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A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

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Pros: Great tonal balance, imaging and isolation

Cons: Inefficient, slight bass emphasis, very long break-in required

Directly compared:
Sony MDR-7509HD (my last headphones)
Sure SRH840
Sennheiser HD380 Pro
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro-80
Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro
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Tonal accuracy is very good. I am using as a reference my home theater with Sunfire XT ribbon hybrids and Bag End professional mastering subwoofers. The all important mid-high region is spot on. Bass is slightly emphasized, true, but the degree is exaggerated IMO.


Transients are very good, bordering on excellent.


Imaging is very good, bordering on excellent. Bettered by semi-open and open headphones, but they have their own drawbacks.


Comfort is very good - one can adjust the spring tension to one's preference - very nice feature.


Isolation is Good to Very Good - a bit above mid-pack. I haven't seen a variation in this aspect amongst closed backs, excluding super high isolation special purpose cans.


Main drawback is load/efficiency. In my experience these can not be adequately be driven by either a laptop sound card or by an MP3 player, even the powerhouse Cowon D2. I have a Turtle Beach USB DAC/amp at work, and a Total Airhead for travel. Without amplification, sound suffers substantially.


Note that if you are listening to these without a few hundred hours use on the phones, you aren't getting the full sound quality. Over time, I found that the bass became less prominent, mids/highs smoother, and imaging improved substantially. These phones have one of the longest break-in periods of any audio product I have ever owned.


I can and do listen to these all day long at work and on the plane. Very non-fatiguing, highly recommended.


Im new high quality headphones, I just got a pair of this for myself and i like'em a lot but i wonder what are the differences soundwise when they are amped, i havent had the oportunity to use an amo with them and i wonder if i should buy one or not.
Since this review was written, I have switched to a Leckerton DAC/Amp (I have also switched my primary headphones but still highly regard the Beyers in their price class). Amplification is very important for the Beyers. Commonly available sources just don't have enough drive output to make these headphones sound their best. A decent amp will result in a much more dynamic music experience, with impact and clarity improved across the frequency range.
How do you adjust the spring tension..?
Extend the metal strap from the headband out as far as it will go. Grasp the metal strap firmly with one hand right where it enters the headband. Grasp the other end where it forks to the cup. CAREFULLY apply outward pressure until you just feel the metal start to give. Repeat on the other cup, adjust the straps as desired and check for fit. Repeat if needed. Only do the bending when grasping the metal portion only. If you hold it by either the headband on one end or the cup on the other you may damage either piece. You want the force to be 100% on the metal.
Hi! Interesting review of these cans. Congrats.
There are two versions: one the 250ohms and the 80ohms.
Will the 80ohms version work fine with laptops and mp3 players?
Thank you!!!
These cans are sitting on my head for the first time. Pretty happy with them straight out of the box powered of ipod with Fiio E6.
Don't need an amp, but recommended. If you are keen to not use an amp, there are likely better choices.
I'm loving the bottom end presence compared to my last few choices, hoping they pair well with my E10
@Noone025 Hey buddy, I recently tried the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and recent tried the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 (because I wanted more of a bass emphasis) and I was actually considering getting the DT770 (80 ohms). I am curious to see if you have any experience with my 2 previous headphones because I am honestly not that blown away by these 2 and now considering trying out the DT770 - 80 ohms. First off, in your opinion, if I am not really blown away or real happy with these headsets right off the bat, do you think there would be a chance it would later on when I burn into them? I want to give these 2 headsets an actual chance before I return them into something else. But based on the reviews, I feel like trying the DT770s. And no I haven't really used any amps for the previous headsets, heard I don't really need it for the ATH-M50x and LP2's but I think I would need it for the 770s? Let me know what you think.
The DT770 Pro 80s require very long break-in, 100-200 hours. Decent amplification is an absolute must. A Fiio X3 would handle it fine. They can be further improved by going to real leather pads.
I currently have a Custom One Pro which I need to compare to the Pro 80s.
An iphone 5s or an iMAC can drive the 80ohm version just fine and sound great doing it. Now, I'm not so sure about an ipod -- that might have a lower quality DAC/amp for all I know.
Note that I now use Audeze LCD-XC for work, but the Beyers are still my travel phones of choice. I tried out Beyer COPs but the DT 770 is better. I drive them with a Fiio X3
I have gone back to the VModa M100 which I didn't rate out of the box. sound great to me now.
My recent aquisition are WooDuo 2's, not convinced they're brilliantly built, but they have some very nice bass.