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Beyerdynamic T90 Premium Stereo Headphone

95% Positive Reviews
Rated #13 in Over-Ear


Pros: Bass, Treble, Overall very balanced neutral

Cons: Non-removal cable

This was supposed to be an extremely short review of the Beyerdynamic T90 after owning them for several weeks. Didn’t really notice the sound changing (burn-in) as I’ve owned them. Setup is a custom built desktop running Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Gnome 14.10. Music sources are FLAC files played through Foobar2K and streaming Google Play Music. I used ifi nano > ifi micro ican > T90.



Beyer as usual knocked the ball out of the park. I never thought something would be as comfortable as the DT990, but Beyer has outdone themselves. Clamping is light. Almost feels like you have nothing on your head allowing you to get lost in the music. The pads are microfiber. No itchiness or scratchiness I’ve experienced with velour or some other materials. Ears do not get hot after multiple hours of use.


The headphones themselves are beautiful to behold in person. They look good in pictures but even better when they’re in front of you. Everything about the headphone feels well crafted and you can tell time was put in to make an excellent product.


If I do have one complaints, it is the cable. Length is decent but at the price the headphones sell for, they should be removable.



Before getting these, I probably did too much research. I’ve been through a few headphones over the past few months (HD600 x2, HE400, Sound HP100, AKG Q701). While each of them had some great qualities, there was always something wrong like the comfort, mids, or soundstage. So I ended up selling them in the For Sale section or returning them. The T90 is the one that felt like the complete package.



Many reviews mentioned that this had a lot of treble and that almost stopped me from getting them. I’m glad I bought them because the treble is a non-issue for me at least. I haven’t heard any sibilance or any sharp or piercing highs. Maybe my ears have adjusted after having the Q701. The highs extend well and are very present but not overbearing.


Mids & Details

The details are incredible. You hear things you didn’t even know were there before. A singer’s breathing becomes clear. Instruments that you didn’t hear before are now there. I have gained a new appreciation for producers.


In Bel Biv Devoe’s poison, you can hear the bass line in other headphones. But it is more textured and detailed on the T90. To test the mid range of headphones, I like to listen Coexist by The xx. On the opening song, Romy’s voice is so clear and engulfing. You can hear her breath after singing a note.


Hearing the T90 is like going from SD to 1080p. The T90 do a great job of showing all the details but not throwing them in your face. You can get immersed in the music but the details still shine. It’s like sitting in the middle section at a theater.


There is a negative to the hearing the detail though. You hear all the details even the bad stuff. It is truly like putting a microscope on your music. As I found out, a lot of the music I listen is not mastered well. There is static and random pops and crackles. The mastering problem happens on more modern music especially pop. Most of the 80s music I listen to (pop, r&b) sounds incredible.



This may not be the basshead’s headphone of choice, but there is good bass here. There is quality and quantity. The bass does not bleed into the other parts of the music. Impact is solid and well textured with a quick decay. The bass depends on the song. If bass is present in the song, then it will be there in the T90. On Candy Girl by New Edition, there is very little bass. However on Disclosure’s Tenderly, the bass is very present and addictive. Because the bass doesn’t become overbearing, you can appreciate other parts of the songs but still bobb your head.


Soundstage (& Imaging)

One complaint I read about the Q701 is that the soundstage was too wide. I didn’t get what they meant till I got them. Basically the soundstage was wide all the time even if the music needed something more intimate. The T90 is soundstage done right.


The T90 has a decent sized soundstage. It is wide but there is also depth. While it’s not perfectly 3-d, you can easily discern where a sound is coming from. To recycle the theater analogy from earlier, it really is like sitting in the middle section at the movies. Instrument separation is top notch. Everything sounds like it’s in its own lane on the same road and they come together to make some sweet music.


Final Thoughts

This was supposed to be a micro review. Don’t know how I ended up rambling for so long and I almost thought about going further.


