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Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 OHM Semi-open reference headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro - Balance & Versatility


Pros: Well balanced, good for most genres, extremely comfortable, well built, good clarity and detail

Cons: No detachable cable

The DT880 Pro 250 ohm is a semi-open circumaural head-phone which Beyerdynamic market for monitoring.     Packaging and Accessories My DT880's (although purchased new) were actually sent as a demo unit - so I did not get the retail box.  They do some with a very nice padded canvas case which offers reasonable protection, and also a 3.5-6.3mm adaptor plug (screw on).     Technical Specifications From the Beyerdynamic website :   Transmission type   Wired Headphone design (operating principle)   Semi-open Impedance   250...
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Negative Reviews


Overpriced treble cannons.


Pros: Separation is good, room for equalization

Cons: Treble is metallic and sibilant, there is no bass extension whatsoever

Shocked, to say the least, is what I was when I first listened to my DT880 250ohm. My jaw dropped. All the negative reviews were right, Beyer made a treble cannon instead of headphones. My despair deepened further when I heard no bass extension, still after a nice and loud 24h burn in. Literally no sub bass could be heard (30hz) and bass was extremely weak. I had to take out the big guns, my dads old amp, that extremely smooth and dark. Bass knob went to the maximum before it could have been considered balanced sounding. Trebles improved slightly by tuning them way down, but rang metallic through and through, though muddied.   Build is also an extremely mixed bag. Whereas the cans...
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More Reviews

YoYo JoKeR

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro: The Mid-Fi Dominator


Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Value

Cons: Mids, Treble, Fixed Cable

  Me: I am a 21 year old student living in a small town in India. I would like to call myself a music enthusiast, rather than an audiophile. I was inspired by music since childhood, and as the time passed, the passion of music grew in me, and that subsequently led me to join Head-Fi. Eventually, I found the pleasure of listening to music mainly by the HD600 and recently, by the seductive LCD2 headphones, and realized the true components of recorded music. I usually like to listen to Indian Classical Music along with Bollywood songs. My main listening genres include classical, vocal, instrumental, jazz and sometimes pop.   Intro:  Beyerdynamic is well known,...
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Great headphones for E-piano


Pros: bright and balanced sound, COMFORT, solid metal build, coiled cable

Cons: non-detachable cable

This review might be a bit odd, especially for audiophiles here. I'm a musician and a total noob in audio technique. I was looking for decent headphones to use for extensive practice sessions on my Clavia Nord Stage piano. My requirements were quite specific:   - COMFORT. I can't stress that enough. - Balanced sound, faithful reproduction of the instruments. All the bass-boosted (-crippled) items were automatically eliminated from my considerations. - Solid, durable built (+ decent design, if possible). I don't plan to upgrade any time soon. Preferably never. - Open or semi-open soundstage. Being isolated from the world is the last thing I want while doing music. - Price tag...
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kool bubba ice

One of Beyers best


Pros: Great, great comfort. Very smooth treble. Great out of head experience. Convincing 3D imaging. Authoritive bass with great punch. Clarity. Detail.

Cons: Bass takes away from the balance & cohesiveness of the music. Dry & sterile with SS amping. Highs can appear to be a bit sharp & piercing.

I'm very fond of the DT880, but oddly enough, not when it comes to music. I find music with them dry & a bit sterile.. The DT880 demands tubes for musicality, Although, they are hard to fault in terms of technical merit. They offer excellent resolve, detail, & separation of the instruments.. The resolve is a bit superficial & docile compared to the DT48, but is still stellar in their own right, & what you would expect from a hi quality headphone worthy of it's 489.00 MSRP.   Unlike the SA5000, the detail isn't in the spotlight, getting in the way of the music.. You get just about the same amount of detail, but it doesn't take away your focus from the music. Detail isn't...
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Kon Peki

Great All-Rounder


Pros: Relatively neutral, extended bass, great with all genres, comfortable, detailed

