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Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms

96% Positive Reviews
Rated #15 in Over-Ear


Pros: Sound quality, comfort, price

Cons: Need to be EQ a little

Really perfect sound quality for this price! And headphones are extremely comfortable!  

A little bright in highs, but it can be easily corrected with a little eq tuning. 


For that people who founds sound a little bright and sibilant I highly advise to try Equalizer APO with the following EQ configuration:


Preamp: -2 dB

Filter 1: ON PK Fc 32,0 Hz Gain 3 dB Q 1,50
Filter 2: ON PK Fc 50,0 Hz Gain 2 dB Q 1,40
Filter 3: ON PK Fc 80,0 Hz Gain 2 dB Q 2,00
Filter 4: ON PK Fc 125,0 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 2,00
Filter 5: ON PK Fc 200,0 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 1,50
Filter 6: ON PK Fc 300,0 Hz Gain 1 dB Q 2,50 
Filter 7: ON PK Fc 500,0 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 1,50
Filter 8: ON PK Fc 750,0 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 1,50
Filter 9: ON PK Fc 1200,0 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 1,50
Filter 10: ON PK Fc 1900,0 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 1,50
Filter 11: ON PK Fc 3000,0 Hz Gain 1,5 dB Q 5
Filter 12: ON PK Fc 4600,0 Hz Gain 1 dB Q 5
Filter 13: ON PK Fc 7000,0 Hz Gain -3 dB Q 3,50
Filter 14: ON PK Fc 9000,0 Hz Gain -2,2 dB Q 6,50 
Filter 15: ON PK Fc 11000,0 Hz Gain -1,1 dB Q 5,50
Filter 16: ON PK Fc 14000,0 Hz Gain -1 dB Q 4,50 
Filter 17: ON PK Fc 17000,0 Hz Gain -1 dB Q 5,50


Pros: Awesome with every kind of music, super deep and controlled bass, crystal clear highs

Cons: Headgrip is a little too strong right now, needs amping



To this day, I have owned a couple of "pretty good" headphones (in my opinion pre-DT770 :etysmile::

* Sennheiser HD555

* Sennheiser HD448

* Shure E2-C IEMs (lost/stolen)

* Ultimate Ears Super-fi 5 IEMs (lost/stolen)


I also own an Fiio E7 DAC/amp, which I used along with my HD448 at work.


Needing a closed headphone for work, I decided ot purchase a pair of DT770 250Ohm after a lots of reading on here and arround the web. So, I've pulled the trigger on those and the much praised Modi/Magni duo. I actually got the Modi2/Magni2 straight from Schiit's website (note to all canadians: they might not be as cost effective to us with the new USD/CAD change rate and duty import taxes - a suprisingly high 75$ CAD, ouch!).


So, yesterday I finally received my Modi 2 + Magni 2 and today came my DT770 250ohm.




So, my expectations were pretty high after reading so many reviews and impressions; I've have always found the Sennheiser sound signature to be pretty awesome for mid and highs, and totally lacking bass. Being what you guys would consider a basshead, I've been disapointed a lot with the HD555 ever since I've had them (5 years+). I've do appriciate them a lot more with jazz/cuban/electronic music, much less so with rock/hiphop/dubstep, because of the lack of deep controller bass.


Impressions / mini-review


Now for my impressions. When I toyed around with the modi/magni yesterday with my Sennheiser cans, I was somehow afraid I would be disapointed with the DT770. I truly couldn't see any difference between my Fiio E7 and the modi2/magni2; my set of HD555 is only 50Ohm impedance, so it doesn't really benefit from being amped.


But today, I finally got to give a try to the DT770, and holy sh*t, those things are simply awesome! I've never listened to anything sounding as clean and tight as those. The bass is so precise, deep and controlled. The highs are at least as good as the HD555 (which I can't A/B test right now, left them home), and those cans truly make the HD448 feel and sound very cheap. It's simply in another league.


The build quality is, like said many times before, very solid. And the comfort is pretty good. I kinda feel like they grip a little too much, but I'm sure it'll loosen up with time. Oh, and the sound isolation is exactly what I wanted: very close to IEMs in isolation level, but much easier to remove/put on the cans; which is a must at work when a coworker needs my attention.


And finally, I can actually appreciate *any* type of music with those cans: from hiphop to jazz, it just doesn't matter. I really don't mind them having a V-shaped sound signature, I guess; I just use the DT770 without any sort of EQ and the sound signature fits my taste. So, that's it for now. I'll post more impressions as they get burned-in and as I listen to them more.