Anyways, the T90s are the most balanced sounding and best sounding Beyers I’ve heard. Whatever is in the Tesla technology is magic. I’ve never smiled and bobbed so much listening to music before. Simply put, these are the greatest sounding headphones I have heard so far. To be fair, these are the only $400 plus headphones I’ve heard as well :P.


Hierarchy of headphones I’ve owned so far

T90 > HD600 > HE400 > HP100 > DT990 >= Q701 > DT770 > M50

TL;DR… Comfortable and great sounding. Buy them especially if you can find it for around $400 on eBay like I did. Make sure the quality of your music is up to par (no 128kbps mp3s) and mastered well.


Some Eyecandy :beyersmile:





Pros: Beautiful crisp loudspeaker-like sound, immersive soundstage, fantastic tonality, transparency, comfort, timeless design, price

Cons: non-detachable cable, makes you want to go through your music collection once again, nothing else at this price

These headphones are all about quality. Quality in workmanship and craftsmanship. Quality of sound. Quality of design. Quality of comfort. The moment you take them out of their box you can feel there is something special with them. Personally I have never been so impressed by a pair of headphones before. Maybe my HD650 come close. I really didn't expect anything near this magnificent performance for $600. I got them used (6 months old) for $220 and it is the best purchase I have ever done in hi-fi.


Dare I say that these headphones are probably among top three headphones I've ever heard? Other two being HD800 and Stax SR-007. A bold statement I know. But I am impressed indeed.


The sound of T90 is very unique and hard to describe. It is a headphone that disappears in its transparency, airiness and great tonality. Listening to classical orchestral pieces really feels like sitting there in the concert hall a couple of rows back. Having the orchestra inside your head. The soundstage is very coherent. Imaging pinpoint. Detailing is really fantastic. You can easily concentrate on any instrument in the orchestra and follow it, almost feel it. The tonality is natural and real, very expressive. Mids are really beautiful. Vocals for instance, are full of character. Bass is a little bit slim but very finely defined and textured. It goes very deep and has slam when needed. 


The price/performance ratio of T90 is unbeatable. T90s are experience. They are highly recommended from me. In this case I don't have enough stars to award.


Pros: Extended tight bass, good amount of sub bass, clear detailed highs, netural mids, good soundstage and imaging

Cons: Mids are distant and may sound thin then depending on source, grills are dust magnets and are easy to scratch. Bass boost may cause rattling


Some say the t90 is 95% of a t1. And while the t1 is easily the better can and the t90 does fall short of being a totl headphone. It’s pretty close, and definitely has the potential to be your end game headphone.



Pros: Simple minimal packaging, comes with a carry case, no annoying plastic to throw out

Cons: Lack of accessories, said case isn’t portable


While it lacks a lot of accessories,  the fact  it comes with a useful carrying case is a plus that many other headphones don't even have. Other than that easy to unbox and no fussy plastic to throw out.


Burn in

I bought a year old demo with 10 hours of burn in, so I don’t think I can give my impression for this category.





Pros: Classic beyer looks with more premium materials

Cons: none

It’s a beyer, so the t90 has that base look from any beyer you can get. Just with nice metals and cloth.





Pros: Tough steel, inspires rigidity

Cons: Hinges don’t inspire confidence, non removable cable, dust and scratch magnet


It’s quite the tank, despite its refined looks. However the hinges do feel a bit wobbly. And even worse the grills are scratch magnets with a scratch and a few scuffs appearing on both sides with prolonged usage. Still said scratches very light and needs close attention to see. But it’s still there.  It also collects dust and dandruff like there’s no tomorrow. Not good for those who like visual perfection. But despite my worries of the hinges, even rough use of the headphones did nothing to damage them significantly. Hence why I think it’s quite a tank.





Pro: Classic beyer comfort

Cons: Moves a bit when moving around


(Again) It’s a beyer, and like all beyers, comfort is near perfection. Though the headphone does move a bit when I turn my head. Which is a tad annoying. No big deal though.





Pros: Plenty of sub bass and bass impact, clean highs without any sibilance, solid imaging and detail. Engaging detailed bass.

