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Eine Niederlage.


Pros: Sharp Craftsmanship.

Cons: Restomod-esque Engineering Implementation.

  Never thought this day would come but I guess blunders are inevitable. There is no denying the Beyerdynamic T5p is one attractive looking Headphone, I think it's among the most beautiful and understated looking Headphones ever created. Beyer outdid themselves with the Tesla 1 and Tesla T5p Mesh designs. I personally love the design elements of the T1 and T5p but this is the place where it's resemblance with the T1 ends.  Comfort and Isolation -  In the ever growing trend of "Closed-Backs" sounding "Semi-Open" the T5p manages to be fully sealed. It reminds me a lot of the DT770M, albeit not as good at isolation as the DT770M, nevertheless the isolation is very...
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Perfect office headphones


Pros: Supremely comfortable, good isolation, exceptional bass

Cons: Expensive, too bulky/fragile to use on-the-go

I bought these after someone described them as his "desert island headphones" in the annual Head-Fi Gift Guide about 2 years ago. I was looking for something to wear at my desk in an open office environment, which meant that I needed something closed-back to block out external noise (and to keep my music to myself!). Every other closed-back headphone I'd tried suffered from either mediocre audio quality (e.g. Bose QC15) or a poor fit that made it uncomfortable for extended wear (e.g. AKG K550). I hadn't set out to get a $1000 pair of headphones, but I figured they were worth a try.   And I've been delighted ever since. For my needs, it's hard to imagine a better headphone. I plug...
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T5p - for audiophiles on the go!


Pros: great sound (details!!!), luxurious design (real leather earpads and headband), driven straight from your smartphone

Cons: non-detachable cables, lack of bass quantity

Deal or No Deal - that's the first thing that went through my mind when I took out the aluminum case T5p came in. Apparently at $1,399 its a BIG DEAL. This is a high class Audiophile Quality headphones designed FOR use with mobile devices! I had a very rare opportunity to test drive these for a short time period, and would like to share with you my experience. I already mentioned about aluminum case these were stored in, though the case itself arrived inside of a rather large packaging box. With high definition pictures and detailed list of features, you get right away a heads up about something special that awaits you inside. Opening the aluminum box/case was exciting as well, and...
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Beyerdynamic T5p Impressions


Pros: Clarity; comfort; detailed sound; build quality; looks; versatility; fun factor of sound; etc.

Cons: Less-than-ample bass; price; non-detachable cable; isolation could be better.

  Introduction:    I have been researching closed-back portable headphones for a couple of years, off and on. I sometimes have to drive a few hours to see family or travel to events, and I've found that the better the music I listen to, the more likely I am to remain awake at the wheel. Also, I recently gained a part-time roommate, as one of my very good friends is having marital difficulties and stays at my place about 50% of the time. We very rarely work the same shifts (we both work retail), and sometimes need to do our own thing in the same room. I have a pair of LCD-2s that I absolutely adore (one of my absolute favorite things I own), but if he is talking on...
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Mediocre Headphones for a Steep price


Pros: Accurate. Not Grainy. Very good dynamic range

Cons: Case. No removeable cable. Presentation. Very electronic sound

EDIT: After trying more TOTL headphones and electrostats, I bumped the rating down. Preface: Please keep in mind I'm reviewing them for the purpose they were created. Beyerdynamic targeted them at mobile users who are looking for high end portable cans. I spend 2-3 hours on the go every day and the transit here is very loud so I need something that isolates. I also can't really be using semi-open or open backed cans in the library where I'll be distracting people. Build Quality: The build quality is VERY high in my opinion. Everything feels very sturdy. The cups swivel a bit so you can move one side behind your ear if someone is talking to you. The hinges feel very sturdy which was a...
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A hand made gem that's strong in detail and gaming potential, but needs some structural work.


Pros: Incredibly clinical sound, very strong detail retrieval, hand made, out of this world gaming headphones

Cons: Sound may be too clinical for some, construction isn't what's expected of a product of this price, very bass light.

