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Amps make all the difference

A Review On: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S

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Pros: minimal sibilance, comfortable, no listening fatigue.

Cons: not as good as people hype it up to be... unless properly amped. little to no soundstage, kind of overrated. recessed mids, semi metallic highs.

      these were my first headphones and when i got them, at first i was really disappointed with the sound of these headphones and i made the mistake of buying a fiio e6 instead of an e11/e17/digizoid ZO/ibasso. No matter what sort of equalization i did i was not satisfied at all on how they sound. This headphone by itself sounded like it was trying to be a jack of all trades but failing at everything.
      I see everyone saying it is bassy but i barely felt the punch even with bass boost eq on and that also made a mess of the whole sound spectrum, everything became muddy and distorted filled with static at high gain. I have no issues with the trebles though, having no sibilance is what made me kept this headphone. NOTE: that this is after 80 + hours of burn in and using mainly music in the form of AFLAC ripped from cds and some 320bit mp3s on an asus xonar ds soundcard (weak trash amp inside the sound card). So they've been collecting dust, being used around ten times a month max.
       Then i was at my sister's house and she has a nice home theatre full sized amplifier, i tried plugging in the m50s and oh my god! the multiple eargasms i was looking for finally came. Higher volumes without muddiness or distortion, bass is pounding(not basshead level pounding mind you) without drowning anything out. The recessed and muffled mids were brought up front and fully detailed while the became even crisper.

     So the moral of the story is, dont go cheap in portable/at home amplifiers, The difference is day and night, people say you can listen to it without amping but sorry to say, it sounds like sh^$#t to me without proper amping. I mean you can listen to classical, vocals and soft RnB  without the amp and be satisfied but if your listening to rock, hip hop, metal, electro, mainstream pop, jazz, your music will basically sound lifeless.

     These are OKAY for mixing, a mostly flat basic factory eq on these cans but the shure srh840s do a better job for dj monitoring.
    ALSO if your a basshead, DONT LISTEN to people when they say this headphone is bassy or has a lot of bass, because they fail to point out, that they are not true bassheads first before making that statement, save your money, get the pro700mk2 because these barely have the basshead level of bass. the most it can do is rumble the earpads and yours ears like a v1br@t0r thats dying and running out of batteries, it also has no punch and the bass is not tight enough to keep up with your music. THERE IS NO BASS QUANTITY whatsoever listening to it by itself, unless you totally juice it up with a good amp with a clean bass boost eq, even then its not enough bass to satisfy true skull numbing bassheads.

             These are good for their balanced sound signature and should be used to multiple genres of listening if your an android user, good luck because htc's music player is horrible quality even with amps and there will be heavy sibilance and metallic highs, they sound like the beats by dre solos with a bad source, even apple products gave a lot better sound quality. Although these headphones aren't really meant to be portable.


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