Cons: Mids a tad thin and lacks a bit of engagement. Bass boost and poor amping can cause rattling at loud volumes, soundstage while decently sized and encompassing is a bit compressed to the top.


First of all this is a U shaped can. This means while the mids are not recessed whatsoever, it’s also not enhanced in any way unlike the bass and highs.  And the bass and highs are great.



While bass boosting and poor amping can cause rattling a loud volumes, even at decent volume you will get great bass impact and subbass. Plus it’s still pretty tight and detailed when it needs to be. Great for bass heavy songs, movies and games.



The highs sparkles and is quite clean, and unlike many others reviewers, I didn't get the much feared sibilance. Lucky me ^.^


The mids to me are the worst part of the sound. Though by worst I just mean it’s just good, quite good in fact. Just not as good as the bass and highs. Nicely detailed, but to me it’s a bit too thin and a tad distant for my tastes. But otherwise done very well.


The soundstage is decently wide and deep, but it isn’t huge. A good part of the sound is still “inside my head”, and I also feel the soundstage is a bit compressed to the top. But imaging is great. It was the first headphone that made me realize that in one of my favorite jazz songs, the piano moves from left to right and back to left. Never noticed that on my older headphones.



Mids are a tad distant, but the highs are right between forward and distant, and the bass is quite forward and engaging.


Short of TOTL status, but it’s not slow either.





If you skipped everything and just went to the conclusion, let me tell that this is probably the best u shaped can under 1K. I hadn't tried any other u shaped at at below the price point that did the sound sig as much justice as the t90s.  But the mids didn’t sound as enjoyable as some mid heavy and neutral headphones I tried and there was a rattling issue with bass boost at loud volumes. Nor will it beat flagship 1k+ headphones in any way. Still the aspects that fall short of totl headphones are still stellar even at it's mrsp price point. If you take the t90s for what it is, a pre summit fi u shaped headphone, you’ll be treated to engaging visceral bass with clean detailed highs.





Pros: Detailed, elegant sounding. Outstanding comfort. Well balanced.

Cons: Occasional piercing treble (depending on recording)

My first review on head-fi.  I have only had the T90s for a few weeks, and have maybe 30 hours of listening time so far.  I have mainly been listening to ripped CDs (44.1khz/16) and some HD 96Khz/24 recordings.  I've also listened to some 320kbs streaming audio.  My audio path is a Macbook pro to an O2/ODAC via USB.  I also have a DacMagicXS that I use at work.


I came to the T90s from a set of ATH-M50 cans.  Putting on the T90s was a revelation.  I never realized how much more music there was to the recordings, in almost all cases.


One of my personal peeves regarding playback systems in general, is a tendency for many to emphasize one aspect of the sound, heavy bass for example.  The T90 is well balanced at all frequencies, with the possible exception of an occasional over-emphasis of treble.  Even so, I am not in the least bit bothered by this as it seems to be somewhat recording dependent and is easily dealt with.  For me, the bass response is just right.  Ever present, but not overbearing and with a pure sound.  The mids shine and really highlight how much better these are than the ATH-M50s I have been using.


I'm not going to talk about soundstage or other somewhat abstract audio concepts, except to say that when I listen to music through these headphones, I feel very close to the music.  Not in the middle, but close enough.  I don't feel as if I am in a large concert hall, but more a smaller venue, maybe a night club.  This may be more to the type of music I listen to, primarilly acoustic jazz, folk, with some classical mixed in.


The sound of the individual instruments always comes through well with the T90s.  Ensembles sound right, with my only criticism being that some string ensemble tracks can sound a bit muddy.  I think this is one of the most difficult types of music to get right for any playback system.  Voices are magnificent on these headphones.  Especially female vocals.


To conclude, the T90s have been a significant upgrade to my listening experience.


Pros: Great Overall Tonality, Accurate Bass, Extreme Resolving Power, Very Comfortable and very affordable...

