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Beats Studio by Dr. Dre - Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Product


Pros: Stylish Craftsmanship, Quality sound

Cons: Bulky

The Good: These headphones are banging!... I never pictured myself buying a $300 headset but something about these made me walk out the store a very gratified customer. I was blown away by the acoustics and noise cancellation that drowns out background noise leaving you drenched in a bass heavy orchestra! These headphones were made with hip-hop in mind and they bang! If you got a few hundred to spoil yourself go ahead but I warn you be careful walking down the street. People have been walking into traffic and hurting themselves...Really these are some very stylish, comfortable and dynamic sounding headphones. The Bad: $300.00 is a lot for headphones, seriously even for those who have...
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I Gave This Rating for a Realistic Reason: IT'S A FASHION HEADPHONES, FOR GOD SAKE -_-.


Pros: Near head-shattering lows, tweaked mids & lows, makes the music sounds "exciting" & "dramatic", dope design

Cons: Plastic construction feels quite tacky, finger-print printer (get it? haha)

I will start my completely realistic review by saying how sad I truly am to see so many "abusive" reviews toward Beats headphones lineups (except for the Solo/HDs, they do sucks overall :p ). (I'm also not a Beats-Junkie, or even a young man who embraces the word SWAG or YOLO.)   Saying things like: "Beats are overpriced piece of plastic sh*t & nothing compared to audiophile headphones AKG blablaseries, Audio Technica blablaseries, and Sennheiser blablaseries! "It's a total marketing scam! It's not even an audiophile headphones with that similar pricetag!" "Get these headphones instead (with lists) If you wanna get a much better sound at WAAAY WAAAY...
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I like 'em.


Pros: Comfortable, good noise canceling, juicy bass

Cons: Cost, maybe durability

Love the design and the headphones are very comfortable.  Most importantly, the bass is nice and fat - call me strange, but I like it that way.  There are some small screws that have been working their way out over the last few months, but I was able to contact Monster for a replacement screw that popped out completely.  Overall, I'm happy with these headphones -- there are others I tried that cost a little less but these fit me best.

Negative Reviews


Epic Fail


Pros: Earth-Shattering Low-end

Cons: Clarity, Detail, Price, Mainstream, Disgusting battery consumption

It's about time I warn prospective buyers how bad these are. Have tested them in stores, at home, and have concluded that these are exceptional fart cannons with a built-in toilet. Spend your money elsewhere.
Rookie Rooster



Pros: Decent Bass

Cons: Overpriced, Bulky Design, Below Average Sound Quality (in it's price range)

"The Beats by Dr Dre Studio..." Big words... Big names... Ridiculous quality... Really??? $299??? Hell yeah, I'm not dreaming, no way... The Beats by Dr Dre Studio's suck... the sound quality suck as well... the build quality aren't any better... the comfort may be a bit above average, but there are better for it's price... and the price??? DO NOT BUY THEM!!!

A tragedy.


Pros: Comfortabe, good design, great cable.

Cons: Bad audio and materials quality.

(Sorry for my english but i'm italian) The only positive side of these headphones are the cable (Monster quality), the comfort and the attractive design. The audio quality is a tragedy, weak mids, too much basses and trebles like a 30$ headphones, they absolutely not worth the price they ask, maybe a correct price can be a maximum of 90$.

More Reviews


Goods, Bads, and more!


Pros: stylish, good for hobby dj, good warranty

Cons: built flimsy, overpriced, marketing scam

the good~~~ if you have heard these things, there is something very addictive about them. they are a very nice looking pair of headphones, and they sound very good to the untrained ear(heavy bass, good highs). These headphones also come with a warranty that lasts one full year, and i like how when mine broke, they sent me a new pair sealed in box the second that they received my defective ones.   the bad~~~ these things are super flimsy! have you ever heard them in best buy? chances are you heard one ear of them! mine broke even though i completely baby them, and i had to send them in to get fixed by warranty. When they are put on a HATS machine, they have bad ratings in...
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Pros: Great Looking, Bass Heavy

Cons: Cost, SQ

Let me start by saying I am not an audiophile, just a consumer.   Pros: They are good looking. Bass heavy for some kind of genres is good Carrying case Cables   Cons: Cost Bass heavy all the time Glossy finish means scratching   Value: If you buy them I am sure that you would be happy, they look great. They are not as bad as people say in terms of sound quality if you are listening off your Phone/ipod. I just think that you could do better for the price like the Logitech UE 6000 cost less and sound better.

