the steel...
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This is a surprising headphone....


Pros: Clarity, Bass Extension, Soundstage, Design

Cons: Price, Propriatary Strainrelief Design

I started this review with the intention of pointing out the things I don't like about it, but man, there really isn't much I don't love about these.   Out of the box they sound very thin and anemic, but still good transparency.  I took them off immediately, and put them in the included case, then turned the volume up pretty high for 30 minutes.  When I returned to check on the status of them, I was stunned.  Coming from a pair of UE Triple Fis and some K701s, I knew it was a downgrade, but at the moment up putting them on after the 30 minutes..... I realized I shouldn't have assumed.  In a nutshell, they remind me A LOT of my old silver cabled K701s (after burn...
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Excellent for classical music


Pros: Powerful, punchy sound makes the P7 a treat for use with classical music - nice warm tone - beautiful design - high quality construction

Cons: High price (but worth it!) - not 100% comfortable out of the box, at least for me

I paid 270 Euros for a used set of B&W P7, and I've compared it to the following headphones (in various price ranges):   Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Denon AH-MM400 PSB M4U2 NAD VISO HP50 AIAIAI TMA-1 Sennheiser Urbanite XL Denon AH-MM300 Marshall Monitor   To make a long story short:   I pretty much exclusively listen to classical music these days and on the B&W P7, strings and brass can have such an incredible amount of bite: Musical climaxes are delivered with tremendous force just like a real orchestra would and it sounds SO majestic - you really have to hear it to believe it. I literally just lie on my bed, smiling, every time I hear it! :)  ...
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Full and detailed sound from a great headphone


Pros: Full and rich sound, comfortable fit, very detailed, wide soundstage

Cons: Slightly heavy, some might find the sound a bit on the warm side, a tad expensive

I've been looking for a decent pair of headphones that sound great, but also look nice enough that I'd be willing to be seen in public with them. And importantly, I want them to be comfortable. Before this I've always used IEMs, mainly the Shure SE530 which I've had for about 4-5 years now.   In my search for a decent pair of headphones, I've also tried out the KEF M500 and Sennheiser Momentum (over-ear). I loved the sound of the KEF, very detailed and spacious, but because it's an on-ear model the pressure on my ears would create great discomfort after about 2-3 hours, so I returned the KEF. I also like the sound of the Momentum, but again it gets uncomfortable for longer...
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Top-of-the-line Portable Headphones (Best for: Rock, Jazz, Electronic, and Pop)


Pros: Solid imaging, transients, Beautiful/Unique Design, Build Quality, Folds up, Inline Volume Control.

Cons: Thin midrange, boosted treble, unnatural representation, Loosey-loose midbass, Isolation.

I did not like the B&W P5's b/c of their dark/bloated sound but the P7's changed everything! It may be because it's not an on-ear headphone like the P5's that "muffles" out the higher frequencies, I don't know. But regardless, these have an exciting and detailed sound that is very engaging. Some disadvantages the P7's face is its slightly thin midrange, boosted treble, and unnatural representation. The soundstage is great for a closed headphone but that means nothing because the presentation is very unnatural; and it sounds somewhat synthetic because of the boosted treble and flabby loose bass. I'll admit the P7's imaging is great, but the resolution and tonality is nothing special...
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P7 Build quality, Physical Appearance, and Accurate Reproduction of sound leave no disappointment.


Pros: Build quality, Accurate Sound, Comfort, Aesthetics, built in microphone

Cons: Case is kind of a waste, Cost

I was able to get these from a friend who used their employee discount, so ignore the price paid.    I would consider myself a rookie when it comes to headphones, but not sound quality.  My background: I am an absolute audio snob and have a great ear. I compete in sound quality competitions in MECA (Car Audio). I have been very sucessfull in competing and am known for having a great ear.  I have auditioned a healthy amount of headphones.   I drive these using an Iphone 6+. I have tried them with a DAC/AMP combo, but they don't need it.      Build Quality: The build quality of these is remarkable. Once I got past the honeymoon phase, I...
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B&W P7's are exactly what I've been looking for. Comparison with Momentums and DT770's.


Pros: Build quality, looks, build quality, refined/controlled bass, build quality, great mids/vocals, build quality, not too harsh, and build quality

Cons: can feel a bit heavy, clamping is pretty tight when new, head band numbs my bald head without periodic breaks

That's right, I mentioned build quality as a "pro" 5 times.  These things are sexy.   Until the P7's, I went back and forth between Senn Momentums and Beyer DT770Pro-80's.  The reason I went back and forth so much is because they both had features I liked, but were lacking in other areas.  They are basically polar opposite in many areas.  In my quest to find the medium between them, I narrowed it down to a few sets, including the P7's.  Since Best Buy carries them locally and have a no-questions-asked return policy, I went ahead and bought them.  Needless to say, Best Buy will not see these returned.   Below is a quick Goldilocks analogy of my...
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A portable headphone with a love it or hate it design.


Pros: Build quality, Present bass, Comfortable, Portable, Nice treble sparkle, Good soundstage for a small can

Cons: Pricey compared to a lot of other models, style is love or hate, mids are slightly lacking.

For some reason these reminded me of my DT990s when I put them on in terms of sound signature, not as sparkly treble (which is sorta sibilant on the DT990s) with a nice low end.  Mids are a tad recessed I wouldn't say it really takes away from it though.  The earpads seem like a perfect size and fit.  Originally I didn't like the style, but it grew on me much like how the HD598s, and HD650 looked strange to me at first.  Definitely the only headphone I really liked out of the B&W line-up, I just have not tried their C5.  Got myself these as a new years present, I needed a closed back around ear headphone and I tried them out at work.  I was sort of turned...
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A real dream to listen to


Pros: Clear, spacious, very accurate bass does not distort Great construction with classy look of their own

Cons: A bit pricey ear pad replacements a little pricey as well

These have been a real dream to listen to. They have a really good range of sound not artificial sounding at all. They have have as a matter fact excellent tremble. They don't pull the mids to upfront they throw them a little bit in the background for a more natural approach. Best way to explain this would be if you were in a concert you wouldn't be on stage in front of the singer or hearing primarily only their voice and having their instruments in the background. This is more like you're sitting in the concert hall seven seats back able to hear the instruments the ambience of the hall and all the enjoyment of the full vocal execution of any song were vocality is the main point....
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Bark Snarly

Great sounding and looking headphones


Pros: Refined sound, well extended treble, nice punchy bass, fantastic build quality, great isolation, gorgeous looks, folds into a rather compact shape

Cons: Sound a bit boomy on first impression, initially not the best comfort

I'd just like to mention that this is my first review for headphones (or anything musical) and probably isn't going to be the best thing you've ever read. Still getting used to putting what I hear into text so the sound section might be a bit shorter than expected too.   Initial impressions and build quality: The box itself seemed very well made, thick cardboard and much larger than the headphones themselves which is usually an indicator that the headphones would be quite well protected. Upon opening the box I was struck with how gorgeous these headphones look in person. If I could put it into a single word it would be 'Luxurious'. All metal and leather construction (as far as I...
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