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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

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Rated #12 in Over-Ear


Pros: Great tonal balance, imaging and isolation

Cons: Inefficient, slight bass emphasis, very long break-in required

Directly compared:
Sony MDR-7509HD (my last headphones)
Sure SRH840
Sennheiser HD380 Pro
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro-80
Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro
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Tonal accuracy is very good. I am using as a reference my home theater with Sunfire XT ribbon hybrids and Bag End professional mastering subwoofers. The all important mid-high region is spot on. Bass is slightly emphasized, true, but the degree is exaggerated IMO.


Transients are very good, bordering on excellent.


Imaging is very good, bordering on excellent. Bettered by semi-open and open headphones, but they have their own drawbacks.


Comfort is very good - one can adjust the spring tension to one's preference - very nice feature.


Isolation is Good to Very Good - a bit above mid-pack. I haven't seen a variation in this aspect amongst closed backs, excluding super high isolation special purpose cans.


Main drawback is load/efficiency. In my experience these can not be adequately be driven by either a laptop sound card or by an MP3 player, even the powerhouse Cowon D2. I have a Turtle Beach USB DAC/amp at work, and a Total Airhead for travel. Without amplification, sound suffers substantially.


Note that if you are listening to these without a few hundred hours use on the phones, you aren't getting the full sound quality. Over time, I found that the bass became less prominent, mids/highs smoother, and imaging improved substantially. These phones have one of the longest break-in periods of any audio product I have ever owned.


I can and do listen to these all day long at work and on the plane. Very non-fatiguing, highly recommended.


Pros: Some isolation, bass amazing, comforttable even in long sessions.

Cons: Headband a little tight, took a while to adjust to the sound.

Warning. Not your avaerage audio geek review. Just Joe Smith sort of review. PC sound card drive only. Limited experience with many headphones. But I know what I like. 


Well after some happy years with the SEN HD598 and being so comfortable with their use and their sound why would one change? 

Well SHE is more and more in the PC room, more and more complaining about the sound leakage and for my part isolation was zero! 

However the natural sound is unbeatable in my opinion so what are the options? So I was looking around for a closed over ear headphones to supplement the Sen's.

Choice then decision. 


The Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm arrived and it was hate at first try!

What's going on here. Disappointment plus. Hmmmmm.

Bass sounding lumpy, and isolation I think is poor at first glance. Headband seems a little too tight. 


So after a couple of weeks of listening and tuning we have reached a mid-ground area. 


Trimmed the EQ on my Aimp3 player to drop the bass in a nice slope down to about 6db, slightly less roll off on the high frequencies. Increased the average drive level as these seem to need much more drive for a given output and lots of listening under the belt, or is it absorbed?


Now we can say it is an enjoyable sound, a bit sharper than the HD598, isolation is adequate but not great, level from the MB soundcard adequate. 

Situation in the home is now calm and resolved. She has the HD598 and I have the DT770's. 


Who says women are not smart?





Pros: Fun Bass

Cons: Mids? What mids?

A bass lover's phone for sure.  Can be fun with the right music.  But the bass is of the one-note "whump" variety and that gets boring.  Still, can be good with rock.  I've noticed some pretty sucked out mids, though, so vocals suffer.  And for a bass-head phone, the highs can get pretty brittle.  Not at all a balanced presentation, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.  Everyone should give these a try.  And they're built like a tank.


Pros: Bass, durability, comfort

Cons: Rattling/distorting drivers

These headphones are my first pair of high-end (probably mid-fi to some) cans and after a year or two of use, I have mixed feelings about them. When I first got them, of course they were a HUGE step up and I loved the bass from them, they were the perfect headphones to me. I was hearing sounds I had never heard before in music, hearing imperfections and low-quality sounds as well. However, one thing I've learned on this site and in time with various equipment, terms like "quality" are largely based upon a users' prior experience with other products. I went from some really terrible $20 and $30 over the ear headphones that were just "ok". The jump to these cans was tremendous.


