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Bose® IE2 audio headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Good gear in terms of comfort and enjoyment


Pros: warm sound, extremely comfortable

Cons: low resolution, highs are not as crisp

I have no idea why most of ppl in this forum seem to go against Bose headphones, I mean, they are not necessarily the best IEMs in this price range, but they are definitely the ones worth every penny you spend on them.  First of all, they are not 100% designed for Hi-Fi uses, if you are trying to compare them with UE18pro or IE80, then you are probably not on the right track. If you look into their design and spec, you'll see clearly that, neither their response frequencies nor the impedance is designed for Hi-Fi uses. then, what's so good about them? What does Hi-Fi mean to you? for me, it's simply comfort and enjoyment of music. Being a professional company of great...
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bed time earphones


Pros: almost no sibilance, open-back, non-tiring sound

Cons: not easy to drive, bad with warm sounding amp

got these as a replacement for an eol product. extra were returned   sound: i don't know why bose made the remote versions, cause these don't really sound good when using smartphones, can't use them outdoor either the open back design is my favorite, i just can't live with the enclosed sound of in-ears, isolation means loss of transparency, though there are a few sound isolating in-ear that offer open-back transparent sounds, but they are not as confortable. There is quite a lot of bass, but it dosen't distort the mid at all. and the bass is tight to certain extent, not balanced armature tight. rolled off highs means there is almost no sibilance in the vocals, and it sounds...
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Negative Reviews


Bose IE2: Not So Good!


Pros: Stability in ears; Nice case; Comfort.

Cons: A lot.

Pretty short review of the things that needs attention in my opinion when it comes to the IE2:   I paid for them around $140 here in Serbia and for the price I was disappointed. I chose IE2, when my Sony EX300 cables stopped working, because it was available in my god forsaken country Serbia where we don't have much choice except those highly commercialized brands as Bose. First that came on my mind is that there was a nice soft-ish leather-like black case, not huge but on the bigger side when it comes to in ear earphones cases which I found to be very useful since you don't have to fold cables too much. That was about everything that was good with these earphones.   ...
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Decent, but only worth $20.


Pros: Fun-looking striped cord

Cons: No sound isolation

If you're looking into buying some Bose IE2s, save your money.    BUILD AND DESIGN:  The build on the IE2 is less-than-fantastic. They're all plastic, very light, and they feel fragile. I did, however, enjoy the design. The striped cables turned a few heads, and the chrome Bose logo tells everyone that they were expensive. The strange tips are a little hard to get into your ears, but they fit perfectly, and never fall out. Unfortunately, they do not block any noise whatsoever. The only place you can enjoy them is in the middle of a silent room.    SOUND:  The sound is exactly what you would expect from Bose. It's lacking in almost every way...
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More Reviews


Improvement over original, wish they were cheaper.


Pros: Sound, Comfort, Design

Cons: Value, Price/Performance Ratio

Update: Reduced design rating due to ever-tangling cable. The cable is MADE with some type of built-in twisting/tangling design flaw. Just holding the headphones in my hand, the cable wants to twist and turn and due to its material, it's never fully "straightened out" like most other headphone cables. Due to this, it's become unusable. I've owned the original Bose IEs and now bought these IE2s. In comparing the two, the IE2s have improved on the sound of the original. The originals were fairly dark and quiet. The addition of a couple of ports on the 'phones really helps the sound. These have better range by far. They're still, as with most Bose 'phones, emphasized on the bass and...
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Very comfortable

Sound is clear, feels very comfortable while using them. Unfortunately destroyed by my friend by putting it inside a washing machine.

Decent Sculpted Sound


Pros: Decent sound quality, stay-in ear technology, open-backed, comfortable

Cons: Low-isolation, muddy bass, muffled highs

Initial Impression: They're earbuds with funky tips. They have a funky black and white wire and they're decently popular. Initially they appeared as good earbuds with a very consumer-friendly sound.   Build Quality: The build quality is very poor. It's made from cheap plastics which tend to break under ANY level of impact. Parts of the bud can fairly easily shake loose leaving you with rattling noises whenever you move or lower frequencies are made. The tips are also made from a cheap silicone and tend to start to split and form fissures after regular wear and tear of a few months.   Aesthetics: These look slick. The spiraled black and white wire looks really cool, the...
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open and good soundstage, bassy. wear is quite comfort and does stay on your ears firmly as suggested by Bose. Warm and easy listening.