       Beyerdynamic has been a tried and true brand for me over the years. In fact, their T70p was my first ever headphone I purchased over $200 (how the times have changed). Their quality and craftsmanship has always impressed me and this continues to the T5p model that lays here before me. I’ve some prior experience with this headphone, but it’s thanks to a subscriber of mine who reached out to me and asked if I would review a few products for my take on them, that I’m now comfortable enough to write a full review of them. So without further adue, allow me to introduce, the Beyerdynamic T5p.    [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]   The Opening Experience          [[SPOILER]]       Yet again I...
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Jimbob Andrews

Best closed headphones I have owned


Pros: Natural, Clear details, better sound stage than any closed headphone I have heard

Cons: Bulky and a bit heavy, Non-detachable cord

I bought these used along with a Schiit Lyr & Bifrost. Going from my Audio-Technica M50's, they were amazing. Excitedly I went to my home music set up (Paradigm Studio 20s,  HSU Research VTF-3, Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi) Of course the headphones were no match for the home set up. This set up was amazing and I did not get tired of it. Listening to Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" and heard him smacking his lips before he started singing. Details like this excite me. Down side was forget about MP3s or a lot of badly recorded albums, but hey the M50's will suffice if if I just have to listen to something like that. The Schiit set up was not practical for work, so I sold it....
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Great compromise for excellent sound (yes, including bass!) without bugging your coworkers


Pros: Sound quality, bass level, isolation

Cons: Cost, perhaps..? Well worth the price, however.

I'm writing this comment long after the T5p was released, and have owned them since 2011. I leave them at work and use them almost every day, running through a Schiit DAC and amp, with an iPod nano (digital out through a dock) playing everything between 256kbps AAC and 24/48 Apple Lossless files. Sadly, I work in an environment where we can't have anything with a camera or radio (bluetooth, wifi, etc..), so I'm limited to what players I can use at work. The 6th Gen iPod nano, the Classic, and various hifi players like the Fiio's are pretty-much all we can use. While I owned a Fiio X-5 for awhile, the interface was so annoying that I switched back to the nano. I've got to say, I have...
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Amazing Closed Headphones


Pros: details, build quality, dynamic

Cons: heavy

I've been looking for a over ear closed back headphones that I could wear anywhere for a while. My Bose QC15 is great when I take a plane or train (good noise cancellation, very comfortable), but the sound quality is rubbish. My Grado SR325 sounds amazing at home, but I couldn't even wear it on my bed because my girlfriend would complain about the sound leak. My Bowers & Wilkins p5 looks cool but sounds rubbish and uncomfortable because I wear glasses. My Shure SE530 sounds very good but doesn't have the slam and the airiness the full size headphones does. The Beyerdynamic T5P is just simply like having all of those headphones combined. The details is just amazing. I couldn't even...
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Tesla T5p


Pros: Everything

Cons: Not very portable

  This is still my favorite headphone, when something else impresses me beyond this then I'll upgrade.   When I compared this to my Audio Technica A2000X, the A2x sounded thin and delicate, the T5p had more life, it sounds alive, the T1 is smoky and refined, STAX has a different sound, transparent.   In fairness, I listened to the A2000X a little more, so perhaps the T5p sounds very impressive, but isn't as ethereal.   It has an "r type" sound, but the bass is extremely good quality, like the rest of the frequencies.   I've heard people say it's overpriced... is it really?  If it's my favorite headphone ever so far, and sounds...
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Beyerdynamic T5p


Pros: comfort, build, isolation, sparkling treble,soundstage

Cons: lean bass

Leather earpads and headband are as soft as butter. Excellent build quality, feels extremely solid. Heavy due to the solid build, but since it's so comfortable, we tend to forget the weight. Isolation is excellent due to the seal of the leather earpads around your ears. Details, trebel and midrange are all good, but the bass is lean.  
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