Note : My source is a retina macbook pro, 256/320/16bit mp3s mostly, tons of 16bit lossless FLAC/ALAC, and some 24bit lossless alac rips from SACD. I'm using iTunes on OSX, with the OS setup to output 192KHz/24-bit signal to the modi2 through a fairly cheap USB cable (I got some 32awg coming from monoprice, but I really doupt those make a difference at all). Oh, and I got the Psyst RCA cables from Schiit to to connect the modi2/magni2.


PS: Sorry about my most likely bad or lackluster use of adjectives regarding my audio impressions, I'm french canadian so bear with me ;-)


Pros: Quality materials and craftsmanship. Extremely durable. Very comfortable for a closed design. Excellent value.

Cons: Slightly laid back mids.

My Setup
Tested with my Dell XPS 8700 desktop going optical out to a Yamaha RX-V365 amp (1/4 inch headphone out). Then going 3.5mm out from the desktop to my SMSL SAP III headphone amp. I tried it through on-board audio directly from my Dell inspiron laptop, then with the SAP III amp in the mix also. I played various files (FLAC, MP3, M4A) at different bit rates using the fubar2000 media player with all EQ off. I purchased my DT 770 used off a professional DJ. They are several years old and have had their fair share of abuse. I will be comparing this headphone with my Sennheiser HD 600 throughout this review. Although the HD 600 is an open back design at double the price, it's useful to compare it as a benchmark.




Design/Comfort (8/10)
A photo or video can’t really portray the quality of the materials used on this headphone. The plastics are thick and have a high quality “thud” when you hit them. The headband is made of solid steel wrapped with a leatherette cushion held on with button clips. A thicker piece of steel is used to suspend the drivers and forms the adjustable portion of the headband. The two steel pieces are held together with a solid piece of plastic fastened with two large screws on either end. The whole assembly attaches securely with screws to the drivers. The overall design is refreshingly simple and incredibly durable. Indeed they do say “Made in Germany” and it shows in the craftsmanship. Given all the steel material it only weighs 9.5oz, a mere 0.3 oz more than the HD 600. Overall I give a clear edge to the DT 770 in materials and craftsmanship.


In terms of styling, it’s clearly function over style with this one. It looks fine, you’re just not going to make any fashion statements with it. The HD 600 does look better on and off the head, hands down. Velour ear pads are simply divine, and these are no exception. Looking more closely I realized the ear pads are actually a vented leatherette material on the backside. You normally wouldn’t see this unless you peel them back. This portion is stitched to the front portion of velour. This design provides improved isolation and bass extension while maintaining optimal comfort. The coiled cable design is not my favorite though, and unfortunately it’s not replaceable. The cable is quite heavy and I just can’t stand having cable tension weighing down on my headphones. My remedy was to tie it to something to give me more slack where I wanted it. I much prefer the light and hugely long cable of the HD 600 which you can simply fold up and tie to your liking. Some like that it’s terminated to one side. This really doesn’t matter to me. I much prefer the HD 600 cable and the fact it’s replaceable is just a bonus.


Minus the cable, all the parts are replaceable on this headphone, just like the HD 600. However, when it comes to durability, the DT 770 takes the cake. Like many others my HD 600 got the cracked headband within months. The best warranty is no warranty issues at all. This DT 770 has had years of abuse and outside of the worn out lettering, you could barely tell. The metal and higher quality plastics contribute to this, but it’s also just a more durable headband design.


I have been an avid open back headphone user because with my glasses and fat head I always had issues with the clasping force on closed headphones. This was not a problem with the DT 770. Clasping force for me is perfect, and the headband support on the top of the head is adequate. The other issue I’ve always had with closed headphones is heat. Within a couple hours I usually start sweating. After several hours of use the DT 770 got warm but never to the point of sweating. Being a heavy, durable full sized headphone of a closed design, this level of comfort is unparalleled. Overall I still consider the HD 600 more comfortable. This is due to the lighter weight, roomier oval ear cups, and even more breathable open design. That being said, the DT 770 is definitely not uncomfortable by any means, and remains the most comfortable closed headphone I have ever used. Overall I give it 8/10 for the annoying cable design and lackluster styling.
Sound (9/10)
Any desktop grade amplifier or amplified sound card will have plenty of power. Onboard audio (unamplified) on laptops or desktops will get loud enough in the 75-100% range. However, bass extension improves significantly when amplified. Even with my $70 SMSL amp I noticed a significant improvement, without the need to ever pass 50% volume. You can get this headphone with lower impedances if needed, but any powered amp will have plenty of power. In terms of power it requires about the same as the HD 600 in my setup.