Pros: Soundstage is guite airy, open and dynamic. Good amount of bass for pop or rocks etc. Innovative design.

Cons: Zero isolation in public, lack sonic details, wired wearing application which probably won't suit a lot of people, pricely & low c/p ratio.

wouldn't recommend if you're going to pay for $100 or above. Reasonable price should have been around $70. The only selling point is the open soundstage, would make a goid pair for movies or gaming. No way near audiophile in terms of sonic reproduction, however, the brand name might be able to impress certain people. Unacceptably poor isolation (tried all different sizes of silicon bud and wearing method).

Decent sound but maybe a little overpriced?


Pros: Warm pleasing, dark sound, never harsh sounding, very very smooth (even at loud volumes), fit nicely in ear

Cons: Lacks detail in higher frequency spectrum, veiled/muffled, rolled off highs

A little decent pair of In-ears, nothing to special and exciting about them. They sound decent for users who want to enjoy their music on the go such as exercise or other events. Offers a very dark sound with a large mid-bass hump. These never have sounded harsh in any way even on poor recordings with a really bright aggressive sound to them. They do however sound very veiled and muffled due to there darker and smoother sound. They lack detail and just sound really fat..

Good for Sports.


Pros: Comfortable, attractive look, perfect for sports.

Cons: Too much basses, the audio quality doesn't convince me, thin cable, all plastic materials.

Too many bass frequencies and as I said before, the audio quality doesn't convince me, bad trebles and mids, they're all made by plastic. The good side is that they're perfect for sports activities, because with the StayHear system the earphones doesn't drop from the ear, whether they're very comfortable.

Great for casual listening, but nothing more.


Pros: Comfortable, stable, and hiss-free on nearly any audio source.

Cons: Meh sound, tangling cables, and no isolation.

Accessories:               The headphones come with three pairs of StayHear™ tips (small, medium, and large), a shirt clip, and a carrying case. Shirt clips are always nice to have, although mine sadly broke within the first month of use. The carrying case, on the other hand, is unique, in the way that it’s meant to hold the IE2s and your audio player of choice inside, rather than just the headphones. The case was just a bit too small for my iPod Touch, though.     Design:             I find the black and white striped cable to be an odd choice of...
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Don't expect to use these in public


Pros: Great mids and highs, good fit.

Cons: Isolation, bass, price

I originally bought these because my earbuds had came apart on a flight from Canada to Hong Kong. I love the Bose home theater products I have at home and saw a Bose store in the airport and decided to buy them.    Initially I loved the sound quality but, as can be expected with Bose products, the price was quite high due to the name. The mids were clear and the highs weren't too peaky but the bass left room for desire.    The lack of isolation really killed these for me though, since I listen to music most when travelling or walking and I would have to blast the volume to drown out external noise.   Overall these headphones would be great if they...
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Wait......I like in-ear phones now?


Pros: Comfortable (classic Bose), value for money, look

Cons: Don't isolate as you'd expect, look

There's a reason that I put the look in both sections. That black and white stripe design looks really good, but might take some getting used to for some.   In general, I can understand the slight "ewwww" response to Bose headphones, and owning two probably makes me seem like I don't belong here, but these earphones do actually break the classic trend. Time for a review.   Audio Quality   Right, so the main bit of the review. I listen to a lot of different tracks, and there are some where I actually do think "wow." For a set of headphones at their price, they're actually quite good. When I first tried them out with my phone, they weren't the greatest things in...
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Pretty good


Pros: Stays on, Good bass

Cons: trebles and mids sound harsh

I had a pair of sennheisers before these and i was happy to get these instead. these were bass heavy headphones . but after a while i started noticing that te mids and trebles sound a bit harsh. classical sounded terrible using these headphones.The bass is quite good though. if youre a bass head then this is a good buy for you.
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