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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Worthy step into audiophilia?

I'm going to try to structure this review as a series (Day 1, Week 1, Week 2), to gauge the headphones performance over time. I'm not an audiophile, but will try to be as descriptive as possible.   Here's the frame of reference: This set of headphones was an upgrade from a Sony MDR-V150 set (that had multiple breaks in the top frame), and is used primarily for listening in a office environment to streamed music.   Initial, non-audio quality impressions: The headphones are SOLID. No part of this 'phone feels cheap. The ear cup padding feels soft enough, as does the padding on the top of the set (that rests on your head). The cord (coiled in this model) seems stretchy...
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Hands-down the best all-around headphones


Pros: Pristine sound quality, Great build, Price, Versatile

Cons: Heavy clamp, but you'll get use to it

Dr. Dre like this   This is probably the most recommended headphones in the audiophile world. The Audio-Technica is an instant classic, the value for its price is simply unbeatable. Its versatility? A chameleon of headphones. Classical, club, dance, pop, reggae, rock, techno? name it, and this set of cans can play it.   Overall its value is 5 of 5. I would gladly pay $250 for them.   Audio Quality: Lows: The bass is punchy, but just about right. It's is not overwhelming, it doesn't make the mids and highs muddy. The balance is just perfect. Very natural bass. Mids: a little recessed, but also positive in a way, they're not going to...
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Negative Reviews


Good sound, but dislike other features..


Pros: Good sound

Cons: uncomfortable, unremovable cable

the sound was really good, but i cannot still anymore for a headphone that's not comfortable and hurt my head, the headband and ear pads was not soft enough and make my ear hot and sweat, and i also don't like the heavy and unremovable cable.

They were my first decent cans, and I wanted to like them, but it just didn't happen.


Pros: Very pretty, does some new genres like indie rock well.

Cons: Fatiguing, Uncomfortable, Terrible bang for your buck

These cans were decent, back when they were just above 100 bucks. They've inflated to 160 and that's just ridiculous. There is better in this price range. The SRH840's for example on eBay for 120~ bucks new, does everything better than these cans. The M50's have really punchy bass, and extremely stringent highs, they're very loose in the low end, and their mids are recessed. That combination makes for a fatally tiring listening experience. The pads are pleather and terribly uncomfortable, whilst having an almost starchy texture to them. The headband clamps onto larger heads and lacks decent padding underneath. These phones are also terrible in regards to any soundstage at all, which...
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More Reviews


ATH-M50 coiled w/ Shure 440 for comparison


Pros: Decent "punch" for certain music/awesome DJ set/VERY COMFY

Cons: Muffled sound/ not very "musical"

First things first...I was expecting WAY better sound than this after having read over 30 reviews from all over on these phones....I would say the "warm" sound people speak of is the most prominent "feature" the M50's have.   Taking the M50's off and then putting on my Shure 440's made is seem like a curtain was lifted off of the music and can finally clearly hear the details the music has to offer. I find myself searching and looking for details while I wear the M50's, and can simply listen and hear all the music when I wear the 440's. Using bass testing FLAC files on my Xonar sound card (192k/24bit & amped), the M50's do have some nice qualities in the mid-lowish...
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Best under $150, Really?


Pros: Build quality, non-revealing, fun, bass, highs

Cons: mids, comfort, Price

(disclaimer: My rating scale is based off of what i paid for the headphones not msrp, Review is based off of what i think of them compared to their respective $150 price point)          Ah the all mighty hyped best under $150 giant killers the m50s. Every noobs first step into audiophilia, and to many their last. Why is this such a popular headphone amongst noobs and the most recommended headphone on head-fi? I honestly don't know. There is nothing special about these headphones and they are far from giant killers beating out headphones 2x their price. I would be hesitant to pay the $150 they go for nowadays but for $96 dollars i feel they are...
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Great sound, horrible comfort


Pros: Excellent sound, hardly any leakage, don't require to be amped, coiled cable, low price

Cons: Uncomfortable, require a lot of burn in for best sound

It seemed these were the perfect headphones which met my expectations perfectly when i first got them, great sound, not too muddy, decent bass response without being too boomy or out of control, don't require to be amped (not even on my $30 logitech computer speakers)  hardly any sound leakage, some passive noise cancelling... they seemed perfect! too good to be true. After i wore them for about a minute i already started to notice excessive discomfort these are without a doubt the most uncomfortable headphones i've ever worn, whoever has said something positive about the comfort for these probably hasn't worn them for more than 5 minutes, where do i begin? oh yeah they have a...
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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Review


Pros: Great All Arounder!