My first impression of the DT 770 was the improved bass extension. I was expecting this coming from an open design, but the HD 600 is no slouch in the bass department either. Bass manages to stay tight and completely honest. The moment the track calls for deep lows you feel them, but then and only then. I found myself asking “At what cost does this improved bass come?” So I threw some strong female vocals at it. The highs were very crisp, more in your face than the highs of the HD 600, but never harsh, even at unsafe volumes. Because of this, the mids took a bit of a back seat when compared to the mouth-watering mids of the HD 600. Moving on to more complex compositions, separation was outstanding across the spectrum. Sound stage is really great for a closed headphone. Better than my Sennheiser HD 25-1 II. It won’t have your head turning to locate that “noise” in the room like the HD 600 does. However, every instrument and vocal is always separate and it never sounds boxy. This could be in part to the ported design of the drivers. So “At what cost does this improved bass come?” Slightly laid back mids and a smaller sound stage. Overall I give it a fantastic 9/10.
Verdict (9/10)
To be fair the DT 770 is half the price of the HD 600. All things considered you get a better value with the DT 770. Beyerdynamic manages that with superior materials and durability. You do get slightly laid back mids and a smaller sound stage with lackluster styling. However, you're still getting a completely honest representation with superior bass, durability, and isolation, without sacrificing much comfort. If needed the laid back mids can be easily remedied by EQing the highs down a tad. If you need isolation and are not looking for portability this is probably the best headphone money can buy, even at double it's price point. For my purposes I still prefer the open back design, but I still use the DT 770 in cases where I need to work in a noisy environment. I give it a 9/10 due to the cable design and lackluster styling.
As a result of my positive impression of the DT 770 I am itching to get my hands on the open back DT 990. This would be a more interesting comparison to the HD 600. A friend has a pair of 990's I plan to borrow in the next few months. I will post a comment with a link to my DT 990 review when I get to it.
Edit: I have posted my DT 990 review now.


Pros: Every type of music that comes out of these sounds very good. Period. Maybe not perfect, but it performs extremely well regardless.

Cons: Struggles with the very low and very high end of the frequency spectrum at times. Very rarely. Price if not on sale.

If you are like me and listen to a wide variety of music then look no further than the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO.  God bless the Germans.  Top quality construction and sounds brilliant across a broad range of musical genres.  Great price on Amazon to top it all off.  Couldn't be happier.


Pros: Very comfy / Overall good sound quality / Nice lows / Price

Cons: No significant cons


Overall good sounding. My DT880 might sound somewhat more refined in the mids and highs, but in the lows and especially in the low-lows the DT770 beat em. They are probably my 2nd favorite closed headphone, right after my beloved Denon AH-D2000 (which seem to outperform all other headphones I tried). I think it's a good idea to EQ this cans, by slightly raising the mids and minimally taming the highs you can really improve the sound of this cans.



The DT770/880/990 Pro are the most comfortable cans i tried, thumbs up!



Try em! It's simple as that...


Pros: Price - Build Quality - Sound - Customizable

Cons: higher impedance (mid range) needs a decent amp/dac and source

I won mine at an eBay auction, slightly used and all reviews really live up to the fullest except for some over hyped cans which I have also tested before I decided to have this set.

So to presume mine has already burned in, was thinking of making it as my main home rig but I need to find a decent amp to unleash its might wherein my Fiio E17 couldn't contrary to the rave of this combo. I am using it mainly as a gaming headset as I have a very sluggish laptop and it takes a while set this baby up. I use it with my xbox - analog optical audio adapter - optical cable to the fiio e17 and finally this DT Pro 770 Pro and I could say it really has a solid performance, always I am on MW3 multiplayer and I could accurately hear footsteps and help me with better killstreaks.

As for my LAPTOP/PC audio setup I use foobar+asio fiio drivers+e17 and I could say it sounded neutral (punch and sparkle eq setting). I need to have me a decent amp to make a final conclusion. Will definitely recommend to everyone looking for a pro sounding all around over the ear headphones. Will update soon with better details


Pros: Bass controlled (but With amp is little boomy), Trable very good but little harsh

Cons: Soundstage is small (Cause a feeling of fatigue), Mids aren't perfect(thin vocal and More attention to the bass and treble), Non removable cable

Tested with onboard sound card and Creative Sb Omni 5.1


Pros: Build, comfortable fit, replaceable parts, price, clarity and warm of sound, clear bass

Cons: TBD

As a beginner to higher-quality cans, my only comparisons for the DT 770 Pro 250 ohm are against a pair of Audiotechnica ATH-M50s and your standard Apple earbuds. That being said, it's not fair to say there is even much to compare, whereas the 770's are the complete package. 


Purchased the 770 250 ohms from Amazon for $187 and have only had them for four days now. Coming from the M50s, I also upgraded from the Fiio E6 to E12 so I could properly drive the 770's. Although I was really grooving on the M50s, I didn't always feel they had the warmth and bass I wanted, nor did I care for the swiveling cups. When looking to upgrade, I decided on the DT 770 250 ohm package based on the head-fi review of 770 880 and 990s found here - http://www.head-fi.org/t/513393/guide-sonic-differences-between-dt770-dt990-models-more. Though I looked at several other sets of phones before upgrading, I was primarily sold on the 770s based on reviews for build, style, and price point. As a newb, I wasn't quite certain what to expect from audio compared to the M50s.