My First Pair Of Headphones


Pros: Style

Cons: Price, Price/Performance Ratio, Battery

Right up, I'm gonna say that Beats gets a lot of hate on Head-Fi and I certainly understand why. They are very much bass heavy and the bass quality is pretty crap, but I do think that having Beats around is actually really good. They were my first pair of headphones and they were the headphones that left me wanting more and the headphones that got me into higher end stuff. Below is My full review: Design, Accessories and Packaging Beats are not designed for audiophiles, but rather for people who care more about style than SQ. I actually think that they look pretty good and they are one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones that I have tried. The red "b" symbol has almost become a...
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A Wonderful Example of Effective Marketing


Pros: Design, comfort, portability, box contents

Cons: Value for price, require batteries, bloated bass, active sound cancellation, other minor annoyances

I've got to hand it to Monster - as mediocre as these headphones are, they've done a bloody good job marketing them. No other brand of headphones has developed such a cult following. They are just about the only brand that's easily recognisable by pretty much every organic life form on the planet. They appear in TV commercials, magazines and music videos. Wearing them in the street automatically attracts attention, for better or worse. The label on the back of the box claims reference-level sound quaility. In reality, none of this is deserved, yet people still keep falling for it. Hell, I fell for it and bought them about a year ago - a decision which I came to regret.   ...
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Pros: None

Cons: horrible sound, clarity, price, cable quality. overrated

Had a chance to test these headphones from a friend. Nothing good to say about these headphones, they sound horrible, like a plastic speaker. I myself owned beats solo HD which are really horrible sounding headphones.
Mister A

Contrary to what the name says, these are not for studio use


Pros: big bass, sleek appearance

Cons: flimsy, unbalanced, ineffective noise canceling, overly flashy

Borrowed these for a week for the purpose of studying them (having previously borrowed the Beats Solo HD from another friend for studying) and the friend I borrowed these from swears up and down that they're real, and I believe him. I'll talk about 4 criteria: design, comfort, noise canceling, and sound.   Design These headphones, as with all the other Beats, are pleasing to look at. They're shiny and look like they have a piano finish, and their shape gives them a cool look in a "blingy" sort of way. Personally, that look isn't really my cup of tea; reminds me of Skullcandy. The design is clearly made to be flashy and easy to show off, like it was designed for high schoolers...
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Beats By Dr Dre Studio


Pros: Booming bass, Noise cancellation, clear highs(to the untrained ear,and compared to the beats solo, which are incredibly muddy) very comfortable

Cons: Battery life, distortion at times, songs that have been formatted badly sound terrible, prone to theft, somewhat high pricetag, paying for looks

Before I got them stolen by a kid at school(the police are investigating) I really did enjoyed them. well to begin with I have never tried any akg,high end sennheiser, grado,denon, ultrasone, ect. gear so I can't compare to that, but to me the sound quality was great compared to the solo which the majority have.   Highs The highs on the headphones are clear, there is no distortion and no muddiness compared to the beats solo, which are outright awful.   Mids I didn't get too much time to experience these headphones because of them being stolen, so sorry, I currently have no information on the mids for these headphones   Bass Now here is where the beats...
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Don't waste your money


Pros: Decent soundstage, good bass, decent noise-cancelling, I guess they look sorta cool and stuff

Cons: Incredibly overpriced, waste of money, sloppy, bass over shadows mids and highs

The good-- Pretty much all of my friends thought I was the man. In fact, I'm pretty sure like 5 other kids bought them because they saw me wearing them. I wouldn't say that these headphones are bad at all. For some reason all "audiophiles" proclaim that Beats are horrible without really listening to them all the way through. They are a good pair of headphones for someone who's looking for bass that overshadows everything. They are also comfortable at first but after a few hours your ears start to hurt from the pressure. They also have decent noise cancelling.   The bad-- The bad is, is that they are no where near as good as any other pair of headphones out there today. I...
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You know what you pay for...


Pros: Cool-looks, great portability, fun-sounding sonic signature

Cons: Sound quality (for price paid), build quality, background noise.

I bought these on a trip, mostly for noise cancelling on the airplane, and because my previous portable headphone broke. I was fully aware that I was buying an overpriced headphone, as far as sound quality goes. I compared the sound of these to a friend's 50 dollar skullcandy, and the only relevant difference was treble and bass quantity between the two. So here's a review, where I won't review the cans as if they were my 1000 dollar Sennheisers, but for what they actually are.   First of all, the beats are attractive, in a fashion-like way. The sleek design and high gloss black finish looks sweet, and details like metall and the logo on top of the headband give them an...
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