However, after learning more and being able to nit-pick "quality", I think there's quite a bit of room for improvement. A few things in this area would be sibilance (I think it's called) where the higher sss sounds, sound like they were encoded at 64kbps or something. While this isn't hugely noticeable, it can get annoying if you really listen for it. Another thing would be driver distortion, sometimes the driver can get contaminates on it which can ruin the lower frequencies. From reviews and posts though, there almost seems to be a defect in some drivers where no matter how much people clean, it never goes away. I find that usually, for me, cleaning does help. Typically some low-strength tape works such as painters tape, getting around the black foam and whatnot.


While there are those downsides, I still fully enjoy these cans. I'm happy with what I paid and how much use I've gotten out of them and will still continue to get out of them. I don't know that I would recommend them to a mid-fi user but someone that is just beginning to get into quality audio and likes gaming or movies, this is an excellent pair of headphones. There are also plenty of mods to these cans to help improve the quality and if you really like the style but want something better, there's the DT880 or DT990 models that are more expensive but you do get more.


Pros: closed circumaural design, 80ohm design allows use on portables in a pinch, very comfortable

Cons: Eardrum-piercing sibilance prior to break in completion, break in is quite long

I'll preface my review with that I am not a seasoned audiophile, so I don't know all of the jargon, but I do appreciate good sound, and I like what I hear in these.   They are by far the best sounding headphones I have ever listened to.


Granted my collection of headphones is very limited.


I was looking for a closed circumaural design, primarily because I find circumaural cans to be the most comfortable, and I like the isolating effect of closed designs (less sound out to annoy others, less noise in to annoy me).

These headphones work very well in that regard.  I have occasionally even flown with them. Who needs active noise canceling, when these work as well as they do?  Though while flying, a portable dedicated headphone amp definitely helps.


The biggest negative with these is the break-in.  I almost returned the headphones when I first got them as I found the highs PAINFUL and piercing.  at first break-in didn't seem to help, but as a "hail Mary" I left them on for a couple of weeks playing music I enjoy and it did the trick.


These headphones are not neutral monitors for sure.  at the same time, I feel like their reputation for being overly bassy is a little undeserved.  often when listening to music I feel like using an equalizer to up the bass a bit.   That being said, I listen to a lot of 80s stuff where the bass isn't very prominent in the mix.


Overall, I feel like I got a set of great sounding headphones for a relatively low price.  I am happy with them.


If I knew what I know now when buying them, I may have opted for the 250ohm versions though.


Pros: Sound quality, Isolation, Soundstage, comfort

Cons: Siblance, floppy bass

I purchased this headphone after I returned the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II.

I was not satisfied with the soundstage of the sennheiser, plus after an hour of wearing them my ears started to feel bruised.


The DT770 Pro does not have these downsides, the only downside is the siblance.

In a song with a lot of S's or maybe hard t's the headphone starts to whistle. If the volume is cranked up it the whistle actually hurts my ears. Strangely enough this is not the case with all songs that have a lot of s's. Maybe it is not al the fault of the headphones, maybe the vocals are badly recorded, the singer could have used to much ssssss or the song wasn't mastered right.

I have a pair of mackie studio monitors and songs with too much S's sound slightly uncomfortable on these, but when I listen to that song through the headphones it's worse.


Use: I wear these headphones when I play the drums, because of the isolation the drums are much less harsh (it is placed in a very small room) and I don't have to crank up the volume too much.

Ofcourse I also use it for listening to music or any application with sound when I don't want to disturb my girlfriend.


The sound quality: Is good, it does have a lot of bass, but not too much and it is tight. I like the mids, and the highs are crisp but sometimes a bit harsh (siblance). The harshness of highs is something that is very common in closed headphones, probably because all of the sound is directed into the ear.

The soundstage is very wide, and has a lot of detail making it easy to hear different sounds/instruments.


Verdict: Probably one of the best headphones if not the best in that price range.





Pros: Bass quantity and range, comfort for extended listening, easy to drive

Cons: Recessed mids mean it's not the best choice for some. Earpads lose their shape after time.

The DT770 is a lower priced model of the Beyer line, but it is a boiled down version of the Beyer sound and one of the best values in closed headphones. While known for excellent bass response generally, you will also find them one of the most comfortable in the price range. The ear cups aren't as nice as the DT990 velour pads but they are comfortable. They do get sort of hot after wearing them for a long time. One other great thing about these headphones is how easy they are to drive. They drive well on every mobile mp3 player I tried as well as straight out of a sound card. For hip-hop, electronic, or movies I think this is one of the best headphones you can get for the price.