Again, with only 4 days in, my initial response if 5 stars. 10 hours of burn in last night with pink noise from a FLAC audio source. 




The bag these came with is acceptable, though I'm already looking for something better and more sturdy for traveling. Given I travel extensively for work, these are designated as my go to headset and want to ensure they're well protected through air travel. 




Lightweight, yet solid enough to know they're built to last. Compared to the M50s, the 770's are definitely lighter in overall weight and I was a bit surprised by the almost hollow plastic feel of the external ear cups. To be honest, my first holding of the phones was a little disappointing based on this. If you've tried the M50s, you'll know how solid these are. Overall build of the 770's is good and furthered by the reviews and ability to replace every part, put me at ease. Velour pads are AMAZING... wore these through 8 hours of travel in the past week and they were no less noticeable at the end of 8 hours as they were at 5 minutes. Comfort is absolutely perfect and beats the M50s hands down. 




As a newbie to quality headsets, I'm not familiar with the technical parts of headphone reviews from an audio perspective; however, I can attest to pure and simple beautiful sound from the 770's. The bass is warm and full, but not over pronounced, wherein I felt the M50s were lacking in bass in general. It was there for sure, but didn't really make the listening experience any more enjoyable than normal. With only a few days in on the 770's, the bass is one of the areas currently pleasing me the most. Second area of noticeable interest is the pure clarity, making every instrument distinguishable in every song. This fact alone has shown me a few bad recordings or poorer bitrate songs in my library that I'm not combing back through and upgrading to FLAC.




Given more reviews on head-fi for burn in periods, I put them through 10 hours of pink noise and have yet to test them out again to verify any increased performance. As such, I'll follow up again once I have more time with them. 


Though currently powering with the Fiio E12, I'd welcome any advice for better amplifier that may have a combined DAC. I'm primarily running these off my iPhone 6, but have been questioning picking up an X3/X5 to get better sound quality with amp so I'm not at the mercy of a secondary amp with cables. 


Pros: sound, comfort, price, build quality

Cons: non removable cable

These sound as good as the closed designs can get, imo. They are quite flat. Sure, not the very best out there, but for this price point, you won't get better. They are closed, so you can't expect such airy sound as from open back designs, but they do sound fantastic, and don't get too warm (can't speak for the leather version), but they isolate the sound better. Of all the headphones I ever owned, the beyerdynamic build is just the most comfy for me. If you want a reference set of cans, I'd reccomend these guys. If you want to add some umph to your music, you can always fiddle with amps or eq. The only downside of them is the non removable cable, really. At 250 ohms, even the mobile phone amps can drive them reasonably loud (don't confuse impedance with loudness). Also, you don't really get any accesories, a silky bag, i think, that's it. Not that you need them, but all the money goes into cans, and not the packaging, I guess.


Pros: Amazing isolation, clean highs that does not pierce !

Cons: Headband clamping, muffled lo end, spatial resolution is sub par.

I bought my first pair of these headphones blindly as a student, based on the recommendation of my lecturer at SAE more than a decade ago.

It took me a while to get used to it, but I haven't looked back ever since. Perhaps its what I got used to, but the fact remains that I can trust the sound of these headphones to get a mix out without second thoughts. There was a time when I thought I'd get myself a 'better' pair of headphones. But I ended up getting a second pair of these bad boys after the first pair of these gave up after a long 6 years or so of constant use. 


I recently (finally) moved on to an open back headphone that I prefer over this pair, but that is not to say this headphones is any inferior. For the price, this is the best headphones one could find. They say the best camera is the camera you have with you. I say the best headphones is the one that you know, the one you can relate to.


For me, DT770 is #1 when it comes to the headphones I - know - the sound of. I do highly recommend it.






Audeze EL8 Open.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms

The DT 770 PRO is a closed dynamic headphone and was designed for critical music and sound monitoring in an open environment. The transducers are fitted to adjustable yokes which should be positioned to fully enclose the ear. This will provide the optimum ear/speaker position for accurate sound monitoring.The coiled cord can be extended to a maximum of 3 m and is terminated with a high-quality gold plated mini-jack and a 1/4" stereo jack adapter.

FeatureNominal SPL acc. to IEC 60268-7 - 96dB
Weight2 pounds
List Price$299.00
ModelDT770 PRO 250 ohm
MPNDT770 PRO 250 ohm
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleBeyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Closed Studio Headphones - 250 Ohms
Batteries Included1
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