Cons: Clicking sometimes in adjusting headset

I can not believe these headphones are rated at #64 in this category.


I have had many headphones in the last few years and sold most of them once I discovered these Beyer T90's.


No headphones are perfect and a lot of them are far from even being close.


I am not going to be-little other cans here but the T90s deserve a listen to and compare for yourself how great they are compared to your other cans.


Using cuts from Brian Broombergs "Wood" cd allows you to see how well and accurate bass from a musical instrument really can sound in a set of headphones.


The bass is as good as my LCD2's IMO.


The human voice both male and female are re-produced wonderfully, from Linda Rondstadt to John Hiatt.....


The T90s are a very accurate but very musical set of headphones, very immersive and amazing uncanny ability to reproduce what the recording engineer was trying

to capture when mastering.


They are quick and snappy when the source material demands it.


Guitar plucks are reproduced with depth and wonderful tonality, Preston Reeds, Instrument Landing, "Bye Bye Boo Boo" is reproduced with magnificent sound.


If the source material is well mastered and recorded the T90's will allow you to experience all of it wonderfully.


Some say there is sibilance etc on the high end.....but listen to a live band or concert and listen to how sharp and brittle some instruments sound when they are whacked unmercifully...or breaking glass.


The T90s reproduce these sound very accurately...if the high end is "hot" you will hear 'hot"....


These cans are very comfortable and fit my normal sized head well. The only minor hit to me is the adjustment sometimes moves a little bit when putting them on or off.

You get a clicking sound from time to time in this on/off removal, dependent on how you hold them etc..really a nit to me.


Searching for a really great transparent set of headphones in a $500-$600 range to rival the $1K range, I find the Beyer T90's fit that bill very nicely.


Highly Recommened




Pros: extended range, very neutral but also very lively, great detail

Cons: large

I purchased these headphone after comparing to the Sennheisers HD650, the Grado PS-500, Hifiman HE-400 and HE-500.


They are very neutral but have a lively sound with great extension into the high and the lows.

By neutral I mean they give what is on the recording. There is no bass boost. If it`s there you will get it and as deep as it goes.


By comparison they are closest to the HD650 slight smaller soundstage but lively instead of polite. Your foots starts tapping to the music and you are taken away. 

Much more range extension, both bass and treble compared to the Grados. 

As for the hifimen, as much detail as the he400 but none of it`s high end quirks. A little less detail than the HE-500, but more bass and high extension and much more usable.


Comfort is very high. Though they are large they fit well.


Using a good amplifier makes a huge difference. Other commenters complaining about lack of bass either were missing exagerated bass or used a underpowered amp An ipod won`t give you good bass. I use a Fiio E12 for travel with my ipod.


At this level of sound quality, the recording and your source are the most important factors. Maybe the over 1000$ headphones can do better but only with the best sources.


Pros: Amazing instrumental imaging, amazing detail retrieval, beautiful sound stage.

Cons: non-detachable cable, unforgiving with poor recordings .

Beyerdynamic T90 Review

Headphone - Beyerdynamic Tesla90 {250 Ohm} [Open]
Portable Amplifier – iFi iCan Nano
Player Source – Lenovo Y470
Music Source – 16/44.1kHz CD FLAC & 24/192kHz FLAC
Music Bands – Eric Clapton , Westlife , Michael Buble , Jason Mraz , Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Maroon5 , Taylor Swift , Green Day , Avenged Sevenfold.

Having done research on the leading products on Hi Fi headphones over the past few months, I’ve audited a small group of Hi Fi headphones, such as the Senn HD800, Beyer T1, Beyer T5, Beyer DT990, AKG 701, AKG 702 etc. Every one of these headphones showcased very different sound signatures and built quality. I have read online reviews regarding these high end headphones and weighed their pros and cons before deciding to lie my money on them. Measured Graphical Statistics of these headphones from companies like Golden Ears, Head Fi & Inner Fidelity were also taken note of. The T90’s definitely stood out from the rest with its price to performance ratio, where I bought it on the second time I audited them.