I have the DT-880 Pro (250 Ohm) model and also own and regularly listen to a Hifiman HE-400, Sennheiser HD600, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 Ohm), V-MODA M-80, and others. The DT-880 is really the only one that I find to excel at all genres from rap to classical and everything in between. None of the others have this much bass extension and impact, detailed highs that sparkle (a little bit sibilant though), and an overall neutral sound signature. For that reason, and because they are lighter and more comfortable than the HE-400, the DT880 are my most-used headphones. Compared to the Sennheiser HD600, the DT880: -Have better sub-bass extension -Are more detailed -Have cord on only one side...
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Fantastic product. Supurb value


Pros: Comfort, value, sound

Cons: Treble and bass

These really should be tried by everyone imo. They are not too expensive and work well for many genres of tunage. Ultimately they didn't work fo rme but I am very particular about the reproduction of traditional instruments ala strings, percussion, horns etc. The treble on these just did not work for me. Perhaps I didn't pair it up with the right amp. I can imagine a perfect marriage there may solve the problems in both the top and bottom end. The top sounded 'cotton candy'ish' to my ears and unnatural and the bass was too loose for my tastes. But not bad. Again this is the type of problem proper amplification has historically been known to address. The midrange, while a little distant...
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DT880 Pro


Pros: Beautiful clarity and balance, Defined but controlled bass, extremely comfortable.

Cons: Bass can be slightly lacking for some genres.

What can i really say about these astonishing headphones? I bought them after a very long audition session where even against much more expensive competition i kept coming back to these beautiful cans.   First things first, If you are looking for cans which add something to an album the DT880's probably aren't for you. They add little in terms of energy or warmth. They are clinical in their sound. What you get on the CD/FLAC/MP3 is what you hear. To me this is no bad thing, in fact it is the reason I chose these over the other options presented to me. That isn't to say they aren't fun to listen to, they have excellent balance and dynamics, as well as having great timing and...
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Comfortable indoor reference headphone


Pros: Comfort, wide spacious sound stage

Love this pair of headphones. Huge sound stage. Great for classical music. The bass is not shabby and is good enough to enjoy Coldplays Viva la Vida.   Of course comprable amplifiers are necessry accompaniment for the DT800Pro to perform optimally.      My wires are starting to be faulty from wear and tear after 2 years and not from heavy useage.  

Wow! detail, separation, mids, crisp sound, and ultimate confort


Pros: the sound is not coloured, very clean sound, i can hear everything in a song

Cons: don t bother without proper amp. will sound as good as your tracks.

So i bought the DT 880 250 Ohm Pro model. I also have KEf m200 in ears, a pair of AKG k450. I owned Audio Technica m30, Sennheiser Momentum on ear and Beyerdynamic dt 770 80 Ohm. The difference is huge. I can very much compare them to my stereo hifi system at home ( exposure 1010 and q acustics concept 20)  in terms of detail, sound separation, although these headphones do seem to be analytical, no colour at all which is very good. The comfort is supreme, and i like very much that instruments into a track are very separated, you actually feel like sitting in the middle of the rock band playing. Sources tried: 1.Fiio x3 1st gen at 90% of volume, high gain and 0 setting on bass. I...
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Nearly 800+ hours of listening and still going strong


Pros: Beautiful Sound Stage, Great for vinyl playback

Cons: Decent bass response, long cord

Not too much to say here other than that these headphones are stellar! I mostly listen to my vinyl collection with these bad boys and it's an absolute joy. I purchased an external amp to power them when walking around on campus with my iPod and netbook. I can't imagine how good the higher-end Beyerdynamics sound

A good balanced headphone


Pros: Tight and impactful bass, sparkling treble, good detail

Cons: V shape sound sig, recessed mids might contribute to less full sound

I've had these for a few months now, and more recently have got to try them with the ODAC+O2 amp dac combo.  With the O2, I am extremely impressed by the detail and lifelike presentation the Beyer brings. Sure it may have recessed mids, but I'm actually a fan of the V shape sound sig. It brings more excitement and makes things less boring to listen to. However, it sacrifices a fuller sound than some headphones to achieve this.  I have also tested this with my Nakamichi CDP-2A + TA-2A receiver, and it makes the Beyers even more fun to listen to, while adding more mids to make the experience even better. 
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