You may read about is the recessed mid-levels on this headphone. This is true, which is why this is not an excellent pick for rich instrumental or voice detail. Additionally, there can be some sort of irritating siblance going on at high frequencies, but this occurs with all closed-can headphones as far as I know to varying degrees.


Pros: Detailed,Closed back, Clear,Sound really nice

Cons: Ear pads can be uncomfortable depending on the size of your ears,Headband pad can get uncomfortable.

                      Beyer dynamic DT770 pro Review


The Beyer dynamic DT770 pro-80 ohm headphones is one out of the three DT770 model’s with a low ohm..  A simple sound card like an Asus Xonar DG/X or a sound blaster Z with their headphone amp IC’s will work. The DT770 pro-80 still benefit from a standalone headphone amp.

The DT770 pro-80 is made out of hard plastic’s which in my hands feels like it can take a beating. The Headband pad on the top might work for some people. But might not for others, the weight of the headphone was very light on the top of my head which is a plus. Since my primary Headphone the HE-500 is heavy. One issue I have with the DT770 pro-80 is the ear pads, they are not deep enough for my ears. So my ears touches the driver’s which over time is uncomfortable for me, Also my tip of my ears touch the ear pad top and my earlobe touches the ear pad too. People with smaller ears won’t have an issue with the ear pads.

The wire is very long which is good for when your moving around the room doing other things, when you are listening to music, Or when you are sitting back far from your computer or home audio receiver watching a movie or playing a game.  The wire looks like it’s very durable


The Specs









80 ohms



5 - 35.000 Hz



96 dB



Circumaural (around the ear)



Straight connecting cable with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) & ¼“ adapter (6.35 mm)



The Setup

The gear that I will be using for this review will be the Gustard X12 Dac connected to a Burson Audio Lycan thru RCA, which will have the LME49990MA’s op-amp installed, in a two single op-amp setup. The Gustard X12’s USB input will be used. The Lycan is a transparent amp and will let you hear the sound of the op-amp. The reason why I going with the LME49990MA is it is a neutral and transparent op-amp. Which I find so far work well with the DT770 pro-80 letting it shine thru.


Intel(R) IPP JPEG encoder [7.1.1]


Intel(R) IPP JPEG encoder [7.1.1]



The Sound

Eddie Bitar – Kaboom (Original Mix)

The song starts off with a lot of bass before strings and then the rest of the beat. In this song the bass is impactful while being controlled, the bass is not one note as there is other tones of bass in the song that is heard, and another part of the song has bass that’s accurate and not impactful.

 The bass doesn’t out do the rest of the freqs and the other parts of the song is detailed and clean. When there’s more instruments they can be heard from each other. The drum kit can be easily heard that starts in another part of the song and the snare is detailed and echo’s away from the center. The sound imaging is good.


Kong Speaks – Tooth & Claw

The song starts out with the bass hitting deep with the drum kit being clearly heard alongside with the detailed snares. The bass really sound good in this song. This song is also clear you can hear everything besides the deep bass.  The separation is really good in this song like the first song.


Speo – Penguin

The drums and the snares are very clear and detailed at the start of the song. The drums hit hard in the next part of the song. While there is bass it also hits hard and deep, the simple voice note is heard. When the bass stops. The drum kit and the snares are clearly heard and the instrument that playing afterwards sounds really good. Over all I like the way this song sounds with the DT770 pro-80s thru the lycan. Sound really nice. Everything clear.


Said the Sky – Clouds

The bass in the first part of the song is kind of impactful but clearly heard and the piano sounds like it spreading thru out the sound stage while having some weight behind the notes which makes it sound good. The electronica note that is playing along the piano sound really good, just like the piano playing by itself is very good.


Another part the bass is deep and hits hard and the strings.  Over all I like this song as well being played thru the DT770 pro-80s. There are voices in this song that keeps making me turn around to my door thinking someone said something, or the sound in the first part of the song which sounds exactly like a fire alarm, that reappears thru out the song. Get me really good too.