First Impressions

These headphones looks like they have a bold statement to deliver when you first look at them , most of the parts which look like metal , are metal . The construction is very rigid, looks durable and feels good with a premium weight in your hands. The headband and ear pads are microfiber velvet, comfortable to put on over extended periods of time, the headband and ear pads are fully removable, allowing it to be easily exchanged at a small cost. The earpads felt like they are filled with memory foam and are thick enough to provide comfortable cushioning and prevents your ear from touching the headphone driver felt padding (which was a problem for the DT series) It is very comfortable and fits like a glove with the aids of multiple swivels. The opening for the drivers on the outer side has a beautiful tight weave which prevents dust from interfering whilst maintaining its open headphone properties. You cannot see through the Headphones or see the driver itself like other headphones, however it is quite evident that it is open due to the sound produced where I would touch on later in the review. The headband could be extended in notches, discretely cut. The cable is a 3m fixed rubber insulated cable which prevents one from changing cable types for sound tweaking, it extends out to a 3.5mm audio jack with a ¼ inch audio plug screw on. Overall Design felt exquisite and felt like no corners were cut during the assembly process. The Beyerdynamic T90s were Designed, Hand assembled and Tested in Germany.

Frequency Response of the headphones were wonderfully and tastefully tuned , having low bass reach whilst keeping it minimally amplified to make the music interesting . The mid-range were good and have a slight warm tint. The treble reach is good, it is well controlled and do not cause discomfort with sharp piercing spikes like some other HiFi headphones, it is bright enough to keep the treble realistic and believable, it does have very well presence in the music and occasionally tells you “hey I’m here!” Overall a rather “fun” sounding headphone, not boringly balanced, but yet enough to keep the listeners looking for “fun” and critical listening smiling. The Beyerdynamic line of headphones generally have a very unique sound signature they have kept over decades, this unique sound signature kept in an interesting manner that one will only understand after trying a few from their DT or T line of headphones.

Sound Stage is one of the thing which sets this T90 apart from Closed headphones, from my experience, Open headphones will definitely have a wider soundstage than Closed headphones, that was the main objective of Open headphones from the start, to recreate a broader sound stage. They were truly impressive, the sound stage was wide. You are no longer confined in the small room of which Closed headphones were limited to, you felt that there is a sudden space between the music and you, making it a very pleasurable listening experience, echoes and reverberations becomes present in realistic amounts making it natural and absolutely satisfying. Each instrument has it’s space and you could hear them being displayed very beautifully as itself. The depth and resolution is simply a treat, an audio bliss.

Instrumental Imaging is of a high calibre with the T90 , and I am not exaggerating it just because I’ve spent good money on them , because the instrumental imaging is of a very high standard, perhaps one of the first few things you would naturally take into notice when running them, immediately you know how many instruments are present in your music, upon that, you know exactly what key each individual instrument is on, at which angle the instruments are placed and played, at what distance these instruments are played in relative to other instruments, are the more forward or backward, it’s very clearly evident and superbly enjoyable to be able to pin point all of the instruments present in the music, that is also the reason why new electric music never caught my ear, they were veiled and had no depth and resolution in them . The instrument details and textures were stunningly true, guitar’s strums and plucks were so real, you could picture the strings vibrating, piano were so clear, you could feel the hammer striking the piano strings, Violins were smooth and beautifully displayed, Drum bass kicks has a wholesome body and head to it. Snares tight and impactful, Hi Hats and Crashes were neither confused nor disorientated, but well controlled and delivered even when the other instruments were present. Rides were true with the ring, Bells rang clear like a bell. It is undoubtedly a very pleasant listening experience, as you know very clearly each instrument is doing its job, the imaging of the T90 is very close to its flagship brother T1 with about 90% resemblance in my opinion. And that also was backed up by a number of other critical listeners whom have owned them both.

