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beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones

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Pros: Wide soundstage, Up front & involving, Instrument seperation, Clarity, Imaging placement location of sounds.

Cons: Mids recession very tellable on some songs, clamp, ear cup depth, big fatigue once amped

Okay I'll start by saying I'm a budding audiophile, only been in the scene for a couple of years and in that time made minimal purchases so my experience isn't ideal. Figured I'd mention that straight away, that being said I'm typing this review for and from the perspective of fellow budding audiophiles or even folks totally new who want to upgrade but don't know which way to turn....


So the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, is one of the best built headphones in the business at the price it sells for. The black arms that connect to the cups look plastic but they're of a metallic material, that same material goes under the fake leather headband (pin button topped) and criss-crosses at the top of the headphone to reinforce the durability. Even the plastic feels surprisingly quality to the touch - also where it says 'DT 990 Pro' on the ear cups from the pictures it looks like paint but it's not it's actually raised hard plastic. Another small bonus that let's you know you've just bought a friggin' serious headphone! Soft as silk velour earcups too - even the  inner foam of the cups feels plush lol. In short they're built like tanks but look and feel more like a limo.


As for how they sound, well, if you want a headphone that does extremely well for mainstream music that most people listen to (rnb, dub step, hip hop, rock, pop, dance/rave, d&b etc) but can also double up as a blu ray behemoth and gaming goliath all for little over 100 then these are the headphones to purchase honestly....they scream quality, they are quality. How exactly ? Read on....


First and foremost, they get the bass right. It's definitely not lacking in any respect - but it's also not overly dominant. If the song is supposed to be bassy (for example The Prodigy chart topping classic Breathe) then these headphones will outright refuse to be found wanting in that respect and really let you have it, but the cool thing is you will still get extreme clarity and fine details locked away within the song, why ? Because the treble is so good and the bass placement is perfect - because of the up front and involving nature of these headphones plus the wide soundstage and excellent instrument separation basically the bass plays away throughout the song in the middle of the head and the rest of the song/spectrum plays their melodies and notes completely freely all around the bass and at times as the song dictates you'll hear melodies playing at the same time from far left and/or far right and to hear this believe me I defy the average joe not to be stunned. So bass and soundstage is fantastic. 


Blu ray movies + these headphones are simply a revelation! Once again theatre-like  presentation but super clear and enveloping sound. You will truly feel like you're in the movie when that T-Rex stomps the ground causing the water in the cups to vibrate and you can feel the thud and hear the drip of the vibrating water and as well as at the same time also all the raindrops striking the glass sunroof it's simply amazing! Another great thing I noticed was speaking of actual blu ray movies (as Jurassic Park isn't out on Blu Ray just yet) I was watching Lethal Weapon on blu ray and in the funny scene where Riggs & Roger are having banter at the shooting range dropping witty 1 liners on each other as they're firing their guns, so good was the imaging and soundstage that without even trying or focusing I could actually pinpoint the exact location width and depth of sound to where the bullet shell casings landed! 


For someone skittish about spending lots of money but who wants quality headphones that feel expensive & robust and also sound awesome from everyday equipment right out of the box and only sound better given time then I cannot recommend these highly enough for that person. I defy that person to honestly not think it was money well spent. They are the gift that keeps on giving. A true marvel. 


Mr.thommohawk in response with your review i found the dt990 pro as sibilant, muffled, indistinctive and distant.I owned many highend headphones.If you can and try listen to audio technica ath-ad900 same price range you will know exactly what i am talking about
When reviewing headphones you cannot say one is the best or vice versa it is an acquired taste. You really have to listen to all of them then compare and write reviews.All highend headphones requires significant playing time before you can get there full potential.
Hang on when did I say it is THE best? I'm pretty sure I said the Beyer DT 990 Pro is one of the best in it's price range. Not THE best. There's a big difference. But obviously it's an opinion at that.
In fact I said it's one of the best BUILT in it's price range is what I actually said. But again not THE best.
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