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AWEI ES800M In-Ear Hi-Fi Headphone

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #266 in Universal Fit


Pros: Excellent sound quality for the price; sturdy build quality; great mids; good carrying pouch

Cons: Needs amplification; slightly sibilant treble

The ES800 are the kind of IEMs you won't like how they sound out of the box: they sound thin and aggressive, with piercing mids and highs. Then you will question the design: the hideous "gold drop" on the back, the flat cable, the enormous cable splitter. The tips are not so good either. So, there is a chance that, for 3 or 4 dollars, you will give it to that annoying cousin, or forget about it in the bottom of a drawer. Don't! They just need some love and care. And about 100 hours of burn-in. 


First, take those ugly-looking yellow stickers from the back. There is a lovely smooth surface underneath! Then, stick-em some Sony hybrid tips. And, at last, give them some current. They need current, and power. Then you will start to fall in love with them, and to forget about the flat cable and the big-as-hell metal splitter.


Yes, they never stop sounding too thin on your smartphone - and my Lumia 925 has no problem driving any other IEMs but these. You will need to amplify it. I use the Cmoy amp with great results, but I guess your tiny Fiio will do the trick. 


As for the build quality,once you pass through the annoyance of the flat cable, it is really good. Metal housings and one of the best L-shaped 3.5 jack I've ever used! 3.5 dollars? WTF? Give them a try!


Pros: Insanely cheap, good bass , nice isolation , comes with a small pouch, flat cable

Cons: pretty bad high-mids ---> but OK after EQ

These are pretty good as a backup pair, bought another pair for 2.6$.:D

Sounds nice with Psy Trance,Rap,Soft rock and Classic House... definitely don't use this with Classical music or bright music.:angry_face:


Goes cheap on ebay.


ES900 model is better tho.

AWEI ES800M In-Ear Hi-Fi Headphone

Gold plated plug; Wired control microphone; Aluminum ear pads won't heat even after long time working; Supports iPhone and tablet PC Brand AWEI Model ES800M Sound Excellent Hi-Fi sound Earphone Type Wired headset Sensitivity 116+/-3dB(1000Hz, 0.5Vrms) Impedance 16 ohms Frequency Response 18Hz-20000Hz Driver Diameter 11 mm Connector 3.5 mm audio jack Cable Length 1.5 m Compatibility iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S

FeatureWeight:82.39 g Package Includes: Headset 100% Brand New & High Quality
Label100% new brand
Manufacturer100% new brand
Publisher100% new brand
Studio100% new brand
TitleAWEI ES800M In-Ear Hi-Fi Headphone (Black)
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