Clarity, as claimed by the manufacturer the total harmonic distortion is of 0.05%, as you already know, many companies do put false frequency response range, rounded off impedance, and similarly the low 0.05% should not be taken too seriously. But however, the music sounds neat and black were black, there were no noticeable sibilance and it could perform as it is even in higher volumes with no change in personality Detail Retrieval is good with minor nuances being picked up and delivered with great realism, everything feels just right with the T90 and there were little or nothing to complain about.

Music Genre Handling were interestingly good, they could handle a vast variety of music genres and display them wonderfully for your pleasure. They could handle most of the genres thrown at them with great results. They will sound as they should be displayed. However they are very sensitive to poor recordings and will hiss and spike in poor recordings to tell you explicitly that they are not its cup of tea. Hence, lossless or high quality music must be fed to it, or you will have a rather terrible time with these headphones too. But clear enough, if you play mp3, it’s clear that you will not achieve the depth, detail, imaging, realism and quality as compared to a quality audio file.

Isolation, being an open headphone, it is obvious that it isolates minimal environmental noise, which means, in trade of the wide sound stage, you get a headphone where you could only use at home, in a quiet environment, and end up disturbing the quiet environment with your music. As an open headphone, you could hear the chatters that happen outside of your headphones and the people outside can too, hear your music very clearly. Running at my comfortable volume, the sound could be heard clearly throughout my room even when I have the headphone on. And my little brother sleeping a meter away could easily tell the title of the song I just played. Hence, these headphones are meant for home and to stay home.

Amp Preference, I’ve heard that the T90 performs very differently with different amplifiers and if you manage to find one that suits your preference, you’re in for an immersive good time. I am currently using a good solid state portable amplifier, but I will go on and give tube amps and other solid states a go, to double this theory and to discover the potential of which the T90 holds.

“ Everyone whom have owned these pair of headphones come back to tell me of their new found love “ The T90s are better sounding than the more expensive HD700 , it fought tiers up and resides on the Beyerdynamic T1’s shoulder. Overall Delivery is an interesting, unique pair of headphones which is both enjoyable for pleasure listening and detailed for critical listening. I do strongly recommend this for audio enthusiasts who are interested to know how a high end headphone sound like, and are in for a preview of high end audio from headphones.

Review Updated as of 26/3/14

(Singapore Only)
Auditioned Various headphones at Jaben & Stereo. Do check their stores out, Headphones, inEars, Amplifiers, DACs and more could be auditioned just by asking, both companies has great customer service, items which Stereo do not carry, high chances are that Jaben does. Jaben allows bundles and bargains, making them a recommended place to check out if you are buying more than 1 item per trip. Stereo has more lucky draws, Fixed Prices or Occasionally Fixed Discounts.



Pros: Detailed, Exciting, Has Soul

Cons: Very System Dependent, Sibilant


A lot has been written about Beyerdynamic’s T90 Tesla headphone. It’s easily one of those headphones that falls in the “love it or hate it” category. The sound signature is interesting, it’s involving, but it’s definitely not for every ear.

The T90 is often referred to as the DT990’s big brother. In a sense that is true and in many ways it is so much more. Having had both, I feel confident saying that you will love the T90 if you like the DT990. While the frequency responses are relatively similar, the T90 is a truer reference level headphone. It takes everything good about the DT990 and makes it better: Smoother treble, wider soundstage, tighter bass, more space and depth, and, of course, better build quality (particularly when compared to the DT990 PRO). 

In all, the T90 is much more refined, and it should be when you consider the price difference. Compared to its higher priced sibling, the T1, I truly believe you are getting probably 80-90% of the performance for a fraction of the cost. My particular gripe with the T1 is the angled driver that makes performance very dependent on the cup placement on your head. The T1 will sound very different depending on how the driver is lined up with your ear, and this is something I personally can’t stand. Otherwise, I’d say the T1 is simply a touch more refined across the frequency range, but this is a classic case of diminishing returns as prices rise.