Cons: Minor Setbecks. Keyword: Minor

Impressions/Mini-review after 1 Month of usage   Sources: PC, Laptop, A/V Receiver, iPod Video 5.5G (30GB) Amps: Fiio E7, A/V Receiver Other headphones: Sennhesier HD 555 Files: FLAC, MP3 320 CBR, CD   After about one month with the M50, I can say I am satisifed and impressed with its sound.   Like others have stated, these are not the be all and end all of headphones. You could even say they are FOTM, much like the Sennheiser HD 555 were back in its heyday, but the M50 is a very solid headphone considering its price point and sound output.   Here are some positivies:   - Good bass response: the bass extends...
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I'm keeping this one.


Pros: Tasteful V shaped signature. Treble speak that makes voices sparkle.

Cons: Mediocre detail. Sound signature will not suit people who desire a neutral sound. Lacks punch compared with T1.

A picky Sennheiser HD 800 + Denon D7000 owner has commented on the M50:   "These are great." "...it's not bad ^_^ the type of sound if you want the WOW factor ^_^"   Tested using a Fiio X5 DAC.

Good, But not my sound


Pros: Build Quality, Long Cable, Clean balanced sound, Very Warm

Cons: Bass (In my opinion) is a bit loose, Recessed mid- section, VERY Flat (But you might like it)

I don't like this headphone, I can't tell you otherwise.   I like open back cans because it's generally less-fatiguing for me and spacious. But for the price range, and for being closed-back these REALLY are hard to beat.   It is one the most detailed/aggressive cans I have ever tried on, but I admire it's detail ( this is why it got 3 stars.)

A headphone that combines comfort, "portability", excellent SQ for money and a sleek design into a package everyone should own


Pros: - Very deep and semi-tight bass - Sparkly and detailed treble - Clarity - Isolation compared to competing phones - Comfort - Sleek looks - Price

Cons: - Lack of mids - Bass can be loose - Pads can get sweaty - Coiled wire not all that practical - Can cause spot-pressure pains

Like many others on this site, these phones are my stepping stone into the realm of "hi-fi"-headphones. These are indeed a good pair of phones for beginners and old-timers alike, because of their price/value ratio and ability to play all kind of music well. These phones can be the only ones you need if you aren`t planning on spending hundreds or thousands of dollars/euros on headphones. There are more than enough competent reviews of these headphones on this site, so I will keep this short. Buy these! Good entry-level headphone for beginners. Veteran headphone-enthusiasts should have these in their collection just because of their value and sound isolation compared to same level phones....
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A true budget 'monitor' headphone


Pros: Uncolored sound, highly detailed at an affordable price point.

Cons: Not musical, very congested, Soundstage below average compared to others. Sibilance.

This is my first headphone when i was wanting to hear what a 'true' headphone sound like, and this is my review. I'm not that much of an audiophile but i know a thing or two about audio. HEADPHONES   The actual headphones look pretty nice, not too heavy or too light. The clamping force is juuuust right(note: i have a big head, i need to stretch the headband to full length). but there's one problem, the earcups, the interior is just too small to fit in my ears, and i can feel the pressure on my ears. The earpads itself doesn't do justice because it makes my ears sweaty and after a long time of usage, it can turn rock solid. A little issue i have is when i plug the headphone into the...
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Versitle headphones


Pros: Great sound, longevity and comfort

Cons: Not the best looking

I use my M-50s for both studio work and DJing. In the studio they do a fantastic job at giving crystal clear highs, mids and bass - though the more I think about it the more I think the bass may be little too loud - clearly it isn't loud enough to mess with the other frequencys but it's something to look out for in the mixdown. I've only just started using them for DJing since I was unhappy with a pair of Pioneer HDJ500s and then a Sony MDR ZX600 (both returned, sold on), I'm using my M-50s whilst I wait for a pair of sennheiser's to arrive. For DJing the clarity of the the highs and mids helps no-end whilst mixing (highs and mids are very important to me whilst DJing) the M-50s cut...
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