I didn’t think I would get such a bargain with the price I paid for these as I got these cheap. I didn’t know what to expect. I been using them for a week and a half. Originally these was going to be my laptop/tablet headphones. Now I will use the DT770 pro alongside my HE-500s since these isolate really well.


Pros: Great sound stage, great bass with EQ, sturdy build quality

Cons: Cumbersome to travel with, not compact, cable isn't detachable,

I made a video review of the dt770 80ohm  quite sometime ago and was finally finished it. I got them on sale at Guitar Center for $179.99 , the deal was better than anywhere on the web so I jumped on it. When I auditioned them in-store, I was quite impressed.  I'm not much of an over the ear headphone person, but these were comfortable and sounded amazing.


For most of my listening life I've used only in-ear headphones because I live a very active and mobile lifestyle.  


As I began to use them more and more I noticed that they weren't providing me the "umph" I was looking for in certain kinds of music.  I also ran into so me issues with sibilance that was bothering my ears for female vocals. Not that it sounded bad, but quite the contrary, they sounded great!  But it seems that my ears are sensitive to that.  I used EQ'd it towards base and fixed many of my issues, in fact it sounded better for my tastes.


I've read great reviews about how noise cancellation and noise isolation was great.  They were, but not for noisy environments like a gym.


I've read so many great reviews about how it was like having 2 pillows on your head - amazing comfort and amazing sound.  I need more volume so i purchase the creative e1 portable headphone amp


And I'll tell you that it made such a huge difference.  Based on my experience, if you get these headphones, you need to purchase the this headphone amp.


It turns out my head and ears are either too big or too sensitive (probably both).  So it would hurt my temples.  I've asked the forums here and they suggested stretching it out, and it did help a bit, but not enough to justify keeping them.


Although my written review here seems a bit negative, my video review expresses my enthusiasm for them - however my issue is that, for my lifestyle, they weren't a proper fit.


Pros: very very comfortable. Sound is deep, so deep that you start to hear the imperfections in the song, causing siblance.

Cons: Cord is not detachable, and it's too long, requiring tie to keep it under control. Sound is bass emphasis without amp, with amp, it's a pleasure.

1.) Using this on a portable device: IPhone 5s/6/Ipad/Android Phone:

        The portable devices are able to make the DT 770 Pro work, but the result is an emphasis on bass, and the volume is only enough to listen to in a normal environment.  If you're trying to drown outside sounds, you really need an amp.  The high trebles are also not very pronounced with an amp. (Siblance did not occur with portable devices)  So overall use for a portable device is not really recommended.  You'll probably get a better sound and experience from the standard IPhone 5-6 earbuds. 


2.) Using this with amp.  I tested with my Yamaha home stereo amp as well as a portable Fiio E12 Mont Blanc.  In both situations, the DT 770 Pro was able to bring out the clarity of the music, and show the depth of the sounds.  The comfort of the headphones wrapped around my hear was so good, I could hardly feel it around it, giving the sound presentation that the music is all around you, rather than a cup stuck to your ear with music pointed in your canal.  


The break in for me was about 120 hours before the muffled bass started to level off and the mid and highs started to be more pronounced.   The DT 770 Pro 80 was still more even than the Audio Technica ATH-M50x, with a better sound stage feel.  The DT is also not as bright as the Shure SRH840, especially with the amps.


Overall, it's a wonderful headphone, but if you prefer something bright (like you prefer Yamaha pianos over Kawai pianos), then you might want to stick to the Shure SHR840 or the Sennheiser HD598.   If you're more into Rock, then the ATH-M50x.   DT770 is something in the middle, not as well refined as both of the previous cans.  The DT770 Pro 80's equilibrium is well placed just..... slightly south of the mid, with a good reach all the way to the low and most of the highs.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

The DT 770 Pro-80 Studio Headphones are closed back, diffuse-field headphones featuring bass reflex technology for improved bass response and clinically accurate high and mid-range reproduction. Rugged headband construction. Single-sided cable...

FeatureSingle-sided cable
List Price$299.00
ModelDT770 PRO 80 ohm
MPNDT770 PRO 80 ohm
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleBeyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones
Batteries Included1
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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