Anyway, all that said, I find the T90 to be one of the pickiest headphones I have ever used. I’ve gone from absolutely loving it... can’t stop listening, “Just one more song,” to “Get these things off now.” So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with it. The T90 is quite sensitive, it gets loud very easily, it’s incredibly revealing, the treble can get peaky easily and what all of that means is that without a high quality source with the power to get the drivers really moving and recordings that match the T90’s characteristics, they can be incredibly unpleasant to listen to. 

For example, mated with my Ray Samuels Audio “The Raptor” tube headphone amp, the T90 performs admirably. Despite some background gain hiss, the T90 balances out the Raptor’s warm, lush tube sound to create a dynamic, full-bodied atmosphere that engulfs your ears and transports you into the concert hall. This combination always has my toes tapping and head bopping across all of my preferred genres. It’s easily one of my favorite headphones with that amp. The T90s driven by my Woo Audio WA6-SE on the other hand is absolutely underwhelming at best, and this saddens me. I can’t technically explain why, but the sound is thin, the treble is incredibly sibilant, and they lose all of the gusto that they had with the Raptor or the solid state Grace Model 901. With the terrific little ALO Audio Pan Am I use on my PC, the T90 performs somewhere between the Raptor and WA6-SE, regaining some warmth and a mellowed out high end with nice treble extension. But my point here is that the T90 is very amp dependent and it will likely take some trial and error to get the T90 performing to its full capabilities, and this is why I believe it is often loved or hated. 

I’ve owned a lot of headphones: AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO (review), Beyerdynamic T90, Brainwavz HM5, Grado GS-1000i (review), HiFiMan HE-500, Sennheiser HD650 and Shure SRH840 (review). Each of these is unique in its sound signature, but the T90 is one that I think can really excel at everything and every genre, but it’s all about getting the synergy right with your amp/DAC. Get it wrong and you’ll likely hate every second of your listening session. But when you get the match right, the T90 absolutely sings. It shimmers; it has soul. It’s engaging for all of the right reasons and it will take you another step closer to Audio Nirvana.




Pros: Comfortable, well built.

Cons: The way they sound!

In two words, hugely disappointing.

I was looking for an open-back 'phone to use as an alternative to my AKG 550s and having owned Sennheiser HD 600s and AKG K701s previously, I thought I give Beyerdynamic a try and I was REALLY hoping I would like the T90s

The T90s have plenty of positive reviews, with the consensus seeming to be that they are supposed to be a bit more open, lively and less 'dark' sounding than the HD600s, which sounded just what I was after.

I know personal preferences will be a huge factor, but I found the T90s unbelievably thin and tinny sounding - note this is being driven from an Audioquest Dragonfly, with 24/96 files and not just an iPod or portable device, so I was using a decent, if not amazing quality source.


I found the treble to be totally OTT and the mid completely devoid of any body or warmth.

I have now returned the T90s in favour of a pair of AKG K702s which I obtained as a perfect Amazon Warehouse deal at less that half of the T90s already discounted price. For me, the AKGs frankly destroy the T90s in absolutely every single area.

Of course I respect the views of other here, but personally I'm finding it hard to think of how or why anyone would choose these in preference to Sennheiser's HD600 or HD650, or AKG's K701/2 range, let alone the HD700 or HD800.

If you are using a USB source, my advice would be to grab a pair of AKG702s and a CEntrance DACport, which can BOTH be bought for the cost of the T90s. The difference in quality and VFM is staggering.

Beyerdynamic T90 Premium Stereo Headphone

The Beyerdynamic T90 Premium Stereo Headphone is designed to provide a hi-end audiophile listening experience while remaining comfortable during long-term listening. The T90 features an open circumaural design, coupled with Telsa transducers for rich detail and enveloping sound quality for a completely immersing listening experience. The T90's wide frequency response captures the most subtle detail with pristine accuracy. Its elegant appearance is also functional with velvet lined earpads and headband providing maximum comfort. Impressive sound experience from the start Tesla technology with highest efficiency Single-sided cable Ear pads made of microfibre

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